Is Too Damn Easy A Scam? Can You Make $60K Daily?(Review)

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Too damn easy postcards
Is too damn easy another cash gifting scam that will take your hard earned money and leave you with nothing?
Obviously, if you have come to this review then you have already asked this question at least once or twice and you’re looking for some answers.
It’s great to have you here!!
Has Q made his way into your inbox or showed up in your social media feed showing you how to potentially earn $60,000 in your first month with his system?
If so, then I’m sure that you may have been tempted to invest your hard earned money into this system but are still on the fence about it.
Am I right?
Within the following review, I’ll be showing you what you’ll be getting yourself into beforehand, as well as how much money you’ll need to invest to make the type of money you see in the sales video.
I’ll also be revealing where your money is really going and what you’ll receive in return for your investment.
Sound good?
I’m sure that many of you may have questions about this cash gifting program and wondering if this is legit or not.
I’ll be answering these questions & many more within this review so you’ll definitely want to stick around and continue reading to avoid missing out on any of this.
Are you guys ready to get started?

Too Damn Easy Review

Product Name: Too Damn Easy
Product Owner: Q
Type Of Work: Cash Gifting
Price To Get Started: $2,000 Minimum
Overall Ranking: 1.5/ 5 Stars
Recommended: NO

What Is Too Damn Easy?

This is another cash gifting scheme created by the mystery man Q.
Surprisingly enough, this system has actually been around for quite some time now ( several years) as I remember reviewing it on another website I had back in 2016.
After doing a great deal of research on this system, I discovered that there was very little to no information on this Q dude. (if that’s even his REAL name)
This is likely an alias as he doesn’t want to reveal his actual name for legal reasons.
Out of all the cash gifting programs out there, Q claims to be the expert on this topic as his system has been around the longest.
How is he managing to stay off the FTC’s radar?
I’ll be revealing how he is flying under the radar here in a few minutes so you’ll definitely want to stick around and continue reading to avoid missing out on any of this info.

How It Works

Once you have entered your name, email, & referral id of the person who recruited you, you’ll need to verify your email address by clicking the link in the email Q has just sent you.
Once you have got this step out of the way, you’ll gain access to the member’s area that looks something like what you see pictured below.
Too damn easy members area
Like I said earlier, it’s free to create an account and login into the member’s area.
However, if you want those $100 bills stuffed in your mailbox 6 days a week then you’re going to have to invest a minimum of $2,000 just to get started.
Pretty expensive if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
In order for you to register, you’ll need to call the number on the back of the postcard that you may have received in the mail.
If you landed on their sales page then the number should be listed on their website somewhere.
Too damn easy Q phone line
Whenever you need to call some random phone number to join this is usually a telltale sign that this system is nothing more than a BIG FAT SCAM & something you should avoid at all costs.

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How Q Flies Under The Radar

Here lately there has been a great deal of Ponzi schemes being shut down by the FTC over the past year.
With the shocking takedown of 2 of the largest ponzi schemes out there MOBE (My Online Business Education) & DA (Digital Altitude Aspire), I’m actually quite surprised that this cash gifting scam is still in existence.
In order for you to fly under the FTC’s radar and stay on their good side, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering some type of product or service in exchange for people’s money.
If there is NO product and you’re simply sending direct payments to your sponsor and receiving nothing in return then this is actually illegal.
Like I said earlier, if you get caught up with this system when the shit hits the fan, then you could go down with them.
As you can see above, when you join, you’ll gain access to a 25-page e-book as well as 50 audio recordings from Q himself.
I wouldn’t exactly call this anything of quality but It is something I guess.
This is the only way they are flying under the radar!!
I guess only time will tell when they’ll bite the dust like other systems of this nature have already done.

