5 Effective Ways To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams In 2019

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Affiliate marketing scams
Have you been searching for a way to avoid affiliate marketing scams in 2019 and beyond?
Chances are that if you have landed on this website then you have likely typed this search phrase into Google looking for answers.
Great job on doing your research and welcome to my website.
When I started out in the affiliate marketing industry over 6 years ago I had encountered plenty of scams that claimed to show you the right way to build an affiliate marketing business.
However, instead of providing any real training on this topic, they would fill my head with false claims that I would be earning a couple thousand shortly after I signed up.
Needless to say, I lost several thousand on these type of programs and it wasn’t until I found the right training that I was able to learn how to build a real affiliate marketing business.
In the following post, I’ll be showing you guys 5 effective ways to avoid becoming the next victim of an affiliate marketing scam.
If you have always wanted to get started with affiliate marketing but were hesitant due to all the scams that run rampant in this industry, then this post was written especially for you.
I’m sure that you guys have many questions for me, and I’ll be doing my absolute best to answer them for you within this post.
However, like always, If I fail to answer your questions within the context of this post, I encourage you to leave them for me in the comments below.
Do we have a deal?
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Affiliate Marketing Is A Legit Business

Before we get started today, I think it’s important to point out that this is a legit business model that has been around since 1996.
Also, this is currently a multi-billion dollar industry with this number constantly on the rise.
I have also been earning a full time living from this business model for the past 5 + years now so I know it’s legit.
However, there are many scam artists out there who create fake programs and lead you to believe that you can make $1,000 overnight.
Obviously, this is nothing more than a lame attempt to lure you into their scam and take your money and run.
Like I said earlier, I have been a victim of these types of scams more times than I would like to admit.
Within the next several sections, I’ll be sharing the 5 most effective ways that I was able to avoid these types of scams and finally learn the REAL way to build an affiliate marketing business.

1) Do They Offer A Free Trial?

Free trialAny type of legit online business opportunity that is worthwhile should offer you some type of free trial.
This way you can kick the tires and see what they have to offer before investing any of your hard earned money.
If the company truly believes in its product and is confident enough to let you try it out risk free they should offer a free trial.
When I say “Free Trial” I mean a 100% risk free trial where you don’t need to enter your credit card details to activate your trial.
I have joined many programs over the years that claimed to offer a free trial, but in order to claim it, you would need to enter your credit card number.
To be quite honest with you guys today, this isn’t a free trial.
I feel like by doing this you are only setting yourself up to be scammed next week or whenever this so called “Free Trial” ends.
Whenever you are being offered a free trial make sure that it truly is a risk free trial and that you aren’t being set up to be scammed later on down the road.
There aren’t many programs out there that offer this and this is why it’s highly imperative that you make sure you do your research first before joining any type of affiliate marketing opportunity.
Which leads me into my next topic, doing your research!!
I’ll be going more into detail about this in the next section so you’ll definitely want to stick around so you don’t miss out on any of this.

2) Do Your Research

ResearchOne of the most effective ways that you can avoid becoming the next victim of an affiliate marketing scam is by doing your due diligence.
You should thoroughly research things like

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Where are they located?
  • Who is the owner/ Owners?
  • What are other peoples experience like?
  • What kind of reputation do they have?
  • How much will it cost you to join?

By doing this you’ll avoid making any rash decisions that you may regret later on down the road.
This will also allow you to get some perspective on what you’re about to invest your hard earned money into as well as an excellent way for you to gain some insights into other peoples experience with this program.
When doing your research you should search for reviews of how xyz program works, what are some of the benefits, how much will it cost to get started, and ultimately, how much money you can make with it?
By doing this you will have gained enough knowledge about this system to determine whether it’s legit and something you could see yourself doing over the long term.
Whenever I’m looking to purchase anything online, it doesn’t matter if it’s some kind of business opportunity or a video game, I always do some in depth research beforehand.
If you’re looking to safeguard yourself against scams and avoid becoming the next victim to fall for these internet marketing gurus lies and deception then you ALWAYS should plenty of research.

3) Don’t Fall For The Hype

HypeThe majority of affiliate marketing scams feel the need to use hype to sell their system.
Did you guys ever wonder why they feel the need to hype everything up so damn much?
9 times out of 10 this usually means that their product or system offers NO value and usually isn’t worth much if anything.
Due to my own personal experience with the hype that has sucked me into several products and services and had me really excited, ended with me being pretty disappointed at the end of the day.
If you have ever watched these internet marketing gurus sales videos did you ever notice that the majority of them are talking to you from a Lamborgini or a Ferrari?
Who the hell wants to listen to some guy talk to you from his Ferrari and feed you a bunch of lies about how much money you could be earning if you would join his program?
To be honest with you guys, I would rather hear about how awesome the training is and what you would be learning about if you would decide to become a member.
Wouldn’t you?
In order for me to whip out my credit card and invest any of my hard earned money into it, I have to know that I’m receiving value for my money.
This is one of the first things I look for when researching affiliate marketing scams and one of the main things you need to keep in mind to avoid falling for another scam.
It there is a good amount of hype around the product/ service/ business opportunity, then you definitely want to avoid this like the plague.

4) Is There A High Ticket Product In The Member’s Area?

