7 Affiliate Marketing Scams To Avoid In 2019

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Affiliate marketing scamsSearching the web for ways to avoid affiliate marketing scams?
Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model that I’ve been utilizing for the past 5+ years.
Therefore, I’ve been earning a full time living + some from the comfort of my home.
As you can see, I have a great deal of experience with this business model.
I know from firsthand experience that it’s legit.
However, it seems like too much of a good thing never seems to last long.
Someone is always looking to take advantage of you, which in turn gives the industry a bad name.
I have got a few requests from my loyal visitors asking me to write a thorough and detailed article on this subject.
Therefore after plenty of research and lots of coffee, lol I’ve discovered 7 affiliate marketing scams to avoid in 2019.
Within the following post, I’ll be revealing the 7 most common affiliate marketing scams that I’ve come in contact with over the years as well as which ones still pose a threat in 2019.
I invite you to follow along and read this article till the end and please ask me anything that you didn’t quite understand in the comments below and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P.
Let’s get started, OK?

1) Get Rich Quick Schemes

Get rich quickThis has got to be one of the worst types of scams out there in the industry and one that gives the entire industry a bad name.
I for one have fallen for these types of scams more often then I would like to admit and I’m sure that many of you may have as well.
Building a REAL affiliate marketing business can take a great deal of time and will require a great amount of hard work and effort before you see any type of monetary results.
There are many shady marketers out there who claim to have created a program that will cut these numbers down significantly.
Some claim that you can make $1,000 overnight by simply activating their special software and have all the work done for you.
Pretty crazy, right?
As I said earlier, this has got to be one of the worst types of scams out there as you’re lured in at a small price.
However, once you arrive in the backend you quickly discover it’s going to cost a whole lot more than you officially planned on spending.
You need to be cautious of any product or service out there that uses this approach as this is a tell-tale sign that it’s a get rich quick scheme.

2) Recruiting Schemes AKA Ponzi Schemes

RecruitingThis is another one of the worst types of scams within this industry and it may be worst than the one I listed above.
This is due to the simple fact that you need to invest a great deal of your hard earned money just to gain the resell rights to pass this scheme on to the next person.
Ultimately, you’ll be selling them on the dream of making money online, without providing them with anything of value.
For you to make money with them, you’ll be required to do the same thing the person you joined underdid.
Pass the buck to the next person.
Also, depending on the program, they can become quite expensive rather quickly and end up costing you upwards of $30K or more for you to go all in.
While I have fallen for these types of systems before, I never invested more than $500 at any one time mostly because I didn’t have it.
I have heard several horror stories from my readers about how they lost as much as $50k or more by going all in and leveling up in hopes of unlocking higher commissions.
Needless to say, they didn’t earn a dime and eventually had to eat their loss and move on.
My heart goes out to every one of them and I can only hope and pray other people will come here first and read up on them before making any drastic decisions.
It always pays to do your research when dealing with a recruiting type of business as the FTC has been cracking down on them quite a bit here lately.
After MOBE & DA (Digital Altitude) being shut down you need to watch your back while looking into these types of programs.

3) Free Website & Hosting Scams

Web hosting scamsI for one have reviewed these types of programs in the past and I can see how easily it can be for newbs with no experience to fall victim to them.
This usually involves the “said” company claiming to offer you a (so called) free website to launch your affiliate marketing business.
However, here’s the caveat!!
For you to launch this website, you’ll be required to enter into up to a 3-year contract and purchase hosting through one of their recommended providers only.
If you have ever had any type of experience with this type of scam you know that these prices aren’t what you would pay if you were to go through a reputable hosting company like Hostgator or Go Daddy.
I found their prices to be nearly 10 times higher than you would pay for hosting elsewhere and do you guys have any idea why this is?
This would be because the company owner is an affiliate for the “said” hosting company and will likely get a sizable commission every time someone purchases his system and activates their hosting account.

 4) Link Posting Scams

Link posting scamsThis is 1 of the many scams that I fell for along in my journey to make money online.
I do have to admit tho, that their marketing is quite clever and ingenious, to say the least.
The company makes some pretty bold claims that you can earn up to 15 cents or more for each link that you post according to their specifications.
Sound pretty easy doesn’t it?
Don’t let that fool you as this is the same thing that got me tripped up as I was starting to tally up my earnings before I even started with the company.
Instead of logging into my dashboard and expecting to find a library of links from different companies, I was quite disappointed to learn that I had just been taken advantage of yet again.
What did I find, instead?
I quickly discovered that the majority of these programs act as a sale funnel to other high ticket systems which usually involves investing a minimum of $2500 or more.
In other cases, I would be redirected to the member’s area where I would gain access to a PDF, a few videos and training lessons on rebranding and how to create digital products.
Just an FYI, there is NO such program online that will pay you on a per-link basis for posting links and advertising on various advertising mediums.
Doesn’t this sound like the perfect dream job?
Who wouldn’t want to get paid to sit at your computer and post links all day?
These types of scam artists know this and purposely market them to you in this way knowing that you’ll likely sign up and request more information.

