5 Awesome Ways To Get Paid For Your Opinion

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get paid for your opinion
Believe it or not, there are many ways to get paid for your opinion online.
Whether you’re taking a survey, or watching a video on Youtube, you’re sharing your opinion.
Therefore, you should receive some type of compensation for your time, right?
Especially, when big-name corporations pay market research companies millions of dollars a year for this valuable information.
Why is this info so valuable?

  • To gain insight into your likes & dislikes
  • Fine-tune their marketing campaigns
  • Help shape the future of their products/ services

As you can see this data plays a huge role in their marketing campaign.
Furthermore, it can also determine the future of the company & what direction they head into the following year.
Within the following post, I show you 5 kick-ass ways to get paid for your opinion.
How much are your opinions worth?
I’ll be answering this question as well as many others so I highly encourage you to continue reading.
However, if for some strange reason I fail to answer your questions, please leave them for me in the comment section below.

How Much Can You Get Paid For Your Opinion?

Before I get too far into this post, I think it’s worth mentioning that you won’t make any life-changing money here.
Don’t go quitting your day job shortly after reading this post!!
You should think of this as a way to supplement your existing income, not replace it.
However, with the exception of writing product reviews (#2), the earning potential is limited.
The income potential here will vary from one person to the next as this is determined by several factors.

  • Type Of Job/ Task
  • Virtual/ Outside Your Home
  • The right demographics they’re in search of

Also, if you give honest detailed & thorough responses to the surveys they send you, this will drastically improve your chances.
Furthermore, this could also open the door for additional opportunities that pay more.
I just received an email the other day from My Soapbox with an invitation to test out 2 products in my home for 2 weeks.
my soapbox product tester email
As you can see from the email above, it’s possible to earn up to $50 or more here if you match the demographic they’re in search of.
Unfortunately, I didn’t check my email in time & by the time I had checked it, I was too late.
Little did I know, this was a limited time offer and I just missed out on $50!!

1) Taking Surveys

Taking surveys
Taking surveys is an easy, fun & interactive way to make extra money in your spare time.
Not only that, but it’s also 1 of my personal favorites as well.
However, many survey panels could care less about your opinion.
Because these fraudulent companies are in the business of selling personal information to third party companies.
This is also known as a phishing scam and something you should avoid at all costs.
Over the years I have reviewed hundreds of survey panels.
Both good & bad!!
As a result, I’ve been able to identify these types of scams and show you how to avoid them.
Therefore, I have come up with the following list of survey panels that pay pretty well for your opinion.
They are as follows:

While I’m sure there are many others out there that are legit, I haven’t discovered them yet.
The list above is the ones that I have personally tried out & received payment from.
Moreover, I know that they’re legit & payout when they say they will!!

2) Writing Product Reviews

Writing product reviews
If surveys aren’t your thing, perhaps you should look into writing product reviews instead.
Let me warn you that this requires a whole lot more work than taking a survey.
However, the income potential is substantially greater!!
Furthermore, if you work hard at this, it could turn into a full time career for you.
What types of products can you review?
This is where things get interesting as this is up to you.
Unlike other opportunities that force you to promote their product to earn a commission, this is 100% up to you.
Personally, for me, I’ve reviewed everything from digital info products to video games and many other types of merchandise.
Therefore, I have learned a plethora of information on this topic.
Also, I have been earning a pretty decent income online as a result.
This is called affiliate marketing and how I make the majority of my money online.
This would require you to have a few basic things like a website or blog, a desktop or laptop computer, as well as access to the internet.
Other than that, you’ll need the right training and some motivational mindset videos to rewire your brain for success.
Once you have acquired these things, you’ll need to decide what product you want to review & get to work.

3) Product Tester

Product testing a Sony Playstation 4

Several big-name companies need product testers.
This is where you come in & offer to test these products out that are still in beta mode.
The product lineup ranges anywhere from video game consoles like you see pictured above, to the latest iPhone or Galaxy smartphone.
Could you imagine testing the PS5 gaming system before anyone else?
It officially launches next holiday season 2020 !!
Next year!!
Wouldn’t that be sweet?
These types of opportunities do exist if you know where to find them.
Luckily for you, I have done extensive research on this & know where to find these opportunities.
Like you saw minutes ago, My soapbox invited me to complete an in-home user test over 2 weeks with the potential to earn at least $50.
Furthermore, In most cases, you get to keep the product they send you as a thank you.
This will help compensate for your time & any trouble you may have had.
Here are the top product testing sites I’ve used that are legit & pay decently below
Pinecone Research 
My Soapbox
Opinion Outpost
As I learn of other legit product testing opportunities I’ll be sure to add them to this page.
It may take a while for these sites to accept you into their program the first time you apply.
However, if you’re persistent, active, & honest, this drastically improves your chances by up to 50%

Learn More About Product Testing Here

4) User Testing

User testing websites

User testing is the process of testing an app or website.
As a user tester, your main job here is to test apps for their level of user-friendliness.
You’ll also need to check for any glitches, bugs, or other technical errors before they release their app to the marketplace.
Essentially, you’ll be letting the app producer know whether their product would be beneficial to its targeted audience.
To qualify for this program you need to be fluid in English & be able to type at a decent speed.
It requires a microphone & Windows PC operating system.
Additionally, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age or have your parent’s consent to join.
Depending on which company you apply to will determine your income potential.
However, this ranges from $10- $35 per test with the potential to earn more in later tests.
After doing some research on this opportunity, the following companies made it into my top 3 list.

  • User Testing
  • Start UpLift
  • Userlytics

If you’re a computer geek like me & would love to get paid for your opinion you need to jump on this before it’s gone.

5) Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopper jobs
Mystery shopping dates back to as far as the early 1940s.
This job was mainly performed by private eyes & detectives as a way to access department stores & banks.
However, nearly 80 years later, this has transformed into something that is used worldwide.
This concept is being picked up & utilized by places like:

  • Hospitals
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels

Among many others!!
What does this consist of?
Once accepted, you’ll be sent a list of businesses you’ll need to visit & place an order with them.
From the minute you walk in the door, you’ll need to record your entire experience.
You’ll be grading the store on the following:

  • Store cleanliness
  • Employee Knowledge
  • Employee Friendliness
  • Speed of your order

Once you’ve collected the information needed to complete the assignment, simply record this into onto the assignment sheet & submit it.
Even though these types of jobs have been around for nearly a century, they are still in high demand.
How much money can you make as a mystery shopper?
This all depends on your assignment & how detailed the job is.
If you do this part-time off and on, there’s the potential to earn up to $1,000 per month consistently.
Not too shabby if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys, agree?
After researching this opportunity, I was only able to find 1 legit company that specializes in this work.

However, if you type this search into Google I’m sure you’ll find many companies that specialize in this.

My Closing Thoughts

As you can tell there are a variety of ways to get paid for your opinion.
This opportunity is available to anyone from all walks of life and caters to people of all ages.
Video gamers as well as stay at home moms can benefit from this information to earn either spare change or a couple of thousand dollars per month.
If you’re persistent & know how to follow instructions you could get paid a pretty decent amount for your opinion.
You know what they say tho, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!!
Anyways I hope this detailed blog post has provided you with the answers you were looking for when you first landed on this website.
However, if you utilize just 3 of the 5 things mentioned above you could be earning a full time living with this alone.
Questions, comments, or something you would like to add to this list?
I would love to hear all about it & answers your questions within the comment section below.
Until Next Time,
~Your Friend, Scott~
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