How To Make Money With YouTube- The Complete Definitive Guide

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How To Make Money With YouTube

Learning how to make money with YouTube can be one of the most profitable skills to learn. 

Especially in 2020, as nearly everything has gone digital.

However, finding the proper training that will walk you through the steps and show you how to set everything up is like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Do you feel me?

If you’ve come to this website in search of ways to make money with YouTube, then you’ve come to the right place.

Within the following blog post, I’ll provide you with a step by step guide on making money with this social media platform.

Also, I’ll show you where to receive the best training on making money on the YouTube video sharing platform.

Furthermore, I hope to answer any questions you have and clear up any confusion you may have.

I encourage you to stick around and continue reading this post in its entirety.

By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll know the basics of starting and running a successful YouTube channel.

I’ll reply to you with a detailed reply within 24- 48 hours.

With that said, let’s get right into things today.

Are you guys ready?

How to Make Money with YouTube

How to make money with YouTube

People use YouTube for many different reasons. Some go there for product reviews before making a purchase.

Others go searching for cute dog videos.

These people are searching for a few laughs and a reason to smile.

Then some are there to make money.

Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion active users, making it one of the most visited sites in the world, second only to Google.

It is more popular than Facebook.

Do you know what this means?

It means that you, too, have an excellent opportunity to make money with the platform.

So here is a comprehensive guide teaching you how.

How Can You Make Money with YouTube?

There are a plethora of ways to make money with YouTube.

However, if I were to cover each one, I’d be writing about it for days, lol.

After carefully researching these opportunities, I’ve narrowed it down to the following.

Influencer Marketing

Make money With YouTube

Anytime there is talk about making money on a social media platform, influencer marketing will always come up.

89% of marketers say that the ROI for influencer marketing is higher than that of other methods of marketing.

 The influencer marketing industry is expected to continue growing dramatically and reach $5 billion by the end of 2020.

Therefore, more and more businesses are opening up to the idea of partnering with influencers.

If you plan on becoming an influencer, there’s no better time.

So, how do you become an influencer on YouTube?

I’ll reveal the steps you need to take below.

Choose A Niche

Defining your niche

A niche is a narrowed-down topic based on a hobby or interest.

You can’t just create content about everything.

Imagine a channel that posts different kinds of content—medical, beauty, fitness, gaming, etc.

It would be confusing, and you wouldn’t take it seriously, right?

Therefore, narrowing down your niche is critical if you want to have any success in this industry.

Choose something you are passionate about and start creating content around this.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Once you have an idea of the kind of content, you want to put out, create your channel, and start uploading videos.

Creating videos is easier said than done. You will need the proper equipment for quality, sound, and video.

If you are not good at video editing, you’ll have to hire someone.

Most YouTubers start with something as simple as a smartphone camera.

However, once they get their channel established and generate revenue, they invest in the proper equipment.

Build Your Audience

Build a target audience

If you want to attract views and subscribers, your content has to be exciting and engaging.

Be comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Let the viewers know that you are an expert and that they can trust you.

Be consistent in posting videos.

Most YouTubers have specific days of the week when they post videos.

By doing so, your subscribers know when to expect new content.

Just as with everything else, consistency is vital.

Doctor Mike, for instance, posts videos twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Find Brands To Partner With

After building an audience and establishing trust, it is time to start getting paid.

People with lots of subscribers don’t have to worry about looking for businesses to partner with.

The companies will approach them.

However, don’t be discouraged if your channel is small.

You can still find brands on marketplaces.

Some great platforms include Crowdtap, Channel Pages, and Grapevine Village.

Alternatively, you can reach out to your favorite brands and ask if they would be open to working with you.

Publish Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

It is no secret that people don’t like ads.

So you need to be very creative about how you promote the product on your channel.

For example, beauty YouTubers include sponsored items in makeup tutorials.

That way, it doesn’t look like an ad, there’s no salesy language, and the viewers get to see the product in action.

This video here is another excellent example.

It is a skincare routine.

The ad appears naturally within the content.

It is good to be transparent and honest with your viewers.

Let them know whenever you upload a sponsored post.

Mention it in the video and include #ad in the description.

Note: you should partner with brands that you believe in.

Most top YouTubers, like in the video above, advertise products that they have used.

This makes your audience trust you even more.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

This is probably the most common way of making money on YouTube.

The YouTube Partner Program is available in most countries. 

How do you go about it?

Create a YouTube Channel and Post Videos

Somebody needs to see the ads.

So just like influencer marketing, you will require content and an audience.

Post captivating videos that people will enjoy watching.

Once you’ve got your channel up and running and have acquired a decent amount of subscribers, you’ll need to start monetizing your channel.

Here are a few of the many ways you can do this.

Apply For The YouTube Partnership Program

Before you apply, you have to ensure that you are eligible for the program.

