Make Money Online In 2020- 10 Outstanding Ways

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Make money online in 2020
Have you been searching for ways to make money online in 2020?
Wondering if it’s truly possible to do this from the comfort of your home?
Over the past several weeks I have had several people emailing me asking me this same question.
Therefore, I thought I’d sit down and write a detailed post on this topic.
Instead of answering each & every one of your emails, I figured I would write a blog post on it.
By doing so, I can reach out to all of you at once instead of contacting you individually.
Furthermore, I’ll be sharing 10 awesome ways to make money online in 2020.
Because I have been in the online industry since 2012, I think I know a thing or two about this industry.
Wouldn’t you guys, agree?
As an affiliate marketer who has been earning a full time living online for over 5 years now.
Within the following post, I’ll be sharing my top 10 ways to make money online in 2020.
Also, if you have any questions for me after reading this post, then, by all means, leave them for me in the comment section below.
However, if I fail to answer your question(s) I encourage you to leave it for me in the comments below.
I’ll get back with you shortly with a detailed reply.
Therefore, let’s get right into things today!!
This way, I don’t waste any of your precious time!!

1) Make Money Online In 2020 With Affiliate Marketing

Make money online in 2020
To this day affiliate marketing remains my #1 recommendation for making money online in 2020.
Similar to blogging which I cover later on in this post, affiliate marketing is the process of recommending products & services on your website.
Furthermore, you won’t need to store any products or worry about shipping/ handling/ customer returns.
All of this is handled for you by the merchant!!
Therefore, all you need to worry about is driving traffic to their website using your unique referral links.
Pretty sweet, right?
One of the many fascinating things that blow my mind about this business model is the massive amount of room for growth.
Here are a few things you’ll need to get started in this venture below!!

If you would love the opportunity to build a website around a hobby & learn a new skill that could change your life forever, I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate.
This is where I learned everything I know today & the reason I’ve become so successful online.
When you try a new restaurant & have a great experience what’s the first thing you usually do?
Recommend it to a friend or family member, right?
Well, affiliate marketing isn’t much different from that, except you’ll be getting paid.
Unlike when you recommended Arby’s to your friend, Larry cause you had such a great experience there.
With affiliate marketing when you recommend products/ services on your site you’ll get paid a commission.
If this has piqued your interests check out this post where I break everything down for you in detail.

2) Make Money Online In 2020 With Amazon (3 Components)

Make Money Online In 2020
Amazon is one of the largest retailers online that has been doing business since the early ’90s.
Due to their massive growth over the past 24 years, there are multiple ways to earn money with Amazon.
They are as follows:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  •  Associates program
  •  Flex

I’ll be providing a detailed description of these as well as how to earn money with them in a few minutes.
However, I want to shift your focus on the massive earning potential available with this retail GIANT.
I have written several posts regarding Amazon in addition to earning a decent amount of money utilizing their associate’s program.
This includes participating in their Mechanical Turk program as well as earning affiliate commissions with their associate’s program.
Their associate’s program has also been around since 1996.
Within that time, they have paid out billions of dollars to their affiliates.
Yes, thats BILLION with a B!!
Many of you reading this today likely have bought something from Amazon in the past.
What if this scenario was flipped & you were on the receiving end of the transaction?
If you’re serious about learning how to make money online utilizing Amazon then I would highly advise you to continue reading.

2a) Amazon FBA( Fulfillment By Amazon)

This is a service provided by Amazon that gives you more flexibility as a seller.
Instead of having to deal with the BS of shipping & handling, why not sit back & let Amazon do it for you?
Amazon FBA allows sellers to ship their merchandise to their fulfillment center until it sells.
Once it sells, they ship it out to your customer.
Furthermore, they also take care of any customer service issues & deal with refunds.
For a more detailed look at what Amazon FBA is, take a look at the video below.

You’ll be charged a small fee them to practically run your business for you.
As you saw in the video above, this includes shipping & handling as well as customer returns.
I know several people that use this service & are having phenomenal results with it thus far.
If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, & profitable way to sell your products online, I’d highly recommend Amazon FBA.

