Is Easy Cash Code A Scam? Find Out What It Is In This Review

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Wondering if Easy Cash Code is another scam that you should steer clear of, or a brilliant way to create multiple income streams?
Within the following review, I’ll be walking you guys through each step of this system & showing you exactly what this is all about and how much you’ll need to invest to get started.
Chances are that you likely had a friend or family member introduce you to this system but you’re on the fence about whether you should join or not.
Kudos for doing your research and landing on my review!!
I’ll be providing you guys with everything you need to know about EEC (Easy Cash Code) before investing any of your hard earned money into this system.
I’ll also be giving you my honest opinion about this & telling you if I seriously think this is worth your valuable time & hard earned money.
I invite you guys to follow along and feel free to ask me any questions that I failed to answer within the context of this review in the comments below.
I’ll get back to you briefly with a detailed reply.
Without further ado, let’s get right into things, OK?

Easy Cash Code Review

Product Name: Easy Cash CodeEasy Cash Code Video
Website URL:
Product Owner: Reginald Stinson
Type Of Work: Recruiting
Price To Get Started: $18
Overall Rating: 1.5/ 5 Stars
Recommended: NO

What Is Easy Cash Code?

Easy Cash Code is a system that claims to teach you how to create multiple sources of income online.
Furthermore, it also claims to show you how to start earning $500 per day on autopilot starting from day 1.
Originally launched in 2012, this site has changed ownership several times.
This alone is enough to raise several red flags for me and to be quite honest, has had me quite worried.
In 2016, Reginald bought the domain name from Ronny Montano who is a pretty well known scammer in the online world.
Ronny has created many scammy low quality programs within his time in the online world and this includes the following

  • Mobile Cash Code
  • Automatic Cash Code
  • E-mobile Cash Code
  • Among many others…….etc

As you can see there is quite the pattern that he is following here as each one of these systems end with the word code.
I don’t think so!!
Now that you have some background info into a few of the many owners of this site, let’s find out how it works & what you’ll be doing once you join.
Sound good?
Let’s continue moving forward!!

What You’ll Be Doing Once You Join?

Once you have paid the $18 directly to the person who referred you to this system you’ll gain access to the back office.
Here is everything you’ll gain access to below as a basic member of ECC

  • A 30-day pre-written email marketing system that claims to do all the selling for you
  • 10+ hours of training that will show you how to recruit people & earn unlimited $18 commissions
  • An automated sales funnel & several capture pages
  • Access to their private Master Mind Facebook group
  • Resell rights & the ability to earn 100% commissions

As I continued to make my way through the back office and dig deeper into this system, I discovered that this entire system is based on recruiting people & cash gifting.
These 2 things are something that just doesn’t mix very well when you combine them together.
Not to mention the fact that cash gifting is, in fact, illegal in all 50 states and if you are caught engaging in this type of behavior when the FTC shuts them down, then guess what?
There is a possibility that you could go down with them as well and be brought in for questioning!!
Anyways, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get on with what you’ll need to do to make money with this system.

How To Make Money With Easy Cash Code

Like I said earlier, this system is based solely on recruiting & that’s what the 10+ hours of training in the back office will train you to do.
Personally, for me, I was never good at recruiting people into these type of schemes and I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy to be quite honest with you guys today.
In order for you to at least get your initial $18 back, you would need to recruit 2 people into this system.
You get to keep your first sale from the first person you recruit into this system.
However, your 2nd sale will be passed up and go to the admin or owner of this system.
Every sale after that will go directly to you.
Are you guys following me so far & does all of this make sense to you?
Due to the fact that this is 100% cash gifting and peer to peer you’ll receive 100% commissions on anyone that you personally sponsor into the system.
There are actually multiple ways to make money with this system but this will, of course, require you to invest in their many upsells to unlock the commissions for that level.
I’ll be going over these for you guys below so let’s keep moving forward, OK?

