How To Earn Money Blogging- 10 Steps To Online Success Revealed

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Have you been searching for a way to learn how to earn money blogging online and landed on this post looking for answers to your many questions concerning this topic?
These days anyone with half a brain can create their own blog and have it live on the web in a couple of clicks.
However, when it comes to learning how to take this blog and make money with it, well that’s not quite as easy as it may sound.
Trust me, I know this from personal experience as I attempted this several times on my own and ended up losing more money than I initially invested in the first place.
Needless to say, I was pretty bummed about this at the time,  but I didn’t let it stop me from continuing my search about blogging and learning whether it’s possible to earn money with this.
It wasn’t until I found the right training that actually let me get started for free and kick the tires first before I invested any of my hard earned money into their program.
More on that later!!
Within the following post, I’ll be revealing the 10 steps you need to follow to learn how to create your own blog and successfully build it out to the point to where it starts to earn you money.
If you have ever shown an interest in starting a blog and learning how to monetize it to earn you as much money as your heart desires then you’ll definitely want to pay attention and continue reading.
I’m sure that many of you may have a plethora of questions for me concerning this topic and I’ll be doing my absolute best to answer these for you guys within the following post.
However, like always if I do fail to answer your questions please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a detailed reply.
Sound good?
Let’s get started, OK?

What Is Blogging?

If I had to describe my job to other people and explain to them what I do as a blogger and how I earn a full time living doing so, it would go a little something like this.
A blogger is someone who is involved in a certain niche (a topic of interest or a hobby) and on their website, they would blog about many topics related to that niche.
Also, depending on the niche you decide to go with would determine the type of content you would be writing (blogging) about on your website.
One of the best ways, I’ve found to earn money from blogging is by doing a lot of product reviews and best of list posts.
You earn money when a visitor becomes a customer and makes a purchase.
This happens once they have read a product review that you have written, loved it, and was interested in purchasing the item you reviewed.
They would then click on something called an affiliate link which redirects them to the merchant site so they can make a purchase.
You would then earn an affiliate commission and I’ll be going into more detail on this as I continue to write this post.
Now that you have some kind of idea what blogging is all about and how you can make money with it, let’s go over 10 crucial steps you need to follow to successfully get your blogging career off to a good start.

1) What Are You Passionate About?

golf swing
This is one of the most crucial steps that most people fail to narrow down and also the reason why they fail before they even get started.
When you start a site you want to make sure that it’s based on something that you’re into.
Also, you would need to be able to sit down and write about this for hours on end without getting bored with it or losing interest in the niche you have decided to go with.
One of the hugest mistakes that I see people making when they first get started is going with something they have no interest in but heard it can be very profitable.
What they fail to realize is the fact that before you can start earning money, you would need to know a decent amount about this niche before OR do lots of research on it beforehand.
This is also going to require a great deal of hard work, time, and dedication before you start earning money from this.
Money isn’t going to start magically pouring into your account like you are led to believe with many of the affiliate marketing scams you see online today.
So, what are you guys passionate about?
Once you determine what you would like your website to be based on, it’s time to choose a brand that represents what you stand for and what you wanna be known for in the online world.

2) Create Your Own Personal Brand

Choosing a brand to represent your name and what your website stands for is right up there in my top list of things you need to do in order to have any type of long term success online.
Let me ask you guys a few questions if you don’t mind
When you shop online do you purchase things from a no-name site or do you shop at well know places like Amazon or
Also, how many times have you came back and made multiple purchases from the same website?
Chances are that you seek out companies that have branded themselves and have developed quite a reputation in the online world.
Are you starting to see the importance of branding yourself and developing a great reputation online?
Creating your own brand creates trust and helps people remember who you are so they can come back and do business with you again.
When coming up with a brand it’s imperative that you keep this short and sweet so that it’s easier for people to remember
When I first started out in the online world I failed at branding myself several times as I would go with long names that were so confusing and even harder to remember.
However, I did do exceptionally well with this for quite a few years until algorithms started to change and I made a few mistakes of my own.
If I had branded myself from the start I could have possibly avoided this and kept on building my business.
As you guys can see I have chosen as my brand name and this is a domain name that I’ve wanted my entire life but it wasn’t available until here recently.
What brand name represents you and what you stand for?
Once you determine this you’ll be ready to move on to the next step which is choosing a domain name that represents your brand.