2b) Associates Program

If you don’t have products of your own to sell or FBA doesn’t interest you that’s fine.
Perhaps you should consider being an affiliate for Amazon & selling their products on your website?
To participate in the associate’s program you’ll need to have a website as I mentioned earlier.
Furthermore, you’ll also need to have a hobby or interest.
This way you’ll be able to narrow down the type of products you’d like to promote on your website.
Here are the 4 steps you’ll need to follow to utilize this program to the max.

  • Apply to become an Amazon affiliate
  • Receive your personalized affiliate link
  • Place your link in various places on your site
  • Receive an affiliate commission when someone clicks & purchases

Amazon Affiliate Commissions
As you can see from the screenshot above, I’m not making much with them.
However, this is because I’m not promoting Amazon products on this web site either.
Makes sense don’t it?
This screenshot is from my other websites, mainly my Gaming Headset one that I blog on every once in a while in my spare time.
Also known as affiliate marketing which I covered in detail earlier in this post.
They pay out monthly for any commissions you earn throughout the month.
The payment threshold is $10 minimum to get paid by direct deposit.
There are also other ways to receive payment which includes

  • Paper Check (In the mail)
  • Pre-paid debit card

Sound Interesting?
Check out my step by step guide here that walks you through all of this!!

2c) Amazon Flex

Make Money Online In 2020
If you’d like to make $18- $25 an hour delivering packages for Amazon, you might want to check into Amazon Flex.
Even though this isn’t directly related to making money online, it’s still in my top 3 picks for making money online in 2020.
It’s Free To Get Started and download the app.
Once you’ve downloaded & installed their app, you’ll need to complete a short application listing your qualifications.
There are a few qualifications you’ll need to meet to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver.
They are as follows

  • 21 with valid drivers license
  • Clean criminal background
  • Have auto insurance
  • Smartphone capable of running the Flex app
  • Bank account with direct deposit enabled

Furthermore, you’ll also need to have a 4 door vehicle the size of a Sedan.
Trucks, Vans, & SUVs qualify as long as you have a cover for the truck.
Additionally, there are many different types of deliveries that you’ll qualify for as well.

  • Amazon Packages
  • Prime Now Delivery
  • Locker Delivery
  • Merchant Pickup
  • Restaurant Service
  • Amazon Fresh

Moreover, this opportunity isn’t available worldwide yet & is limited to the following cities/ states

  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Among Many Others…….

As this technology becomes more popular, I’m sure the delivery area will increase to include additional cities.

Learn More About Amazon Flex Here 

3) Make Money Online In 2020 With eBay

Make money online in 2020

This is where I originally got started earning money online before I knew anything about affiliate marketing.
If you’re the creative type & know how to buy low & sell high this could be a highly lucrative way to make money online in 2020.
Furthermore, this also requires very minimum start-up costs as well.
I’ve got a buddy of mine who is into eBay pretty heavily right now.
On average he makes anywhere from $1,500, to $2k a month part-time.
If he would put more time into it, I could see him earning a whole more from it than he does now.
However, he holds down a full time job as well outside of his eBay venture.
What’s all in involved & how much will you need to spend to get started?
Most of the things needed to start this venture are things you may already have.

  • A smartphone (with internet access)
  • eBay account (obviously lol)
  • The ability to research various brands
  • A little cash flow to shop at various thrift stores
  • Knowledge of best selling brands

Besides that, you’re pretty much set & have everything you need to get started.
There are millions of people around the globe earning upwards of $10k a month from eBay alone.
However, this platform has multiple uses.
If thrifting isn’t your cup of tea then you may look around your house to see what items you no longer use.
Before I got started in the online world back in 2012, I used to be into eBay pretty heavily (2010-2013)
At one point I was earning upwards of $500 a month selling things that I no longer used.
How much stuff do you have lying around that you no longer use?

Learn More About eBay Here

4) Starting A Blog

Make money online in 2020
In this day & age, who doesn’t have a blog of some sort?
Starting a blog, especially in 2020 can be 1 of the most lucrative & fun ways to make money online in 2020.
After doing some digging on this topic I discovered that millions of blog posts are published daily.
Over 6 million blog posts are published daily.
All I have to say about that is WOW!!
Furthermore, with so many blog posts being published daily you’d think the market is saturated, wouldn’t you?
That couldn’t be further from the truth as there has never been a better time to start a blog than in 2020.
Think about it?
You get to choose your topic & base this on a hobby or interest of yours.
How cool is that?
Pretty cool if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
Here are the 4 steps to get started

  • Pick a hobby or passion
  • Build a website (Blog) around this hobby
  • Attract an audience of like-minded people (Traffic)
  • Learn how to turn traffic into revenue (Sales)

If you can manage the steps I’ve listed above, the sky is the limit as far as the income potential of blogging in 2020.
However, this will take lots of time & a willingness to learn a new skill that could potentially change your life forever.
What are a few of your passions or hobbies?
Tell me about them within the comments below!!

