Gold Opinions Review- Survey Scam Or $50 A Survey?

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Gold Opinions Review
Searching for an honest review of Gold Opinions?
Wondering if this is another survey scam you should avoid?
Within the following Gold Opinions Review, I’ll show you what this is all about.
Furthermore, I’ll show you where this scam leads you to and how they can afford to pay you $50 a survey.
Also, I’ll be revealing quite a few red flags that I uncovered while doing my research on this product.
You’ll want to stick around and continue reading.
That way you won’t miss out on any of these exciting details.
I’m sure that many of you may have questions like

  • Can you make $50 a survey?
  • Why is there a fee to join?
  • Is Gold Opinions a scam?
  • What survey sites do you recommend, Scott?

I’ll be answering these questions + so many more.
However, if for some unknown reason I fail to answer your question, please leave it for me in the comments below.
I’ll get back to you with a detailed reply A.S.A.P
Let’s get right into things today.
Are you guys ready?

Golden Opinions Review

Name: Golden OpinionGold opinions review
Where To Sign Up:
Owner: Paul Parker (Supposedly)
Type Of Site: Directory of paid survey sites
Price To Join: $1 the first week, then $27 monthly
Overall Rating: 1.5/ 5 Stars
Recommended: NO
Gold Opinions is a Clickbank product that acts as an intermediary to high paying survey panels.
When you sign up you won’t be taking surveys.
Instead, you’ll be joining a membership site.
They claim to have access to the highest paying survey sites in the industry.
Furthermore, by joining as a premium member, they claim you’ll receive premium surveys.
Also, They claim these surveys pay $50 a pop.
Take a look at the screenshot I’ve captured for you below to get a visual of what I’m talking about.
Gold Opinions ReviewI’ve been taking surveys online for over 6 years now & not once have I joined any nonsense like this.
If you’ve taken surveys online you know this service is free.
You don’t need to pay for a service like this to gain access to this information.
I just wrote a blog post on this last week.
My top 10 highest paying survey sites
The survey sites listed within that post are the highest paying survey sites in the industry.
This info is free!!
So what’s the point of this system?
Anyways, now that you have an idea of what Gold Opinions is, let’s find out how this works.
Sound good?

See My 10 Best Survey Sites Here

How It Works

Once you’ve joined you’ll gain access to the back office which contains everything you need to start making money with surveys.
It’s important to remember tho, you won’t be taking surveys on this site.
Instead, you’ll gain access to a directory of the highest paying surveys in the industry.
You’ll need to sign up using their referral links to get credit.
Once you sign up for these survey sites, you’ll get paid directly from these sites (Not Gold Opinions).
Therefore, they have no control over how much you’ll earn.
This depends on which sites you sign up for and how active you are completing surveys.
The more survey invitations you receive the more you could earn.

Who Could Benefit From Gold Opinions? (Review)

To be honest, nobody could benefit from this system except the owners.
Furthermore, the more sites you sign up with the more they make.
Not only will they profit from you signing up as a member, but they’ll also get paid when you complete surveys.
There are much better alternatives out there for taking surveys.
Also, they won’t charge you a fee to access a service that’s normally FREE.
I usually try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
However, this system is worthless.
They are charging a monthly fee for a service that’s normally free everywhere else.
I can assure you that there is NO secret list of the highest paying sites online.
This is nothing but hype and BS to get you to share your credit card number with them.
Don’t fall for it!!
You’re much smarter than that.
Believe me!!

Red Flags To Be Aware Of

As I continued to research Gold opinions and write this review, I encountered many red flags.

  • Gold Opinion is a clone (more details below)
  • Owner isn’t real (Simply a pen name)
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Charging a fee for something free

As I continued to do my due diligence for this Gold Opinions Review I discovered this was 1 of the many clone sites out there.
Take a look at the screenshots I’ve captured for you guys below.
Gold Opinions Review

As you guys can see above they are using this same template across multiple websites.
Furthermore, they are using a different pen name/ owner for each clone site.
As if that isn’t bad enough, the fake testimonials I encountered on the sales page was enough to turn me off.

Yeah right!!
What world are you living in buddy?
Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not possible to make $80 a day for filling out surveys.
Survey panels weren’t designed to make this much money.
Furthermore, if this was truly possible don’t you think everyone would be doing it?
A few questions you need to ask yourself before contemplating joining anything like this.
If this doesn’t raise a red flag for you it should.
Also, the fact that they’re charging a monthly fee for a directory of survey sites just blew my mind.
This information is widely available for free.
You should NEVER have to pay for this info.

Price To Join Gold Opinions?

If you would like to join Gold Opinions you can do so by clicking here.
Therefore, you’ll pay $1 for a week trial then, $27 monthly.
There are also a few upsells and other worthless products you’ll have thrown in your face shortly after joining.
However, they claim these are optional, but still promote them pretty heavily in the back office.
Keep in mind you’ll be paying a recurring monthly fee.
What are you paying for?
Information that’s readily available to the public at NO charge.
Not to mention, any fees you may incur when signing up for other sites.
It pays to do your research before signing up for any shady program such as this one.
Wouldn’t you guys, agree?

Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

I think it’s pretty obvious from the facts revealed today that this is another survey scam.
It’s sad that people feel the need to take advantage of the market research industry.
Can you earn $50 per survey?
Absolutely not!!
Just the thought of this is Ludacris and quite laughable, to say the least.
The fact that there are NO surveys to complete on this site is one of the biggest red flags I encountered.
Not to mention, they’re charging you for some bogus information that’s readily available for FREE.
Any legit survey site will NEVER ask you more payment as this is against their terms and conditions.
If this doesn’t raise your guard then there is something wrong.
I would highly recommend you avoid Gold Opinions and the many other clone sites out there like this.
In my 6+ years of taking surveys online, I get paid from some high dollar sites.
I NEVER once joined a BS program that supposedly has access to the highest paying sites in the industry.
I researched this myself and put in a great amount of hard work.
Therefore, I know which sites pay and which ones don’t.
If you’re looking for the best survey sites to make money that has my stamp of approval, continue reading.

What Do I Recommend?

If the thought of taking surveys has piqued your interest, that’s great.
However, you don’t wanna be scammed, right?
Thankfully if you’re still reading this review you could profit from the information I’m about to share with you.
Over the past several months, I’ve put a strong emphasis on survey sites.

  • How much they pay
  • What rewards are available
  • Availability
  • Qualifications

If you’re interested in earning money taking surveys I would recommend these 10 sites here!!
I’ve spent nearly a week researching the 10 sites found within the link above.
Therefore they have my seal of approval as the 10 best survey sites to make money.
However, if the thought of taking surveys bore you or you’re beyond surveys listen up.

How I Earn A Living Online

I have a handful of income streams coming in at all times.
Survey sites make up for close to $200 a month.
Not enough to pay bills or live on but definitely worth it for 15 to 20 minutes.
However, the majority of my income comes from affiliate marketing.
This is where you build a website around a hobby or passion.
You then promote products/ services within your passion and earn affiliate commissions.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, I’d highly recommend, Wealthy Affiliate.
This is the place I got started online and where I learned how to build a business online.
Anyway, I really hope this Gold Opinions Review has provided you with the information you were looking for.
Furthermore, I hope this has helped answer any additional questions you may have had.
If not, please leave them for me within the comments section below.
I’ll get back to you ASAP with a detailed reply.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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