Make Money With A Side Hustle In 5 Easy Ways

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Make money with a side hustle
Searching for a few legit ways to make money with a side hustle this holiday season?
No matter what type of job we have, everyone needs to have some type of side hustle.
It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, riding your bike, or providing your opinion, this is a side hustle that enables you to make extra money each month.
Over the past several years, I’ve picked up several side hustles that earn me several hundred each month.
Therefore, I’ve decided to sit down & write a post detailing the ones I earn the most with each month.
Furthermore, I’ll be sharing the income potential with each one & what you’ll need to do to join.
Most of these are free to join so relax and keep your wallet in your pocket.
Within the following post, I’ll be sharing 5 of the most lucrative ways to make money with a side hustle.
You’ll want to continue reading as things are about to get quite interesting.
I invite you to follow along & ask me anything that you don’t understand within the comments section, below.
Do we have a deal?
Let’s get right into things, today!!

1) Make Money Watching TV As A Side Hustle

Woman laying down eating popcorn
This has got to be 1 of my favorite things to do in my spare time.
Therefore, I have put it at the top of my list as 1 of my best ways to make money with a side hustle.
This is an activity that millions of people around the globe usually overindulge in.
Furthermore, this is also seen as a waste of time & a great way to reduce your productivity level.
Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to watch TV?
Due to technology constantly evolving, I’m glad to say that there is an app for that.
With the Viggle app, it’s now possible to get paid to watch TV!!
Moreover, if you binge-watch entire seasons at a time, this is worth checking out.
For each minute of TV, you watch you’ll earn 1 point.
Additionally, points can be cashed out for the following:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Merchandise

While you won’t earn enough to quit your day job, this side hustle can put extra money in your pocket each month.
Viggle is also compatible with the following devices

  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Live/ Streaming TV

Couch potatoes or anyone interested in getting paid to watch TV should check this out as an awesome way to make money with a side hustle.

2) Make Money Utilizing Surveys As A Side Hustle

Many years ago, I wasn’t all that keen on taking surveys.
I used to consider this a waste of time.
However, I’ve since changed my views on this & earn a couple of hundred bucks each month for stating my opinion.
After further research, the following survey panels pay the most for your opinion. 

Surveys have evolved quite a bit since what you may remember of them in the past.
Therefore, what used to pay pennies, now pays dollars.
Also, this isn’t the same boring surveys that put you to sleep & take nearly an hour or more to complete.
The surveys you’ll take from the panels listed above are short, fun, engaging, & straight to the point.
Not only that, but some will require you to have a webcam.
Furthermore, by doing so, they’ll be able to see your reaction in real-time while watching these ads & completing surveys.
If surveys are your thing, I’d highly recommend this as a legit side hustle that can put some extra money in your pocket daily.

3) Make Money Riding Your Bike As A Side Hustle

People riding bikes
Over the summer, I have done a great deal of riding my bike.
Furthermore, I have ridden up to 36 miles round trip on the local bike path in the town I live in here in Ohio.
I had quite a fun & enjoyable summer but I’m glad that the cooler weather is finally here.
However, within this time, I discovered a couple of apps that pay so much per mile along with other activities.
They are as follows

So far I’ve earned close to $50 for riding my bike.
As I continue to discover additional ways to make money with this side hustle, I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.
If you’re the adventurous type & love taking bike rides, this is something you don’t want to pass over.
Take a look at a payment I’ve received from Achievement over the summer
Achievement reward
As you can see they do pay, but it takes quite a while for you to receive your first payment.
This is dependent on how active you are & how many times you take a walk, ride a bike, or workout in a given week.
Take a look at me riding my bike on the local bike path we have here in my town below!!
Scott newkirk riding his bike
Not only is this a fun way to exercise & get paid, but it’s also a great way to get in shape & lose some weight while you’re at it.
I lost 15 pounds in 1 month from riding my bike 3 to 4 times a week.
Not too bad if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

4) Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is one of the most lucrative ways I can think of to make money with a side hustle.
While there are a few qualifications you’ll need to meet before applying to become a teacher.
They are as follows below!!