5) Make Money Online In 2020 As An Instagram Influencer

Are you currently involved with social media sites like Instagram & Facebook?
If so, you may want to look into becoming an Influencer on Instagram.
Depending on the size of your audience will determine the income potential available here.
With the right audience, it’s truly possible to make anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per post.
Yes, you heard that right $5K for 1 IG post.
Big-name retailers are willing to pay big bucks to get in front of your audience with their advertisement.
I follow many people on IG & know they have millions of followers.
Therefore, as I said earlier, you can make some pretty awesome money here.
It’s simple really!!
All you would need to do is talk a little about their product Ie: how it works. how to make money with it etc…
Introduce it to your audience & give them a referral link to learn more about it.
With social media sites, you truly can make a living online IF you have a pretty large following online.
I’m currently following many influencers on Instagram that make thousands a week as an influencer.
Furthermore, I have also bought many products that they recommended on more than 1 occasion.
Therefore, I know this is a very effective way to make money online in 2020.
Take a look at one of the many Influencers I follow on Instagram below!!

Instagram Influencer
image blurred to protect their privacy

This is one of the many Influencers I follow on Instagram that happens to have a HUGE following.
As you can see she has 331 thousand followers!!
I’ve been following her for quite some time now & have watched her evolve over the years.
If you have an upbeat personality & don’t mind being on video, you might want to check into being an Influencer On Instagram.

6) Make Money Online In 2020 Creating A Course

make money online in 2020
No matter who you are, we all need help with something.
Whether it’s learning how to build a website, perfect your golf swing, or beat a difficult boss on your favorite video game.
If you’ve gained a great deal of knowledge in something, why not help others who may be struggling like you were when you first started?
By creating an online course you’ll be about to help other people out while making a nice profit while you’re at it.
It’s a win-win for everyone.
Depending on the type of course you create will determine the profit potential.
However, depending on the detail of your course will determine how much to charge once your course is 100% complete.
You could charge as little as $197 OR as much as $997 a pop.
This all depends on how detailed it is as well as the niche it’s in.
If you’re interested in doing this, here’s how I recommend you go about it.
Sell your course for a 1-time fee & gradually add additional features like 1 on 1 coaching or personal support via video chat.
You could charge as much as you want for these additional services.
You could potentially make up to $1,000 from each customer with upsells & additional add-ons.
People are always in search of how to do something.
Furthermore, they are also searching for motivational coaching & expert advice from someone like yourself that has been there & done that.
Do you feel me?
There are several places online that provide you with all the tools necessary to launch your course.
With places like &, you’ll be able to launch a full-blown course online.
If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about I encourage you to check this out.

7) Make Money Online With DoorDash In 2020

This next opportunity will require you to leave your home.
This means you won’t make money sitting behind your computer lol☹️☹️☹️.
However, I feel like DoorDash is going to do BIG things in 2020.
Furthermore, I think this must be listed in my top 10 money-making opportunities in 2020.
Since all of this is done online, you are technically still making money online.
You simply need to leave your house to deliver food to people’s houses who order through the app.
Therefore, you won’t collect any money, you’ll just deliver food.
Customers can also tip you through the app.
Depending on what city you live in will determine how much money you’ll earn on a typical night.
Also, the pay guarantee will determine how much you’ll receive for each delivery you make.
I have talked to several door dashers that live in bigger cities & they told me there is the potential to make $200 a night.
However, you’ll need to bust your ass and accept at least 80% of all orders that come through.
With delivery services at an all-time high, there couldn’t be a better time to cash in on this opportunity than in 2020.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in then I’d highly recommend DoorDash as a highly lucrative way to make money online in 2020.