3) Choosing A Domain Name That Represents Your Brand

domain name
Now that you have chosen your niche and have branded yourself, the next step will be to find a domain name that represents your brand and get you noticed in the online world.
If you aren’t ready to purchase a domain name just yet that’s perfectly fine as there are a plethora of subdomains that you can use to test out your niche before investing any of your hard earned money.
I actually highly recommend that you do this as it will save you a ton of time and money later on as well as the hassle of being stuck with a domain name you don’t want.
However, once you’re ready to move forward and confident in the niche you have chosen, it’s highly imperative that you purchase your own domain name.
Before doing so though, you need to make sure your domain name is relevant to your niche and describes what you’ll be talking about on your site before they click through.
Your domain should be short and easy to remember as I mentioned earlier on in this post.
Why do you need your own domain name?
There are several reasons why it’s so important to have your own domain and I’ll be listing these for you guys below.

  • Allows you to brand yourself
  •  Enables you to stand out & look professional
  • Is a piece of online real estate that will increase in value as you build it out
  • More secure & will rank better in the search engines
  • Much more control over the design and what you can do on your site
  • Is a valuable asset that you could sell later on for massive profits

There are a variety of places that you can choose to purchase your domain name but the place I recommend is site domains from Wealthy Affiliate.
Why Site Domains?
Unlike places like GoDaddy and other domain registrars that want to charge you extra for features that should be included with your purchase like SSL and WHOIS protection/privacy.
All of this is included with your domain name and there are absolutely NO upsells outside of the cost to register your domain.
Here are a few other features that come included with WA domains and this chart does an excellent job of showing you how much money you can save by purchasing your domains at WA.
Check it out below!!
Wealthy Affiliate Domains
As you can see from the chart above WA is the best place for you to purchase your domain names from to get the most bang for your buck.
Once you have acquired your very own domain name you’re going to need to choose a hosting provider and this is what I’ll be going over next so you’ll definitely want to continue reading.

Learn More About Site Domains Here

4) Choosing The Best Hosting Platform

Hosting company
Once you are the proud owner of your first domain name it’s time to choose a hosting provider so that your site can be live on the internet for the entire world to see.
There are dozens of different hosting providers you can choose to go with but not all of them were created equal and I’ll explain what I meant about this below.
Due to my personal experience that I’ve had with a variety of hosting providers over the past 6 years, I know that not all of them are interested in helping you out and providing you with top notch service.
Trust me I know this from personal experience as I have dealt with many shady providers that aren’t worth your time and definitely isn’t worth you spending your hard earned money on.
Luckily for you, I have personally tried out several hosting companies out for myself and would only recommend a small handful of them.
Having a reliable and high speed hosting provider is one of the key components that will either make or break you and I would recommend you go with the absolute best.
Siteground Hosting
I personally use Siteground to host this site along with a few other of my sites and I would personally recommend them due to my awesome experience that I’ve had with them thus far.
They have everything you need to get your site live and up and running along with the best customer support team that I have ever dealt with.
I put in a support ticket when I switched to their hosting along with a few questions and they got back to me in under 20 minutes with a very informative answer.
Needless to say, they resolved my problem in literally no time and had me back to what I do the best which is creating content for the web.
Getting started with SG is really easy as their support team will do mostly everything for you, you’ll just need to tell them what to do.
There are 3 plans you’ll need to choose from and they are as follows
Siteground hosting prices
If you have more than 1 website then you’ll need to go with the grow big account which gives you access to unlimited websites and provides you with 20 GB of web space.
You’ll also be able to receive up to 25,000 monthly visits and this package would be ideal for anyone who is just getting started and living on a budget.
For less than $6 a month you won’t find a better hosting plan out there that provides you with the quality and outstanding support that you’ll receive with this hosting provider.
Keep in mind that you will be billed for the entire year upfront and this comes out to $71.40.
You’ll also have the option of purchasing or transferring your domain name to them and I highly recommend that you do so if you have the additional funds available.
However, if you would rather purchase your domains with WA as I mentioned above, that’s perfectly fine as well.
Here recently they just celebrated their 15th anniversary so as you can see they are an established company that has built quite a good reputation in the online world.