One of the key factors that determine whether a potential make money from home program is a scam or not is what kind of message they are relaying in the member’s area.
Are they truly interested in helping you succeed or are they more interested in draining more money out of you by promoting some high ticket scheme in the back end?
I have encountered many systems that lured me in for under $20 and after I arrived in the member’s area they were trying to shove some high ticket program down my throat.
They then went on to tell me how much money I could earn by simply investing in the system, plugging into it, and letting it do all the hard work for me.
2 of the most popular high ticket schemes that were spreading like wildfire just a few years back was Mobe ( My Online Business Empire) & DA (Digital Altitude)
I have found both of these systems being promoted just about everywhere and there were sales funnels being created daily specifically to promote these schemes.
Luckily both of these schemes are no longer in existence as the FTC finally shut both of these systems down for good back in 2017- 2018.
Do your research, find out exactly what you’re getting yourself involved with and what the program is all about before you even think of handing over your credit card number.
If they try and lure you in with claims of earning $1,000 or more within your first week this should be a telltale sign that there is some type of high ticket program awaiting you in the backend.

5) Become More Scam Smart

Scam smartOne of the best ways for you to avoid becoming the next victim of an affiliate marketing scam is to become more perceptive.
After falling for these types of systems several times you should be able to see through the BS and decipher the good from the bad.
By having your guard up and being able to recognize the warning signs will definitely help you become more resilient.
Over time, you’ll soon be able to discover the warning signs early on and hopefully not be as gullible as you once were.
It took me longer than usual as I had something called shiny object syndrome.
It seemed like I was automatically attracted to anything that promised me wealth and riches for doing little to no work.
After lots (And I do mean lots lol) of trial and error as well as losing several thousands of dollars to these scammers I eventually wised up.
If you follow the 5 things listed within this article and use them as a guide to help you avoid falling for these notorious affiliate marketing scams then you’ll be that much closer to finding success online.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Without Being Scammed

Affiliate marketing has got to be one of the best ways for you to earn a living online.
I have personally been utilizing this business model for a little over 6 years now and I wouldn’t trade what I do for a living for anything else out there.
What’s there not to love about this?
However, due to all the affiliate marketing scams out there in this industry, it’s not exactly all that easy to find the proper training that works and isn’t out to take your money and run.
After falling for multiple scams that would over promise and under deliver I stumbled onto a program called Wealthy Affiliate.
Unlike all the other systems out there that would tell you how much money you could earn within your first week, WA wasn’t like that and instead, they were upfront and honest with me.
They also didn’t lure me in for a small price and then hit me with a high ticket scheme in the member’s area and as a matter of fact, they let me get started for free.
Yes, you read that right, FREE!!
This is the place where I learned how to build an affiliate marketing business without being scammed.
Actually, tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of me making my first sale online and within those 6 years, I have learned so much that it’s mind-blowing.
Woo-Hoo Congrats on my 6 year anniversary!!
Never in a million years did I ever think I would be running my own business online and earning a full time living from the comfort of my home but I’m doing it.
If you have ever shown any type of interest in building a website and learning the REAL way to build an affiliate marketing business then I think you owe it to yourself to check out WA for yourself.

What Will You Learn At Wealthy Affiliate?

The training at WA is mostly based on showing you how to build an affiliate marketing business in the niche of your choice.
As a Free Starter Member, you’ll gain access to your first 10 lessons as well as 2 free websites, 30 keyword searches along with premium help and support for your first 7 days.
The step by step task based learning makes it super simple to have your website up and running within a matter of minutes.
If you would have any questions you can ask them at the end of each lesson.
If I had to summarize what you would learn at WA and break it down into a few steps then they would be as follows

  • Pick A Passion Or Hobby
  • Build A Website Around This Hobby
  • Learn How To Generate Like Minded People (Potential customers)
  • Learn How To Generate Revenue From These People (Sales)

If you have been searching for a legit place to learn affiliate marketing and you’re sick and tired of being scammed then your search has just ended.
Like you, I was also skeptical when I first started out years ago but once I started to talk to a few people and checkout the training for myself, I was convinced that I had made the right choice.
6 years later, I’m still a very active member so that should tell you something right there.
Don’t you think?

Get Personal Help Directly From Me

Need a hand getting started from someone who has been actively involved in the industry for over 6 years now and is earning a full time living as a result?
I can still remember when I walked through the doors of WA way back in 2012.
I knew nothing and had no idea what I was about to get myself into but at that point in my life, I was willing to try anything.
I needed lots of help when I first started as I knew nothing and didn’t have a clue as to WTF I was doing.
I now feel obligated to share my knowledge with other people and show them how to make sense of this and figure it out for yourself.
I will personally be there to help you out and answer any questions you may have as you’re getting started.

My Closing Thoughts

No matter where you look there are scams everywhere whether it be online, offline or out in the real world.
The sad truth is that scams of some kind will always be out there trying to lure you in and promise you the world with little to no work required on your part.
If you have ever attempted to learn affiliate marketing the right way without falling for a scam of some sort then you know how hard it is to avoid these type of scams as they are everywhere.
If you follow the things that I have outlined for you in this post and take action on them you’ll be that much closer to earning your first affiliate commission online.
I really hope this post has helped you guys decipher a few of the warning signs you need to look out for before joining any type of affiliate marketing program in the online space.
Have you personally become the victim of this type of scam and would like to share your experience with other people to warn them what they should be on the lookout for?
Perhaps you still have questions about something I discussed above that I wasn’t clear about.
I would love to hear from you guys and answer any questions, comments or anything you would like to add in the comments below.
Until next time, stay safe out there guys and be scam smart!!
~Your Friend, Scott~

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