11 Bad Habits That Keep You Broke- #12 Is For You

Broke people
There are a plethora of bad habits that keep you broke.
Whether you realize it or not, your day to day, actions are holding you back from being successful.
I know this because I possessed many of the bad habits I’m about to reveal today within this post.
Furthermore, I’ve got several friends that no matter how much money they make, they’re always broke.
Isn’t that crazy?
A few of these friends have jobs making up to $20 an hour.
Imagine that?
However, whenever I msg them to hang out or go out to eat, they are surprisingly broke.
Well, after doing a ton of research, as well as adding my personal experience, I’ve come up with enough info to write this post.
Therefore, within the following post, I’ll reveal eleven bad habits that I struggled with when I first started.
Furthermore, I’ll also show you how I was able to break these habits for good.
I recommend you listen up and pay close attention to see if you also possess any of these bad habits.
PS. there is a bonus #12 that I saved just for you.
Continue reading through this list and let know if you’ve suffered from any of these bad habits.
Also, if there is something you’d like to add to this list, you can do so by leaving it in the comments below.
Let’s get started.

1) Refuse To Open Your Mind

Why people are always broke
Most people that I know have a very closed mind.
Meaning they follow the norm and believe the BS they see on social media and the local news.
They also don’t bother to do any research or think outside the box.
I’ll go over these in a few minutes.
Failing to open my mind and see things from a different perspective is a bad habit that took me years to drop.
I always saw the glass as being half empty instead of half full.
It wasn’t until I rewired my brain and utilized a few mind hacks that things started to turn around.

2) Limited Belief

limited belief bad habit
Having a limited belief coincides with my #1 habit.
Therefore, this also revolves around having the right mindset.
Let’s face it; we would all like to make a million dollars a year, right?
However, do you genuinely believe you could manifest this?
Depending on how you answer that question will determine if a million dollars is in your future or not.
If you believe you can make a million dollars in a year and you work hard at it day and night, it will happen.
Do you feel me?
Anything is possible if you believe in it.
If you limit what you believe in, you’re impoverishing your life and missing out on tons of opportunity.
Since I’ve changed my beliefs in the past five months, many things have changed for me.

3) Spending Money, You Don’t Have

Spending money
Spending money you don’t have is one of the top reasons why most people are broke.
Either you got an advance on your paycheck, or perhaps you have a credit card.
I know shopping on Amazon is addictive as I suffer from this addition myself.
However, if you’re on a limited budget and spending money you don’t have, this needs to stop.
You must cut out any unnecessary spending so you can get back on track.
When I was with my ex-wife, she would continuously spend money WE didn’t have.
One time she spent the bill money on Christmas gifts.
I know crazy, right?
As a result, we got a shutoff notice the following month.
After living like this practically my entire life, I was ready for a change.
If this is how you’re living, then this seriously needs to stop right now.
Spending your paycheck before you get it is one of the worst habits ever.
Not only will this keep you broke, but you’ll never have the chance to get ahead and save any money.

4) Impressing Your Friends

impress your friends
Even though broke people don’t have much money, they like to make it seem like they do.
Therefore, they’ll spend what little money they have on fancy clothing to impress their friends.
They will even let their bills go to buy the latest Jordon’s on the market.
Trying to impress your friends and keep up with the latest technology can be a costly habit.
Trust me; I know as I’ve done this most of my life.
I remember my mom used to tell me, growing up, that I acted like a millionaire working at Mcdonalds.
Depending on how competitive you are will determine how extreme you go.
I know many people who have bought houses in a reasonably expensive neighborhood that they really couldn’t afford.
Furthermore, they need to buy the accessories that go along with living in a nice neighborhood. (Boat, Motorcycle, New car)
Well, this all starts to add up.
Debt starts to kick in, and all they have is a part-time fast-food job.
Unless you’re 16 and still in high school, there is NO reason for you to be in competition with your friends or think you need to impress them.
If you have this nasty habit, I’d highly suggest dropping it like it’s hot right now.

5) You Follow The Norm

man working
Society tells us to go to school, get good grades, participate in sports so we can go to college and get a high paying job.
After college, you may be lucky to find a high paying job in the career of your choice.
However, for most college grads, they end up with a ton of debt.
Furthermore, they find themselves at a fast-food joint or working at some other retail establishment.
If you’re cool with this lifestyle and have gotten used to being broke all the time, thats fine.
By following this pattern, you’ll stay in debt and NEVER get a handle on your finances.
However, for those sick and tired of conforming to society’s rules, isn’t it about time for a change?
To make any changes, you’ll need to get your mind right and change your way of thinking.
Don’t settle for working 40 hours a week for 40 years only to have to retire and live on 40% of your salary.
Also, don’t be afraid to learn a new skill that could change your life if you let it.
Research and open your mind.

6) You’re Too Comfortable

too comfortable
Out of the many bad habits that keep you broke, being in your comfort zone is one of the worst ones by far.
I should probably have this higher on my list as staying here too long can be dangerous.
Staying in your comfort zone will not only keep you broke, but it will also hinder you from growing and improving as a person.
Furthermore, it will stop you from achieving any goals you may have set out to reach.
Everyone’s situation will be different depending on what’s going on in your life RIGHT NOW!!
You could be working at a dead end job that is getting you nowhere.
However, you love it there cause your job requires no thinking, and it’s elementary.
Also, you’re friends with nearly all your co-workers, and you’ve got it made.
Instead of trying to better yourself and learn a skill, you decide to stick with your secure job.
Make sense?
Getting out of your comfort zone is highly imperative if you want to have any success in life and avoid being broke all the freaking time.