Learn More About SiteGround Here

5) Finding The Right Theme To Display Your Site To The World

This is another key component that I feel will either make you or break you as it took me several years before I found the right theme to display the awesome content on my website.
This is mainly due to the fact that there are millions of themes out there for you to choose from and this task alone can become quite overwhelming.
When I first started out here in late 2012 early 2013 I had tried several free themes but never seemed to be happy with any of them due to their lack of design options and control over your site.
About 6 months to a year later when I was just starting to make a somewhat consistent income online, I decided to upgrade to a paid theme and this was another one of the best things I could have done.
Why you may ask?
Everything that is free comes with some type of limitations and you won’t have any type of control over how your site will be displayed in the search engines.
As a newbie who is just starting out, you don’t really need to worry about this but once your site gets established and you’re starting to generate traffic you’ll naturally want to have some control on how it looks.
Makes sense, right?
I personally use the Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme which uses the Genesis Framework and I have had no problems whatsoever with them over the past couple of years.
Mai Lifestyle pro theme
Personally, for me, I love to be in control of how my site looks and like to change up my design every once in a while to give it a fresh new look.
If you are into design yourself, then I’m sure you can definitely relate to this and know exactly what I’m talking about.
Mai Lifestyle Pro theme has got to be one of the most powerful themes out there that knows how to keep things simple while also providing you with a level of customization that you could only dream of.
All of this at a price you can afford as this will likely bring you back to this post to personally thank me for recommending this theme to you.
Whether you decide to go with a premium theme like MLP from the get-go, OR you decide to do this later on as I did, it’s important for you not to make any changes once your site starts to generate traffic.
This is another mistake that I made and I have paid for it dearly for several years afterward.
I would hate to see you guys make this same mistake and screw up as badly as me.

5 A) Free Themes Vs Paid Themes, Which One Is Better?

If you can’t afford to buy a premium theme right away that’s perfectly fine.
I actually would recommend that you start out with a free theme so you can learn the basics and make the decision to upgrade once your knowledge of themes grows and you learn more about how they work.
Anything that is free is going to come with its own set of limitations as this is especially true when it comes to a free theme.
Free themes usually come with the basic features you would find with any traditional theme and don’t require much prior knowledge to have everything set up just the way you like it.
They also don’t come with any fancy bells or whistles so your site will look pretty bland and won’t have a whole lot of appeal.
If you’re the type of person who loves to be in control of the design aspect and would like to have a variety of customizations at your fingertips then you’ll definitely want to invest in a premium theme.
For 1 low flat rate per year, you can access a plethora of premium themes within the back office and this also comes with personal help and support if you happen to encounter any issues.
So which is is better?
I think this is kinda a silly question as what you’ll get with a paid theme has no comparison to what you get with a free theme.
However, to answer this question I would always recommend that you go with a paid theme as it offers support and is consistently updated to conform with the latest SEO practices.

6) Create Niche Based Content

Now that you have decided on whether you’re going to go with a free or premium theme, it’s time to start writing some content so you can start getting indexed and ranked in Google.
Depending on what you have decided to go with back in step 1 will determine what you will create content around.
Personally, for me, I have created many niche based content and have earned a great deal of money doing so.
The type of content you’ll be creating will depend on the niche you have chosen to go with.
However, this will likely consist of writing product reviews, how to posts, motivational posts, top 10 list posts, and many other types of informative content.
This is also how you’ll be earning your money so you want to really put your heart and soul into it and give it all you got.
Without content, you won’t make a dime!!
It’s also important to keep in mind that not every piece of content you write will rank well or even at all in the search engines, the more volume you write, the better chance you’ll have to rank a post on the first page of Google.
Build your site out with informative and high quality content that will, in turn, help your audience out and lead them in the right direction and the money is sure to follow afterward.
This is how I have been building out my sites and while it may seem like it will take forever, you will eventually see your first sale.
This was one of the greatest moments ever when I logged into my account to find that I had made a sale while I was sleeping.
How cool is that?

