Is Survey Rewardz A Scam? This Review Reveals Everything

Survey Rewardz
Have you stumbled upon the Survey Rewardz site in your quest to make money online and wondered what the heck this is?
Wondering if this is yet another survey scam out to steal your info & identity?
Looking for an honest review from someone who has already gone through the system and knows how everything works?
I’m sure that you may be wondering what this survey site has to offer you & whether or not it’s worth your precious time or not.
I have received quite a few emails from my loyal visitors asking me to do a thorough review of this system.
After having a pretty busy week, I was finally able to sit down and write a detailed & informative review on this survey panel for you guys today.
If you’re the type of person who thoroughly enjoys taking surveys & getting rewarded for your opinions then you’ll definitely want to stick around & continue reading.
I’ll be doing my absolute best to show you guys exactly what you’ll be doing before you join as well as revealing the income potential and other critical info that you need to know before you decide to Become A Member.
I’m sure that many of you guys may also have many questions for me as well and I’ll also be answering these within the context of this review.
However, like always, If I fail to answer your question for some unknown reason then please feel free to leave it for me in the comments section below this review.
Without any further chatter from me, I’ll be getting right into things and getting this show on the road.
Are you guys, ready?

Survey Rewardz Review

Product Name: Survey Rewardzsurvey rewardz cash
Where To Sign Up:
Company Ownership: Points2shop LLC
Type Of Work: Surveys, offers
Price To Get Started: $0
Overall Rating: 3.8/ 5 Stars
Recommended: YES

What Is Survey Rewardz?

Survey rewardz is a market research company that will reward you for simply sharing your thoughts & opinions on many of the most controversial issues going on in today’s world.
They will also pay you to get some insights into things that you purchase on a day to day basis and what brands you typically buy when you go to the store.
Unlike other GPT sites out there that will pay you for doing a variety of tasks, the main focus of survey rewardz is completing surveys (hence the name).
The typical survey usually takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.
You may find yourself spending up to 45 minutes on the higher-paying surveys.
In my own honest opinion, I feel like this is definitely worth it as you would only need to complete 4 surveys to earn your first $20.
Not to bad if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys, agree?

How It Works

Getting started couldn’t be easier as all you need is a valid email address and a unique password to become a member.
Once you have created your account and verified your email address, you’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself.
These are things like:

  • Date of birth
  • Your age
  • Number of people living in your household
  • Your annual household income

By providing this information, you’ll be matched up with surveys that meet the demographics you listed in your profile.
How survey rewardz works
As you can see from the screenshot above, this process is pretty straightforward and only take a few minutes to set everything up.
I actually earned $3 for completing my first couple of surveys and as I continued to complete more surveys, I eventually unlocked a few of the higher paying ones that paid $5 apiece.

Why Your Honest Opinion Is So Important

Did you know that some of the largest companies in the world hire places like Survey Rewardz and many other market research companies to gain insights into what products people are buying?
Thousands of big-name companies rely upon your honest feedback and valuable insight to improve their products & services.
Completing a survey with bogus information and inaccurate data is not only a waste of time for both parties involved, but the market research company will actually lose money.
This will also disqualify you from participating and future surveys as well as forfeiting any earnings that you may have compiled as a member.
This is why it’s highly imperative that you always answer questions honestly & ALWAYS provide accurate information.

Create Your Free Survey Rewardz Account Here

Who Is Survey Rewardz For?

To be quite honest with you guys today, this opportunity would be ideal for just about anyone who enjoys taking surveys and doing other small tasks.
This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Stay at home moms & dads
  • College students
  • Teenagers looking to make extra pocket change
  • Retired people
  • Empty Nesters

This list goes on and on………..
However, you need to be at least 18 years old to register your account
13 years old with your parent’s permission.
Due to the fact that this is a worldwide opportunity, there are no countries excluded so anyone can join that’s at least 18 years old.
If you’re the type of person who is always on the lookout for fun & innovative ways to earn extra cash in your spare time then I think this site would be a perfect fit for you.

How The Quality Score Works

Once you have created an account & started taking a few surveys, your answers will be matched up to the info you listed in your profile.
Also, you’ll be graded on the quality of your answers ( long thoughtful responses) vs short inaccurate answers that you speed through.
A quality score is a number
This number will determine how many survey opportunities you receive as well as how many you actually qualify for.
With other survey sites in the past, you would NEVER have control over the number of surveys you were disqualified for, but now you actually can control this.
Pretty sweet, right?
The higher this number is mean that you’ll receive a whole lot more opportunities than other panelists and won’t be disqualified nearly as much as if your score was really low.
This is a pretty sweet feature that has really changed the way you take surveys in the online world.
In order for you to keep this number as close to 100 as you possibly can, I recommend that you fill out your profile 100% and login on a daily basis to see what surveys are available to you.
survey rewardz quality score
As you can see from the screenshot above, my quality score is 100 and as I continue to give my honest and thoughtful feedback, my score will go up even higher.
This means that my chances of qualifying for the higher paying surveys are much better and I’m less likely to become disqualified halfway through a survey.