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Products & Services Available

If you want to learn how to make bigger commissions and make $500 daily on autopilot you’re going to need to upgrade to the higher levels.
After doing some pretty lengthy research on this system I discovered that there were 5 products/ levels that you’ll need to invest in to earn high tickets commissions.
They are as follows:

  • $40-Credit Repair Services With Larry King
  • $47- Reseller License
  • $37- Passive Profits Formula
  • $197- Mobile Marketing Secrets
  • $500- Six Figure Mastery

With the exception of the newly added credit repair services, you’ll have the ability to earn 100% commissions from each of the things I have listed above.
For each person you personally recruit into the system that purchases the credit repair package, you’ll earn $30 monthly recurring commissions for each month they are enrolled in the system.
However, in order for you to earn from any of the products beyond the basic $18 membership, you’ll need to first acquire the resell rights to sell these other products.
This is going to cost you $47 alone and to me, I think this is crazy.
For this price, you could join one of the most elite affiliate marketing training centers out there and get an education on how to make REAL money online without recruiting people.
If you decide to unlock the reseller license then you will now have the ability to earn up to $500 for each person you bring into the system who upgrades their account to anything listed above.

Who Is Easy Cash Code For?

This system is being marketed as a get rich quick opportunity for anyone who is sick & tired of their 9 to 5 job and is looking for a way to make lots of money quickly.
If you’re the type of person who enjoys recruiting people and has been successful with this in the past then you may want to check this system out for yourself.
Also, this program is more geared towards people who have at least $1,000 to invest or more as it can get quite expensive.
However, if you are tired of recruiting schemes like this one and would rather learn how to get paid selling other peoples products then you might want to check out affiliate marketing instead.

Training & Tools

The training comes in the form of videos and claims to show you how to do things like

  • Buying a domain name
  • Domain name forwarding
  • Creating capture pages/ squeeze pages
  • Building a list using Get response/ Aweber
  • Basics of email marketing
  • Setting up your payment processors

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, take a look at the screenshot I’ve captured for you guys below.
ecc training
The training is actually pretty in depth and you are walked through each step so you know what you’re doing.
However, since this system is based on recruiting, then you couldn’t go out and use it to promote your own business or learn how to get started out in any niche.
Also, the training on traffic generation is pretty weak and basically shows you how to spam Facebook and other social media platforms.
There is also a pretty detailed section on YouTube marketing & how to create a YT channel promoting this opportunity as well.
There are also many other outdated methods that they show you but these simply won’t work in 2019 & beyond.
This includes things like

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Groups
  • Forum Marketing
  • Solo Ads

Besides YouTube, most of these other strategies are pretty outdated and what worked in 2014- 2016 won’t work today in 2019.

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Is Easy Cash Code A Scam

To be quite honest with you guys today, I had quite a hard time coming up with an answer to this question.
While cash gifting is illegal and not something I would recommend that anyone gets involved with, I wouldn’t necessarily call this a downright scam.
This is due to the fact that you are receiving some type of product for your money and you aren’t just paying for the opportunity to recruit other people into it.
If you were sending direct peer to peer payments to your sponsor & getting nothing in exchange then the FTC would shut you down at some point.
These so called products are the only thing that is helping EEC fly under the radar and continue to be in operation for so many years.
If you’re good a recruiting and you are somewhat of an intermediate to advanced marketer then you could possibly make money with this system if you have a great amount of money to invest in it.
However, if you’re a newbie who is just getting started online, then I don’t think this would be a good fit for you.

What Do I Recommend?

If you have made it this far into my review then obviously you’re serious about learning how to make money online and are tired of falling for recruiting schemes like this one.
Am I correct?
If so then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to what I’ll be sharing with you guys next.
Learning the right way to earn a living online can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack at times.
Trust me, I have been there and done that and I know how frustrating this can be.
Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then you could spend upwards of a couple thousand dollars or more (Like me) and come to find out that you have just been scammed.
After falling for countless programs like the one above along with many others, I stumbled upon a program called Wealthy Affiliate.
Unlike these other systems that promised me instant riches for doing little to no work, they were actually upfront & honest with me from the getgo.
They told me that it would take a great deal of hard work, motivation and learning a new skill if I wanted to make it big in the online world.
They didn’t sugar coat it and tell me how much money I would earn shortly after joining.
Instead, they were blunt with me and told me I would need to work hard if I wanted to make money.
If you’re serious about making money online and you’re sick of recruiting schemes then I would highly recommend that you check out WA to see what they can do for you.
Other than that, I really hope this Easy Cash Code Review has given you guys some insight into what this system is all about and whether this would be a good fit for you or not.
Do you have a personal experience with Easy Cash Code that you would like to share with other people here today?
Perhaps you have questions or there was something I didn’t explain in enough detail.
Whatever your case may, be, I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.
I’ll get back to you with a detailed reply!!
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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