7) Create A Content Creation Schedule

Content creation calendar
Now that you have officially started to create content for your blog you need to get on some type of schedule and get a routine in place.
While I don’t really consider blogging to be a job since I have so much fun while doing it, I do think you need to sit down and make out a blogging schedule for the following week.
By doing this it will hold you accountable and should motivate you to want to work on your website even more than you already are.
This would also be an excellent place to list any goals you have for the week and implement these into your work schedule for the following week.
Make short reasonable goals that you feel like you could reach by the deadline you have given yourself when you listed this goal.
Consistency is the key and in order for you to have any type of success online, you’ll need to be consistently pumping out more and more content.
I would schedule at least 3 or more posts a week minimum and if you can do more than that then thats even better.

8) Monetize Your Blog

Now that you have a steady flow on content on your site and you have made out your blogging schedule for the week, it’s time to add some monetization to your site so you can start making money.
Once your blog starts getting traffic to it and you have created a great deal of content there are multiple ways that you can cash in on this traffic to start earning revenue from them.

Placing ads on your site

This has got to be of the oldest forms of monetization that old school bloggers would use back in the day and it’s still one of the most effective ways for you to earn money from a website.
There are many ways that you can profit from ads on your site but here are a few ways that I can think of off the top of my head

  • Pay Per Click Ads- Get paid when someone clicks on an ad on your site (Adsense + other ad companies)
  • Rent out advertising space- Get Paid for renting out sections of your site to people looking to advertise on your site

Advertising has got to be one of the easiest no brainer ways to earn a decent living by having advertisers pay you to place ads on your site.
A pretty ingenious way to make money and something I highly recommend once you start generating some traffic to your site.

CPA Marketing (Cost Per Action)

This is right up there in my top ways to earn money from blogging and one that I’m particularly passionate about.
Unlike affiliate marketing which is driven on sales and the volume of customers you bring to the table, CPA marketing is based on the number of leads you generate on a daily basis.
All these leads need to do is simply enter their name and email address and you’ll get paid.
No purchase required!!
How sweet is that?
Just here a couple of weeks ago I received my first check from MaxBounty which is the largest CPA marketing platform out there and I was pretty stoked about this, to say the least.
Max Bounty Payment

Affiliate marketing

This has got to be my #1 way to monetize your blog as you get to choose how you want to earn money.
Whether it be from a hobby or interest of yours or from an authority site where you start out slow and gradually build your site out a little at a time.
This will require a whole lot more work than the 2 previous ways that I listed above, but the rewards are so much better and its definitely worth your time in the long run.
Here is a basic overview of how this business model works and how you can earn money from it.
You would first need to sign up for something called an affiliate program and place your own personalized affiliate links to your website.
Once people start to visit your site and read your content they might be interested in learning where they can purchase the product they just read about on your site.
They would then need to click on your affiliate link for more info and to learn where they can make a purchase.
Guess what happens once they complete their transaction?
You get paid!!

9) The Simplest Way To Start A Blog That Earns Money

Starting a blog for some people can be a really daunting task and also can become overwhelming fairly quickly like I briefly mentioned earlier in this article.
Also if you were to go out and purchase a domain from one place, get hosting from another, then attempt to either figure this out on your own and try and put the pieces together this can be pretty scary.
While it can be done, why would you want to put yourself through all of this when there is a much better way to go about this and become successful at it?
So what’s the simplest & most cost-effective way to earn money from blogging?
The best place that I have found that has everything I listed above all under 1 roof and includes all the tools I need to start a successful blog that earns me money around the clock is Wealthy Affiliate.
It’s because of their task based learning and easy to follow step by step training that I have learned how to build a very successful blogging career that has been earning me money since mid-2013.
They have also made it super affordable for you to get started by offering their Free Starter Membership which includes everything you need to get your first blog live along with your first 7 days of premium help.
You’ll also have me right there beside you to guide you each step of the way and show you what mistakes to avoid making like I did when I first started.
I’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in anything you need a hand with.
How freaking sweet is that?

