3 Best AI SMS Systems To Help Manage & Save Money

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Saving money apps
Are you struggling to keep your finances in order and keep track of where & who your money is going to?
Keeping your finances in order and knowing where every penny of your money is going can be quite the challenge.
Trust me, I have personally experienced this for myself so I know how frustrating this can be.
With all the new AI technology that’s available today, it’s absolutely amazing at what it can help you do.
What if you could have an AI SMS System that takes the worry out of managing your finances so you can focus on other things and enjoy life to it’s fullest?
Would you be down to hear more about it?
After doing a great amount of research on this topic and checking out this new AI technology, I discovered quite a few ways to cash in on this and use it to my advantage.
Within the following post, I’ll be breaking all of this info down for you guys and showing you guys which SMS AI systems I feel would serve you the best and help you better manage your money.
I invite you guys to follow along & save your questions till the end.
If I fail to answer your questions within the context of this post, I encourage you to ask it in the comments section below and I’ll get back with you A.S.A.P.

1) Charlie

Charlie personal finance app
I like to think of Charlie as my own personal financial assistant.
This is an SMS text message-based system that will require you to connect your bank account to it so it can monitor your spending, help you save money, and even negotiate your bills to get them lowered.
It’s Free To Sign Up and start talking to Charlie to see how much money he can save you and start negotiating on your behalf.
Here are just a few of the many things Charlie is capable of below

  • Reduce your bills
  • Avoid overdraft charges
  • Track your spending
  • Help you save money for a vacation

Charlie personal finance
Since this isn’t an app, there is nothing to download or install.
This is done through an SMS texting service that’s available either via FB messenger or by entering your phone number.
In a nutshell, this is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to analyze your data and track every single expense, transaction, & recurring payments that come out of your account each month.
Statistics show that 25% of Americans worry about money all the time.
Would you guys believe it if I told you that nearly 65% let it get to the point where they lose sleep over it?
Pretty insane if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
Why not put your mind at ease and let Charlie do all the worrying so you can start enjoying a more stress-free life?

Click Here To Connect With Charlie

2) Cushion

Cushion AI
Cushion is another AI program that connects to your bank account to help you avoid paying outrageous bank fees and will fight to get these fees refunded to you.
This service also works for any credit cards that you have as well as these fees can be even higher than bank fees.
Trust me, I know!!
This Is A Free Service that’s available to anyone 18 or older who resides in the United States.
Here is a detailed list of the fees cushion will fight for on your behalf

  • Overdraft fees
  • Late fees
  • Minimum balance fees
  • Credit card interest fees
  • ATM fees
  • Account maintenance fees
  • Wire Transfer fees
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Monthly service fees

Here is how it works

You can get started by simply entering a valid email address and signing up via FB messenger.
Once you have connected the bank accounts & or credit card accounts that you would like cushion to analyze, it can get to work searching for fees that you may not even know you were charged.
Don’t worry, your information is safe with Cushion as they use the highest security standards to protect your data & keep it safe.
In addition, they also use a 256 bit SSL encryption so you can rest assured that your personal information is in good hands & 100% safe.
Cushion AI
Cushion AI

Click Here To Put Cushion To Work For You

3) Trim

Trim AI
Trim is another system powered by AI technology that can help you save a ton of money of your bills, negotiate payments, & even help you find more affordable car insurance.
There are a variety of ways Trim can help you save money and they include but aren’t limited to the following options

  • Lower your high-interest credit cards & reduce your APR
  • Cancels unnecessary recurring subscriptions(With your permission)
  • Negotiate your cable or satellite TV bill
  • Finds & applies money-saving coupons automatically
  • Make sure you’re getting the best deal on car insurance
  • Help you get out of debt

Getting started with Trim is pretty straightforward and it’s free to get started & create an account.
Once you have connected either your FB messenger account or entered and verified your email address Trim will start looking for ways to save you money.
Trim is a holistic financial management tool that works around the clock and is constantly searching for additional ways for you to save money, cut costs, and eliminate financial stress.
This way you can live a much more productive, healthy, & stress-free life.
Like other AI/ bots of this nature, you’ll need to connect either your bank account or credit card to this service in order for it to analyze your account(s) and look for ways for you to save money.
One of the things I like about this service the most is that shortly after I signed up I was presented with $30 in cashback offers.
These offers include the following

  • $1 cashback on any grocery purchase over $5 (redeemable up to 10 times)
  • $10 back for spending $20 or more at any US movie theater
  • $5 cashback for any grocery purchase of $10 or more

Pretty sweet, if I might say so myself, right?

Sign Up For Trim Here

My Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re in search of a personal financial assistant to put your mind at ease or you’re looking to cut costs, get a better rate on your auto loan(s) or just save money, these AI bots can help you do so.
One of the many things I like about these systems is the fact that there is nothing to download or install so it won’t slow down your phone.
1 of the things that people worry the most about and that most married couples out there fight about is money issues.
Whether it be not having enough of it, poor budgeting, or spending money on nonsense, people are stressing out over this at an alarming rate.
Like I mentioned earlier, 65% of Americans actually lose sleep over this and this will eventually start affecting your health at some point in time.
Life is too short to stress out over this kinda stuff when you could relax and let AI technology take care of this for you instead.
Anyways, I really hope this short list of bots/ programs has helped you guys out and shown you a much smarter way to manage your finances.
Questions, comments or anything you would like to add to this list that I failed to mention within this post?
I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.
Have you used any of these services I listed above to help keep your finances under control?
What was your experience like and how much money were you able to save?
Let me know about it in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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