5) Mailing Postcards Scam

Mailing postcardsWhile I still find it hard to believe that these types of scams are still relevant in 2019, after doing a great deal of research on this topic, this is unfortunately true.
Most of these postcards mailing systems are based around MLM / recruiting schemes and will require you to send out a mass mailing to your list from a list of prospects they provide you with once you join.
I can remember back as far as the early 90’s that these postcards would arrive in my mailbox with a 1-800 number I would need to dial for more information.
Nowadays, the 800 numbers have been replaced with a website that your potential clients would need to visit that has your referral id attached to the end of it.
This is another one of the many scams that I’ve reviewed in my time as an affiliate marketer and I know first hand that this can be a very costly mistake and not something I would not recommend to anyone.

6) Turnkey Business In A Box

More commonly referred to as an already done for you business in a box that claims to take the guesswork out of the equation when building a business online.
Blah, Blah, Blah!!
These types of scams will tell you that all you need to do is activate their software, click a few buttons, set up your payment information and Voila, just like that you’ll see the money start flooding your account.
If only it were that easy, right?
Unfortunately, this is yet another one of the many scams that I encountered in my journey to making money online.
Let me be the first person to tell you that these types of programs don’t exist!!
If you want to create a profitable business online, it’s going to require a great deal of your time and effort and you won’t see results right away.
If you ever run across a system that is set up in the way I described above then I would highly advise you to run in the opposite direction and stay as far away from it as you can.

7) Cash Gifting Schemes

cash giftingThis type of scam has been around for a while now and I find it to be very similar to the mailing postcards one that I mentioned a while ago.
However, this one is a whole lot worse because you’ll be required to gift your sponsor a specified amount of cash before you’ll be able to join.
Once you join, you’ll need to show others how to do the same thing you just did to sign up and pass the buck on to the next person.
I find these types of schemes to be the riskiest since some levels require you to invest up to $5k or more to unlock your true profit potential.
Here’s an example, of how these programs work in case there is any confusion
Billy pays $500 to join you and you have just made $500!!
Woo Hoo!!
For Billy to get his initial investment back, he would need to go out and recruit someone and they would need to pay him $500 to join under him.
These types of scams are illegal in all 50 states so if you get caught promoting them or having anything to do with them you could be in more some trouble down the road.

A Few Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Scammed

These 7 things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to affiliate marketing scams as I still have enough info to do another complete post on which I plan to write here very soon.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I’m forever grateful for discovering this amazing business model back in 2013.
However, it only takes a few people to mess up a good thing and give it a bad reputation and I can see why people are skeptical of the whole make money online industry.
Here are a few tips that you can use to avoid becoming the next victim of an online scam

  • Steer clear of any sites that over-promise & under-deliver (Make $1,000 in 24 hours)
  • Seek out hosting from well known places ( Hostgator, Siteground, Go Daddy)
  • Never give out your personal information ( SS Number, etc…)
  • Never pay for basic information or a work at home job

If you follow the tips that I’ve listed for you guys above as well as avoiding the 7 types of affiliate marketing scams listed within this post then you’ll be off to an excellent start as you embark on your affiliate marketing journey.
This is the first step that you’ll need to take when looking to build a business online.
In the next section, I’ll be showing you guys how I was able to finally stop being scammed by all these gurus online and learn the right way to build an affiliate marketing business.

How To Build A REAL Affiliate Marketing Business (Scam-Free Way)

Like I said earlier, affiliate marketing is a legit business model that has been in existence for 23 years now.
From the way things look at the point in time, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
This is currently a 6 billion dollar business a year with this number expected to grow by the year 2020.
However, with all the scams that are out there within this industry, it may seem like this is just another scam.
Trust me, I can relate to how you must be feeling about now as I felt the same way when I arrived on the scene back in 2012.
After years of falling for one scam after another and losing several thousands of dollars in the process, I stumbled onto a program that didn’t feed you a bunch of BS like 90% of the industry does.
The name of this company is called Wealthy Affiliate and unlike other programs out there, they didn’t promise me overnight riches or try to sell me a business in a box.
Instead, they walked me through everything I needed to do to get started and even went as far as providing me with personal and one on one help and support.
Their training is designed with newbies in mind and the lessons are step by step and so simple that a kindergartener could follow them.
I do have to admit at first I was skeptical due to my previous experience with other programs of this nature and it took me a while until I finally decided to become a member.
If you’re serious about making this affiliate marketing thing work for you and you’re looking for an honest, legitimate, and well-grounded place to learn everything then why not check out WA for yourself?
This is the place that has shown me how to build a thriving business in the online world that enabled me to go from an unemployed factory worker to self employed business owner in under a year.
Anyways, I hope this post has given you guys a heads up on just a handful of the many scams that run rampant in the online industry in 2019.
I hope these 7 affiliate marketing scams has opened your eyes and acted as a heads up.
This way you’ll know which ones to avoid as you’re searching for affiliate marketing opportunities.
However, as I said at the start of this post, If you still have questions or if there is something you still don’t understand speak up and let it be known in the comments below.
I’ll get back with you as soon as I possibly can with a detailed reply (within 24 hrs or less)
Until next time

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