10) Everything You Need To Get Started Under 1 Roof

Instead of paying for hosting from 1 place and getting your domain from another place and then attempting to get training from somewhere else, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all of this under 1 roof?
Well, all of this is possible at Wealthy Affiliate.
I can remember back when I attempted to learn how this whole blogging thing worked years ago I would purchase a domain from GoDaddy and get hosting from another place and try to figure everything out on my own.
After failing several times at doing this, I luckily discovered WA and learned the right way to go about all of this.
Here is everything you’ll gain access to as a member of Wealthy Affiliate


The training at WA is broken down into simple and easy to follow steps so that even newbies can have their very own blog up and running within a few clicks.
As a starter member, you’ll gain access to your first 10 lessons to give you a feel for this to see if this is something you could see yourself doing before investing any money into this.
There is also a Q & A section at the bottom of each lesson for you to ask questions about anything in the lesson that you didn’t understand.


Without the proper tools required to start a blog, you won’t get very far and you’ll likely be scratching your head and wondering what you need to get your newly found blogging career off the ground.
As a member of WA, you’ll not only gain access to 2 free websites to get your blog up and running but also you’ll get your very own personal blog at WA.
This can be used to either receive help from the community and blog about your success that you’ve had, OR you can simply use this to get to know people better and make a connection.

WA’s Very Own Keyword Tool

In order for you to get ranking for some of the most popular keywords being typed into Google and other search engines, It’s highly imperative that you have an accurate and reliable keyword tool to provide you with this data.
If you want to be successful with blogging then you need to learn how to do effective keyword research.
Jaaxy is a premium keyword tool that is available exclusively to premium members of WA.
However, they do have a free trial that allows starter members to gain access to their first 30 searches.
I have been using Jaaxy since it launched back in late 2012 and I have had nothing but the best results with it.
Definitely 1 of the best tools offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Advanced Site Health Tools

When you start a blog at WA you aren’t just starting a blog, you are learning how to create a long term profitable business online.
In order to keep your business up and running and performing at its best, you need to have the proper tools out there to diagnose your website’s health and keep things running at top notch speed.
This includes the following

  • Site Comments- Get engagement to your site by receiving highly relevant comments
  • Site Manager- Manage multiple sites at once and learn how to improve their performance
  • Site Content- Write content directly from WA & take your blogging experience to the next level
  • Site Builder- Launch a new site with only a few clicks of your mouse

Writing content can be stressful enough without having to worry about how your site is performing and whether it’s following all the SEO practices to get ranked high in the search engines.
With WA’s advanced site health tools you can relax and let them take care of all of this for you without worrying about it.

 Get Personal Help & Support Directly From Me

When it comes to starting your own blog and really sitting down to figure everything out this can become quite frustrating, to say the least.
When I first started here 6 years ago, I had NO idea what I was doing and I needed all the help I could possibly get.
Unfortunately, back in 2012, 2013, there wasn’t nearly as much help available as there is today and I wish I had access to this help when I started out here in the online world.
If you have made it this far into this post and you’re still reading then you’re obviously interested in hearing more about what I have to say and you would like a hand to get all of this setup.
Over the years I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people get started creating their first blog and showing them the exact steps I have gone through to be as successful as I have been today.
There is nothing I would like to do more than help you out and show you how to make all of this work for you.
However, I only want to work with people who are serious and aren’t out to waste my time.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about then I would highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself to see how they can help you.
Other than that, I really hope this post has opened your eyes up about what blogging is all about and whether or not this would be something you could see yourself making a career out of or not.
Still got questions or have something you would like to add?
I would love to hear all about it and answer any additional questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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