The Price You’ll Need To Pay To Make Money

As I continued to dig deeper into this whole system and learn more about how it works & how much you’ll need to invest just to get started, my mind was blown.
To get things started there are 4 levels to this system that you’ll need to join under before you can start making money with this system.
They are as follows: 

  • $2,000- Dream Tube Red
  • $6,000- Dream Tube Green
  • $18,000- Dream Tube Black
  • $100,000- Dream Tube Purple (Private Invitation Only)

Too damn easy dream tube red
Too damn easy Dream tube green
Too damn easy dream tube black
Too damn easy dream tube purple
As you can see from the screenshots above, this is absolutely insane!!!!
I can guarantee you that anyone who has this type of money lying around, isn’t going to be looking for a way to make money.
You feel me?
I have reviewed quite a few high ticket systems before in my time as an online marketer, but nothing as much as $100 grand.
That’s just nuts!!
Who in their right mind would randomly just send $100 grand to some random person that they don’t even know without getting anything back in return?
Except for the rights to promote this scheme to the next person so you can keep the cycle running & continue to make money for the owner of this system (The mystery man, Q)

How To Make Money With Too Damn Easy

Once you have picked a membership level to join under you’ll now need to go out and find other suckers who are looking for a get rich quick program that will offer a quick return on their investment.
This means you’ll need to send out postcards with your referral id attached to them in order for you to get credit if and when they join 1 of the paid memberships levels above.
Also, within the recordings, Q briefly mentions email marketing but he doesn’t put it in terms that a newbie could understand.
So you have just dished out all this money & the only way to get it back is by recruiting people into this scheme and showing them how to do the same thing you did when you first joined.
Doesn’t sound anything like the way Q described it in the sales video, does it?
If you aren’t comfortable with recruiting other peeps into something that is not only unethical but can also drain their bank account within minutes, then this system isn’t for you.

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A Few Other Red Flags You Need To Be Aware Of

As I continued to make my way through this system it seemed like the red flags were popping up left & right.
Here are just a few of the most obvious ones that stood out to me the most below
Multiple Domain Names

As I started to dig even deeper and do some serious research on this system, I discovered that not only did he have 1 domain name, but 8 other ones as well.
These all lead back to the main domain (
You need to be on the lookout & avoid any of the domain names listed below as they serve as a funnel to Too Damn Easy.
They are as follows


As you can see he has covered the whole cash gifting niche by buying up quite a few of the most popular ones.
If a few would happen to get detected, then he just moves on to the next one and continues on like nothing ever happened.
Fake Testimonials

Like many other systems of this nature, I also encountered plenty of fake testimonials that claim that they earned a certain amount after being involved with this system for a short amount of time.
I have taken the time to screenshot them for you guys below to give you an idea of what they claim is possible shortly after joining.
Too damn easy testimonial
too damn easy testimonial 1
I’m not sure about you guys, but these testimonials are about as fake as a $2 bill.
If you’re the type of person who buys into hype easily and is looking to get rich quick then I feel sorry for you.
These gurus are some of the best marketers out there and they know how to sell things by hyping them up & claiming to make you rich overnight.
Don’t fall for this BS.
If you do, then you’ll become vulnerable & an easy target for them.

Is Too Damn Easy A Scam?

You’re damn right it is.
Not only is this a scam, but cash gifting is also illegal in all 50 states and if you’re caught up in one of those when they get busted, then you could face charges being filed against you as well.
However, if you feel like playing Russian roulette and you have anywhere from $2,000 to $100,000 to throw away on this program then, by all means, don’t let me stop you.
If you’re the type of person who is good at recruiting & has earned a decent amount from similar programs of this nature, then you may do good with this.
I was personally never good at recruiting people as this is what I tried several times before I learned the proper way to build a business online that makes money around the clock.
If you’re sick & tired of these types of programs that overpromise & underdeliver then you’re really going to want to pay attention to what I’m about to talk about next.

What Do I Recommend?

If you don’t currently have thousands of dollars just sitting around and you’re sick of hyped-up systems like this one then you may want to consider affiliate marketing instead.
Unlike this system, you’ll actually be learning how to sell actual products that are based around your hobbies & interests.
Sound like something you would be interested in learning more about?
If so then I would highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate as a much better alternative.
This is where I learned how to build my first website, choose a topic of interest, and learn how to create high quality content based on this topic of interest.
If you’re serious about learning how to build a business online the right way without recruiting countless people into a cash gifting scam then I would highly recommend you check them out for yourself to see what they can do for you.
Other than that, I really hope this Too Damn Easy review has opened up your eyes and provided you with all the facts needed to avoid this system like the plague.
Have you encountered this system in your search to make money online?
What was your experience like?
Did you go all in or invest any of your hard earned money into this?
If so, care to share your results?
I would love to hear all about them as well as answer any questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
Stay safe and try to avoid these types of scams.
~Your Friend, Scott~

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