7) Stop Listening To Friends


You just started a new job at Arbys as the head cashier.
After being there for less than six months, your buddy gets the bright idea that you should buy a house.
Smart thinking, right?
You’ve told him for several years now that this isn’t the right time, but he insists it is.
After further persuasion from him, you give this some serious thought.
Even though your financial situation isn’t the best, you decide to explore your buying options.
You spend the next two months searching for houses and finally find the home of your dreams.
However, it’s slightly out of your budget.
You go back to your bank and ask for even more money.
You only have your Arbys income, which is barely paying the bills as it is.
On top of these bills, you now have a $100K loan to pay and a mortgage in your name.
Also, to make matters worse, your dream house isn’t in the most excellent neighborhood.
For $100K, you would think it would be, right?
Don’t let your friends push their beliefs onto you and influence you to do something you’re not ready to do.

8) You Make Impulse Decisions

impulse decisions
Another bad habit that keeps you broke is making impulsive decisions.
How many times have you guys done this?
Not only will impulse decision making keep you broke, but it can also be perilous.
Furthermore, depending on the situation, it could also be life-threatening.
It’s never the right decision to make any decisions without giving it some adequate thought.
I know many of my close friends have gone into debt by making an impulse purchasing decision.
Therefore, they are paying for it now in more ways than one.
If this is another bad habit of yours, you must break it now.

9) You Don’t Think Outside The Box

Thinking Woman
A common bad habit that many people have that is keeping them broke is they don’t think outside the box.
Instead of trying to get to the root of a problem and solve it efficiently, they bitch and complain about it.
Which takes us back to my #1 bad habits that keep you broke, your mindset.
Instead of solving problems the traditional way, take a minute, step back, and find alternate solutions that allow you to look at this from a different perspective.
Most broke people are either lazy and are always searching for an easy way out.
Therefore, they lack the motivation to think outside the box and put in this additional work.
Not only will this help you become a better thinker, but it will also help your financial situation substantially.
Failing to think outside the box is another one of the many bad habits that were keeping me broke.
Once I started to think outside the box, my financial situation began to improve.

10) Use Credit Cards To Pay Rent

woman paying with credit card
As stupid as this sounds, I know someone who does this quite frequently.
If you’re struggling financially or perhaps you’re between jobs, you may see this as a way out.
However, by resorting to this, you’re digging your hole deeper.
While paying the rent with a credit card may seem like a viable option, this isn’t something I’d recommend.
You’ll be likely to pay anywhere from $35- $50 extra a month for this service.
Not to mention any other fees your landlord may add on for using this service.
I can proudly say that this wasn’t one of the bad habits I had, but there are many people out there that do this.
If you’re sick and tired of being broke and you’re trying to improve your financial situation, this should be high on your list of bad habits to break.

11) You Think Everything Is A Scam

Thinking everything was a scam was a bad habit that took me over 20 years to break.
However, it was due to many of the scams I had fallen victim to over the years.
It wasn’t until I started to open my mind and try things out for myself instead of taking other peoples word for it based on the experience they had.
Everyone’s experience will be different depending on the product/service.
Therefore you can’t judge the program if you haven’t tried it for yourself, can you?
Just like the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Well, the same goes for this example.
Recently, I signed up for one of those programs that claim you can receive a $1,000 Walmart gift card for completing a few offers.
Yes, I was pretty skeptical at first, but I was out to prove to everyone out there that these $1,000 gift card programs weren’t a scam.
You can read about my results here and judge for yourself whether these types of offers are a scam or not.

12) You’re Afraid To Invest

how to invest
I’ve saved the best for last.
By failing to invest in yourself you’re missing out on tons of potential.
Furthermore, you’re also limiting yourself.
The reason why every one of you out there is broke is that you aren’t willing to invest in yourself.
Investing comes in a variety of forms.
It doesn’t matter if you buy a self-help book or an online course that shows you how to make money online.
However, for some of you who live paycheck to paycheck, you may think investing is out of the question.
I’m here to tell you it’s not as I managed to invest in my business while working at a fast-food joint.
Furthermore, you need to budget your money and avoid spending any of it on nonsense.
Devise some type of spending plan, so you know where every penny of your money is going.
If you’re interested in learning about online business, I’d recommend investing in the following programs.
Super Affiliate System 
Infinity Project
12 Minute Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate
Investing is one of the worst bad habits that was keeping me broke, I just couldn’t see it at the time.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this detailed list of bad habits you should drop immediately has helped you guys out today.
However, I could sit here and write about the many bad habits you need to drop if you’re sick and tired of always being broke.
If you don’t take action on the things I’ve just discussed, then you’re wasting your time reading this article.
Many of us are broke, and some have just adapted to it.
These types of people have just accepted it as a part of life.
I’d hate to burst your bubble, but I’m here to tell you that being broke is NOT part of life.
You can do something about it if you genuinely are looking to change.
You won’t become an overnight millionaire, but I can assure you that by dropping these bad habits, you’ll slowly start to see things turn around.
Were you able to resonate with any of these bad habits that keep you broke?
Is there a particularly bad habit that didn’t make this list that you struggled with?
I’d love to hear about it and add it to this growing list.
Also, any questions I failed to answer?
Leave them for me in the comments below.
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Until next time,
~Your Friend, Scott~

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