How To Build A Website That Makes Money- A Step By Step Guide

How to build a website
Have you attempted to make money with a website before & failed?
Wondering what the heck you did wrong or what you did or didn’t do?
When I first came here back in 2012, I set out to learn how to build a successful website that would eventually allow me to earn a full time living from the comfort of my home.
What results did I have and how long did it take me to do so?
This is what I’ll be revealing within this post so I would highly advise you to stick around and continue reading so you don’t want to miss out on any of this important information.
I have had quite a few people emailing me & asking me how I was able to do this?
They also asked me several times, how long it has taken me to earn over $1,000 a month as well and I’ll be covering all of this within the context of this post.
Instead of repeating myself multiple times I figured I would blog about it instead so that everyone can read about it at once.
Within the following post, I’ll be providing you guys with a step by step guide on everything you need to build a successful website in the online space that will make you lots of money.
How much?
This is a question that only you can answer as this is dependent on how much time you devote to it and how hard you’re willing to work on it.
Without any further chatter from me, let’s get right into things, OK?

Who Am I & Where Did I Come From?

Scotty Newkirk 2019
As you can see from the picture above, I’m a pretty laid back guy who loves to enjoy life, party and have fun just as much as the next person does.
Yes, that is a beer in my hand in case you were wondering lol!!
Before I get started writing out this step by step guide, I think it’s important for you guys to know a little about me first.
Like many people, I’m sure you can relate to a few of the situations that I had gone through when I first started out in the online world years ago.
I’m just your everyday normal guy who once was a slave to corporate America & has lived the majority of my adult life, paycheck to paycheck.
Like many other people, I got fed up with living this lifestyle & I was willing to do anything to change it and learn how to make money online.
I had actually been searching for an opportunity like this for as long as I can remember but always came up short.
After countless years of searching for something that actually worked, I was able to find the right program and learn the right way to make money with a website.
I’ll be providing you guys with a step by step plan that you can execute for yourself to replicate my results or possibly do even better than me.
Now that you know a little more about me, hopefully, you’ll be inclined to trust me and actually listen to what I tell you to do.

1) Start With A Hobby

Before you start building your first website you need to have some idea of what type of website you want to build & what you want to talk about.
From my own personal experience, I have found that it is much easier to base your site on something you are passionate about or a hobby of yours.
This way it won’t seem like work and you’ll actually have fun while you’re learning a new skill.
What are a few of you guy’s hobbies?
What are you most passionate about?
There are actually millions of different niche ideas that you could go with and here are just a few of the most popular ones off the top of my head.

Does any of these things interest you that I listed above?
If so, you would obviously need to narrow this down as these are all massive niches on their own.
Once you choose your topic of interest and have narrowed this idea down to something more specific, it’s time for you to build your initial website and I’ll be getting into this next.

2) Build Your Website

Now that you have some type of idea what you want to base your site on it’s time to start building and get everything set up & ready to rock.
There are both free & paid options out there for you to choose from when building a website.
If you’re just starting out & you don’t know which direction you would like to go then a subdomain would be your best bet at this point.
This way you’ll get to test the waters and experiment with the niche you have chosen to see if it’s something you could see yourself doing before you invest any of your hard earned money into it.
However, if you are confident with the niche that you have chosen and you’re extremely passionate about this then you might want to purchase your own domain name.
Domain names are fairly inexpensive and only need to be renewed once a year.
Depending on which domain registrar you decide to go with can determine how much you’ll ultimately pay.
Prices range from $13.99/ yearly to $17.99/ yearly.
Also, depending on whether you acquire a .com, .org, .info. or any of the 1,000’s of other TLD’s available will determine how much you’ll pay as well.
Now that you know a little about domain name pricing & whether you should go with either a free or paid option, let’s find the best place for you to get started on your online journey.
Sound like a plan?

3) Buy Your Domain Name

WA Domains
In my time as an affiliate marketer, I mostly bought all my domains from Godaddy.
However, with all the recent changes and their prices constantly on the rise, I decided to start buying my domains from Wealthy Affiliate instead.
They don’t charge extra for the features that should come included with your domain name purchase.
When you purchase a domain from WA features like

  • Privacy protection
  • Email accounts
  • Built in spam protection
  • Advanced DNS management tools

Come included with your one time yearly fee of $13.99 for a .com domain.
If you can’t seem to find a .com, then it’s $2 more for a .org at $15.99 per year.
Also, it’s important for you guys to keep in mind that unlike places like Godaddy or Namecheap, they will never raise the price on you.
I cringed every time it was time to renew my domains with Godaddy due to the fact that the price seemed to go up more and more each year.
At one point I remember paying $17.99 to renew one of my domains & that’s when I had enough.
Take a look at the chart below to get a better idea of how WA stacks up against other domain registrars in the industry.
WA Domain names
Also, as a premium member, you’ll unlock some pretty powerful features that come included with your membership that as you can see above Go Daddy charges up to $59.99 extra for this service.
They are as follows

  • SSL (Site Security)
  • Site Speed
  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Support

If you’re looking to build a website that makes money for the long term then I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as your one-stop-shop for building a website.
There are both free and paid options for you to choose from so you can pick & choose the one that would fit into your budget the best.
With that being said, you are free to acquire your domains/ subdomains from anywhere you like, I’m just giving you my top recommendation and sharing the place that I got my domains from.
Once you have acquired your domain name, you’re going to need to plug this into a hosting plan of some sort.
I’ll be recommending the hosting company that I have been using for a while now that I would recommend for you to get the most bang for your buck so you’ll want to continue reading.