Here’s What I Liked About It

  • Surveys are interesting & fun
  • A great way to earn extra cash
  • You can control your disqualifications (Quality Score)
  • Has a variety of payment options (PayPal Cash, Gift Card, Paper Check)
  • Is available worldwide
  • No payment threshold

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not that many surveys available when you first get started
  • Certain countries don’t have enough surveys for everyone

How Much Money Can You Make?

One of the many things that I love about this particular survey panel is the fact that you are 100% in control of everything.
This includes how much money you make, disqualifications, survey invitations, & so much more.
This is based on your quality score indicator that you’ll see at the top right of your account once you log in.
Once you get this score to 100 or higher & keep it there you could make up to $5.00 a survey or even more if you’re consistent enough.
Like I said, earlier, I earned $3.00 for my first 2 surveys and was able to earn even more after unlocking other survey categories within this site.
While you aren’t going to get rich completing surveys, this can be an excellent way for you to earn extra pocket change doing something that you normally do anyway.
Why not get paid for it?

Create Your Free Survey Rewardz Account Here

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you have completed your first couple of surveys and have earned enough to cash out your reward, there are a few options that are available to you.
They are as follows:

  • PayPal Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Paper Check

The minimum amount to receive Paypal cash is $1 and if it’s under $10 a 10 cent fee will apply.
These payments will be sent to the PayPal email address that you have on file with this company when you created your account.
Gift cards will be sent electronically to the email address on file when you registered your account.
You can redeem these gift cards either online at the merchant’s website or in their retail brick & mortar store.
If you would rather receive an old fashioned paper check than you’re in luck as this option is also available to you.
You’ll need to earn a minimum of $5 in order to unlock this feature and these checks will be delivered to your actual home address.
This is yet another reason why it’s highly imperative that you are giving out accurate information here instead of a bunch of BS.
Survey Rewardz gift cards
Survey rewardz check option
As you can see there are a variety of ways for you to get paid no matter if you prefer cold hard cash, or if you’re cool with a gift card or two.
I have actually received payments from them several times now and I’ll be updating my progress with this company as time goes on.
I would encourage you guys to check back every so often to see how much I have earned with them since I first joined.

Is Survey Rewardz A Scam?

I think it’s pretty obvious that this market research company is in no way, shape or form a scam.
As a matter of fact, it’s been right up there in my top recommended surveys sites for over 2 years now( Early 2017)
If you’re looking for an honest and trustworthy place to take surveys and get paid for your opinions then look no further than Survey Rewardz.
If you’re sick and tired of being disqualified from a survey then you can actually change the outcome of this.
This in itself has got to be one of the best features I have ever seen in a survey panel.
I have reviewed several survey sites in my time as an internet marketer and I have uncovered many survey scams that claim to pay you in gift cards & other merchandise.
However, at the end of the day, they fall short & fail to deliver on their promises.
If you are looking for other recommended survey sites that can earn you some extra cash as well, check out the following sites that have passed my seal of approval below.
Survey Junkie
Level Rewards
I’ll also be adding to this list as I start to build my site out more each day.
Continue checking back from time to time to see what new opportunities have made this list.

My Closing Thoughts

If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking surveys and completing other tasks to earn money from these types of sites then I think you owe it to yourself to check this system out for yourself to see what it can do for you.
However, taking surveys definitely isn’t for everyone.
There is plenty of people out there who firmly believe this is a waste of time and they have no interest in completing surveys which is perfectly fine.
There are many other recommended ways for you to make money online besides taking surveys and here are a few alternatives
Get paid to walk 
Get paid to write
Make money with a website
If you’re beyond taking surveys and are looking for an opportunity to earn some life-changing money that could potentially change your life forever then you may want to look into affiliate marketing.
This is how I earn the majority of my money online and something that I highly recommend if you’re serious about pursuing a career online.
Anyways, I really hope this Survey Rewardz Review has given you some insight into what you’ll be doing before you join, as well as the earning potential that’s available here.
However, if you still have questions or there was something I failed to explain, please let me know about it in the comments below.
I would love to hear from you guys and answer any additional questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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