  • Bachelor’s degree from US or Canada university
  • Teaching experience (Teaching, mentoring, coaching, tutoring)
  • High speed internet, computer, webcam & microphone
  • Ability to work in the United States or Canada

If you meet the requirements above & love teaching children, this could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.
Furthermore, upon qualification, you’ll have the ability to earn up to $22 an hour teaching English part-time online.
Everything will be done online in a classroom setting with at least 4 to 6 kids in each classroom at one time.
I know a few teachers that are involved in this type of work & they love it.
Also, you’ll have the ability to choose the hours you want to work.
I haven’t personally attempted this side hustle yet.
However, as I said, I have a few friends doing this & having some pretty amazing results with it thus far.
Here are a couple of the highest paying ESL training centers that are looking for teachers

As I continue to dig deeper into this, I’ll be adding additional ways to make money with this side hustle.
Stay tuned!!

5) Become A Product Tester

Lady using a smartphone
This is one of my all-time favorite side hustles of all time!!
Because it involves having free products shipped to your house before they launch.
You’ll need to evaluate these products by testing them out for a week or two in your home.
Here lately I’ve written several posts on this topic!!
This includes things like the Product tester benefits as well as the companies that pay the most for this type of work.
More on that in a few minutes!!
However, before I show you which companies pay the most for this type of work, you need to understand what this entails first.
Product testing is a great way for you to be the first person to review a particular product before it launches.
This could be anything from the latest iPhone, to the latest Samsung Galaxy Android phone that hasn’t hit the market yet.
By doing so, you’ll receive these products in the mail along with a survey you’ll need to complete after the testing process is complete.
Depending on the company, they usually allow you to keep the product afterward as a reward for participating.
Furthermore, you’ll also be compensated for your time & feedback by receiving payment as well.
Let’s take a look at a few of the highest paying product testing companies searching for product testers below!!

If you’re anything like me, & are into the latest technology, you’ll want to check this out to see what products you could obtain.
Additionally, you can learn more about product testing jobs here.
This way you’ll be able to decipher whether this side hustle would be beneficial to you or not.

My Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a few ways to supplement your existing income or possibly replace it altogether, this list of side hustles will serve you well.
Furthermore, this is only a small handful of the many side hustles for you to utilize to put some extra cash in your pocket each month.
As I continue to discover additional ways to make money with a side hustle I’ll be sure to add them to this list.
Except for teaching English online, these other side hustles don’t pay much.
If you’ve come to this post looking for more than a side hustle, I encourage you to continue reading as I’ve got great news for you.
I’ll be showing you the program that has helped me learn how to build a business online that pays more than just my bills.
Read on, to discover this program for yourself & how you can utilize it the same way I have to earn a living online.

What Do I Recommend?

If you’re beyond side hustles & you’re looking for a more solid way to make money online, you may want to check out affiliate marketing instead.
This is how I make the majority of my income online & something that I’m highly passionate about as well.
This involves building a website on a particular hobby or interest of yours & learning how to promote other people’s products & services on your website.
Additionally, you’ll need to join something called an affiliate program to earn affiliate commissions and get paid.
The step by step program that has laid this out for me & helped me understand how this works is Wealthy Affiliate.
This is the exact system I’ve used to earn a full time living online since 2014 & the one I’ve been recommending since that time.
If the thought of building a website that makes money utilizing a hobby or interest of yours, I highly recommend you check out WA for yourself to see how they can help you.
Other than that, I hope this detailed post has given you some insight into the most profitable side hustles in 2019/ 2020.
Have a few side hustles to add to this list?
Perhaps, you still have questions or would like to share your experience with a particular side hustle that I mentioned above.
I would love to hear all about it & answer any further questions you may have within the comments below.
Until Next Time!!
~Your Friend, Scott~

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