Learn More About WA Domains Here

4) Find High Quality Hosting

Now that you have decided upon a niche and purchased a domain name you’re going to need to plug this into a hosting plan of some sort.
There are plenty of hosting providers out there that claim to provide you with the best hosting experience of your life but sadly fail to meet up to my expectations of what I come to expect from a hosting company.
Hosting is one of the, if not the Most Important factor that will determine your success as well.
Why you may ask?
This is due to the fact that if your website is slow & takes forever people are gonna bounce quicker than they clicked on your website in the SERPS.
Without a fast website, your chances of making any money here are highly unlikely.
In my own personal experience with other hosting companies, I found Siteground to be the absolute best when it comes to high speed & reliable hosting.
Back in March, I switched from my old hosting provider over to Siteground.
Since I did so, I have noticed that my website is now 100 times faster, the images load better, and my rankings have gone up in Google.
This equates to more traffic to my site and my revenue has gone up slightly within this time as well.
With 15 years in business, these people know hosting like you know the back of your hand.
For half the price you pay for your daily Starbucks cup of coffee you can gain access to some of the highest quality hosting available for one flat rate yearly fee.
Also in my own personal experience, their customer support team has done a phenomenal job of answering my questions & keeping my website updated and on the world wide web.

Learn More About SiteGround Here

5) Create Website Content

Wealthy Affiliate Education
Now that you purchased your domain name and hooked it up to a hosting plan, it’s time for you to learn how to create website content.
There are many different types of content you can create and this includes but is not limited to the following

  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Writing reviews/ articles (Like this one that you’re reading now)
  • How-to posts
  • Motivational posts
  • Educational & Informative posts

The list goes on & on…….
Your niche will ultimately decide the types of content you’ll be creating for your audience as some niches won’t require the types of content that I listed above.
What if you suck at writing & have no idea how to create content?
That’s perfectly fine as I really sucked when I first started out here years ago.
After years of practicing and lots of trial and error, I finally feel confident with my writing skills now and think my content looks pretty damn good now.
Wouldn’t you guys, agree?
Not only does Wealthy Affiliate provide you with all the website tools you need to be successful online, but they also provide you with training & show you how to write kick-ass content as well.
Their training is tailored towards newbies but it’s suitable for anyone looking to learn how to build a website that makes money.
Once you have created a decent amount of content, your website will naturally be listed in the search engines and you’ll start to receive traffic.

6) Monetize Your Traffic

Once you have people actively visiting your site on a daily basis, you’ll want to monetize your site so that you can start earning revenue from these people.
There are a variety of ways for you to add monetization to your site and here are my top 4 ways

  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Advertising
  • Renting out space on your website

These are just a few of the many ways that I currently earn money from my website and my top recommendations for you guys to start monetizing your website.
Depending on how much you’re currently working on your site each week will determine how much money you can earn.
Learning proper monetization techniques is vital if you want to have any long term success in the online world.
However, when first starting out, you need to focus on creating content because without content you won’t have anything to monetize in the first place.

How Much Money Have I Earned From My Website(s)?

Over the years, I have earned quite a bit of money from the multiple websites that I’ve created and as I continue to learn more, I hope to increase this cashflow.
One of the best things that I love about building websites and writing content is the fact that you can earn multiple sources of income from 1 website.
It took me nearly 10 months after making my first sale to reach $1,000 a month and from there my income continued to skyrocket.
Here are just a few of the many payments that I have coming in on a regular basis that I am earning from this website you’re browsing right now.
adbloom conversions
Max bounty earnings
Wealthy Affiliate Earnings
Keep in mind that I have been doing this for 6 years now so I have quite a bit of experience making money online.
I can assure you that this type of success didn’t happen overnight.
It took years for me to earn $500 in one day from making multiple sales on my website but it is definitely possible if you’re willing to work hard at this & take it seriously.
Anything is possible here if you’re willing to work hard enough to achieve it.

I Want To Help You Build A Profitable Website Online

Over the years I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people and shown them how to build the website of their dreams that produces an income on autopilot.
I would love to help you guys do the same and replicate the results that I have had and then some.
If you have made it this far into this post, then obviously you’re serious about learning how to build a website that will make you money.
Like I said earlier, the place that has shown me how to earn money from my website and helped me slowly start to put the pieces together on all of this is Wealthy Affiliate.
This is where you’ll find me hanging out and helping as many people out as I possibly can while continuing to work on my own stuff here.
Without the right training & the proper help & support, the things that I’ve listed within this post is worthless if you don’t know what to do with it.
If you’re serious about learning how to build a website & learn the proper way to earn money from it then I invite you to join me over at Wealthy Affiliate.
I’ll show you the many mistakes that I have made over the years & show you how to avoid them.
I’ll also be acting as your tour guide as you embark on this amazing journey and answering any questions you may have.
It’s free to get started and check out everything they have to offer before investing any of your hard earned money into this.
Anyway, I really hope this post has helped you guys out and given you some insights into how you can make money with a website.
Still, have questions or have something you would like to add to this?
I would love to hear all about it and answer any questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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