The requirements include:

  • You should have over 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  • You should have over 4000 watch hours in the last year.
  • Link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account.
  • Comply with YouTube monetization policies.
Youtube partner program requirements

If you already meet these requirements, apply for the program.

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • Choose Monetization from the left menu.
  • Find the “Review Partner Programs terms” card and click Start.
  • The step will be marked “Done” once you sign.

Next, connect to an AdSense account.

  • Find the “Sign Up for Google AdSense” card and click Start.
  • Link to an approved AdSense account or follow the instructions to create a new one.
  • The step will be marked “Done” once you have successfully connected to an AdSense account.

After you finish all the steps, YouTube will take some time to review your channel and see whether you qualify for the program.

There are other ways of making money on YouTube, besides ads.

They include:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t just for bloggers and website owners.

You can make a significant amount of money by doing it via YouTube.

This may be the easiest way of earning an income with YouTube because there are no requirements to meet.

All you have to do is promote a product.

When people buy it, you get a commission.

Create A YouTube Channel And Attract An Audience

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising.

So, you have to get people to see your content if you want to make money.

Pick a niche and start putting out content.

Find Brands to Work With

There are programs that you can join to find brands and products to promote.

Different programs pay differently.

Some of the best ones include Amazon Associates, BestBuy, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is best for people who do product reviews and how-to videos.

It is easier for them to recommend products and include their links, so that doesn’t seem forced.

Post Your Content and Affiliate Links

You can’t just post links and go.

Be creative with the kind of content you share.

It should convince your audience to want to make a purchase.

This is why it is crucial to promote stuff that you have used and believe in.

Jeremy Fragrance is a big name in the fragrance industry.

Many people go to his YouTube channel for fragrance advice.

This includes the following:

  • What to buy
  • How to apply
  • When to apply which perfume
  • Etc

In the video below, he gives his recommendation for the best fall fragrances for men.

And in the description, there are links to the mentioned products.

Jeremy Fragrance followers

Note that there is a statement about him being a participant in the Amazon Associates Program.

This is the transparency I mentioned while discussing influencer marketing above.

Let Your Fans Support You

YouTube Subscribers

Lastly, you can make money by having your fans donate.

However, you’ll need a loyal fan base for this.

First, establish a relationship with them and allow them to know you.

Ensure that your content is outstanding too.

Since you can’t just come out and start asking people for money, you’ll have to give something in exchange.

You can offer exclusive content and rewards.

There are different ways to go about asking for funds from your audience.

One of them is through the YouTube Partnership Program, specifically, channel membership and Super Chat and Super Stickers.

With the latter, viewers will pay a certain amount during your YouTube Live to have their comments pinned.

With channel memberships, subscribers pay to become members of your channel.

In exchange, you will offer them perks that are exclusive to members only.

The other way is through Patreon.

If you love YouTube, you may have heard content creators asking viewers to join their Patreon.

Fans subscribe to an exclusive community where they get unique content and rewards.

Take a look at Emily Wilson’s Patreon below.

YouTube Patreon

There are two membership levels.

There is a basic one and a premium one.

How to Make Money with YouTube: FAQs

Q: How Many Subscribers Do I Need to Make Money on YouTube?

 A: To start earning with the YouTube Partner Program, you will need 1000 subscribers.

For influencer marketing, it will depend on the brand.

How Much Money Will I Make on YouTube?

With affiliate marketing, you get paid based on the number of sales.

If many people buy through your link, you will earn more.

With ads, you get paid when viewers watch an ad on your video.

The amount isn’t much, and the potential for earning starts at 10,000 views.

Where Can I Learn How to Make Money on YouTube?

Some courses can teach you step-by-step on how you can make YouTube a source of income.

I, personally, would recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery & Monetization

Based on my research and the amount of detail Matt has put into this course, I feel confident recommending this to anyone interested in learning how to make money with YouTube.

Making money on YouTube isn’t that hard.

As long as you have a channel and an audience, you are already halfway there.

Find one or more methods from the ones discussed above and start earning.

It is as simple as that!

Closing Thoughts On How To Make Money With YouTube

As mentioned earlier, this is only a handful of the many ways to make money with YouTube.

However, without proper training and direction, most people fail to make their 1 dollar.

If the thought of becoming the next YouTube sensation has been a dream of yours, I’d highly recommend checking into Tube Mastery & Monetization.

The lessons offered within this course are easy to follow and step by step.

Furthermore, Matt does an outstanding job of explaining everything so that it makes sense.

Anyway, I hope this detailed post has given you some insight into the many ways to make money with YouTube.

Questions, comments, or something you’d like to add?

I’d love to hear about it and answer any additional questions you may have within the comments below.

Also, are you a YouTuber that runs your channel?

I’d love to hear about the experience you’ve had as well in the comments below.

Until Next Time,


~Your, Friend, Scott~

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