Learn More About DoorDash Here

8) Product Testing

Make money online in 2020

If the above opportunity isn’t something you could see yourself doing, that’s perfectly fine.
Perhaps you would rather test physical products before they launch?
Not only that, but you would also get to keep the product after reviewing it as a thank you from the company.
All of this in addition to getting paid for the test as well.
There are a variety of ways for you to do this.
Here are the best companies that are in dire need of product testers below

There are a plethora of products available to you once you join & become a member.
This includes things like the latest Android or Apple smartphone.
Playstation 4 or Xbox One gaming consoles
Tablets or any electronic device that hasn’t hit the market just yet.
The pay varies from one test to the other due to the wide range of products available here.
Once you receive the products in the mail you have 2 weeks (usually) to review them & fully test them out before completing the test.
Fill out the attached survey honestly & too the best of your ability & send it back in by the due date.
If you’re anything like me, & love electronic gadgets, this isn’t something you want to pass upon.
Therefore, I’d highly recommend this as a lucrative side hustle to make money online in 2020.

Learn More About Product Testing Here

9) Complete Surveys

Make money online in 2020
Interested in learning how to get paid for your opinion?
While you won’t earn a whole lot with this opportunity, it can be well worth your time.
That is IF you know what survey panels to hit up.
As technology constantly evolves so does the process in which we receive information.
Furthermore, surveys are no longer boring as they have evolved as well.
Meaning, surveys are now fun & interactive.
Additionally, they no longer pay pennies, but rather dollar bills!!
In a typical month, I earn anywhere from $50- $200 a month for offering my honest opinion.
Not too bad if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
Here are a few of the survey sites I hit upon the daily to earn extra cash

When I first entered this industry back in 2012, I thought all survey sites were a waste of time & a scam.
However, after being involved in this industry for close to 7 years now, I’ve changed my way of thinking drastically on this topic.
By completing surveys you’ll be helping shape the future of everyday household products.
Not to mention, you’ll also be helping market research companies structure better advertising campaigns.
Furthermore, you’ll get rewarded for voicing your opinion on topics that matter in the world today.

Learn How To Get Paid For Your Opinions Here

10) User Testing

Make Money Online In 2020
Interested in testing out websites & various apps before they launch?
Perhaps you may want to look into user testing as a viable way to make money online in 2020.
What is this exactly?
According to Wikipedia, they refer to this as usability testing.
User Testing is a technique that many app developers & website creators are starting to use.
It works by analyzing your thoughts in real-time as you’re browsing their site or using their app.
This will require a smartphone fast enough to download & run several apps at once.
I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 which works fine.
So, if you at least have the S7 you should be fine.
As you’re testing the products you’ll need to record your thoughts & reactions by speaking them into the mic!!
This recording will be sent to the creative team to analyze & make any corrections that need to be made.
Most jobs take between 10 & 30 minutes to complete.
The pay varies from 1 test to the next.
However, you’ll typically earn $10 a test depending on how detailed it is.
I have seen some tests pay up to $55 or more but this is rare.
I would consider this more of a side hustle than anything.
Moreover, this is still an excellent way for you to be the first one on your block to test the latest apps before they hit the market.
Here are a few websites searching for user testers below:

  • User Testing
  • TryMyUI
  • StartupLift
  • Userlytics
  • Enroll

As you can see, there are many places out there online that are searching for user testers like you.
If this sounds like something you’d love to hear more about, I’d recommend checking one of the following companies out above.

My Closing Thoughts

As technology continues to evolve, it’s vital to be educated on the latest & greatest ways to make money online in 2020.
To evolve, we need to know which opportunities are the best as well as which ones to avoid.
I hope this post has given you some insight into the most lucrative ways to make money online in 2020.
I’ll also be updating this post from time to time to include the latest ones for the current time.
Be sure to check back from time to time to receive the latest updates.
Whether you’re looking to earn cash for the movies or start a career, you’ll find this post to be highly beneficial.
People from all walks of life can benefit from the information I’ve shared with you guys today.
Is there something missing from this list that you would like to add?
Perhaps you have questions that I failed to answer within the context of this post.
Leave your comments, questions, or anything you’d like to add in the comments below.
I’ll get back to you ASAP with a detailed reply.
Until next time
~Your Friend, Scott~
PS: Check out my #1 affiliate marketing training center here
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