National Consumer Center Review- How I Turned $7 Into $1,000

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national consumer center review
Are you searching for an honest and truthful National Consumer Center Review? 
Want to see how I spent $7 on offers and received a $1,000 gift card in return?  
With all the fake and negative reviews from people who haven’t gone through the program, I thought I’d set the record straight.
You’ll get to see first hand that the National Consumer Center isn’t a scam.
The chances are that you may be wondering if this rewards program is a scam or an easy way to get gift cards.
It’s an honor you choose my review above all the other BS.
I hope to provide you with the answers you’re looking for and guide you in the right direction.
Therefore, I’ll be documenting my entire NCC experience within this National Consumer Center Review.
Furthermore, I’ll show you how I managed to spend $7 and receive a $1,000 gift card.
However, before you sign up, you must read this review in detail.
This way, you’ll know which offers to pick, so your cost is $7 or less.
Once you’ve read this review and implemented the steps laid out to receive your card, please come back here and share your experience with me.
Do we have a deal?
Let’s get started, OK?

National Consumer Center Review

Product Name: National Consumer CenterNational Consumer Center Review
Website URL:
Type Of Site: Surveys, Offers
Purchase Required: Yes
Price You’ll Pay: Varies (I spent $7 total)
Overall Rating: 4.2/5 Stars
Recommended: Yes

What Is National Consumer Center?

National Consumer Center Review
The National Consumer Center is a rewards program that compensates its members with gift cards in exchange for their opinion.
Since it’s official launch in early 2015, this reward site has paid out over 4 million in cash and prizes thus far.
They mainly specialize in completing offers (free and paid).
However, there are surveys you’ll need to complete as well.
While mixed reviews are going around about this company, I’d like to share the experience I’ve had with them thus far.
After doing some thorough research on this program, I discovered multiple gift cards up for grabs.
From a $100 Visa Gift Card to a $1,000 Walmart Gift card, there is something for everyone.
Other opportunities include a shopping spree or PayPal cash.
Now that you have a basic idea of what this site is about and what type of rewards await you let’s see how all of this works.

Requirements To Join National Consumer Center

Unfortunately, this program isn’t available to everyone. 🙁
Like any rewards program, there are requirements you’ll need to meet if you wish to participate in this program.
They are as follows

  • 18 yrs old or older and reside within the United States
  • A valid drivers license, state ID, or passport
  • Proof of residency (Utility bill, phone bill)

Also, you must provide correct and accurate information.
By entering false information, you’ll be disqualified from the program and forfeit any offers you received credit.
You’re also limited to how many times you can claim a reward.

  • Tier 1 rewards- Limited to 1 prize within 12 months (1 year)
  • Tier 2 rewards- Limited to 1 compensation within 24 months (2 years)

If you don’t reside in the United States, I’m sorry, but you don’t qualify for this program.
Click here to read more about the requirements to participate in this rewards program.

How Does The National Consumer Center Work?

National Consumer Center Review
Getting started with the National Consumer Center is pretty straightforward.
Sign up for free and create your account.
Answer a few questions.
Enter your first name, last name, and zip code.
On the next screen, you’ll enter your street address, city, state, and phone number.
They need this information to send you prizes and other merchandise you could win.
Make sure you’re using real legit info cause they will text you a link after you’ve completed the required offers.
There are three things you’ll need to do to secure your reward and claim your gift card.
They are as follows:

  • Surveys
  •  Offers
  • Deals

Depending on the type of gift card you’re after will determine how many deals you’ll need to complete.

Two Levels Of  National Consumer Center Gift Cards

They are as follows.

  • Tier 1- $100 or less gift card
  • Tier 2- $100 and up

Furthermore, these levels come with their own set of qualifications.

  • Level 1- Complete 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 2 Platinum Offers
  • Level 2- Complete 6 Silver, 1 Gold, and 3 Platinum Offers

Some offers only require downloading and installing an app while others need you to sign up as a paid member.
Others include playing free games and signing up for survey sites where you can earn additional rewards.
You’ll have up to 20 days to complete the requirements to unlock the reward you selected when you signed up.
Once an offer has credited your account, you aren’t obligated to keep the product or service.
However, I’d advise you to at least try the service out first.
You never know, you might want to keep a few of them.
If you cancel immediately, you may become disqualified.
Also, wait until your reward confirmation goes through.
Now that you know how the program works, let’s see what offers are available.
Are you guys still following me?
Let’s continue moving forward, OK?

Claim Your $1,000 Gift Card Here.

What Offers Are Available

National Consumer Center Offers
As I made my way to the offers page, I discovered the following categorized offers.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

As I continued to make my way through the offers section, I noticed there is something here for everyone.
If you have kids, you are in for a treat as there are multiple offers geared towards them.
Furthermore, I couldn’t help but notice the vast array of Disney offers available in the back end.
They are as follows

  • Streaming Service
  • Movie Club
  • Book Club

Additionally, I found Dr. Seuss, The Cat In The Hat, Highlights for children(I remember reading them as a kid), and Adventure Academy, plus so much more.
I grew up reading all these books as a kid and loved them.
If you’re into streaming services like Hulu, Pandora, ESPN, and Tidal, these offers are available as well.
Some have free trials, while others will charge your card immediately after signing up.

Here’s What I Like About It

  • Most offers credit instantly
  • A wide selection of offers
  • Minimal purchasing requirements (I spent $7)
  • A legit rewards program that pays
  • Free as well as paid offers

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Limited to the United States only
  • Tier two rewards are limited to once every two years

My Experience With National Consumer Center

My National Consumer Center Experience
Contrary to many other National Consumer Center reviews online, I was quite shocked by my experience so far.
After two days of completing offers and checking my reward status, I finally qualified for my $1,000 Walmart gift card.
However, I was quite skeptical about this program and had my doubts.
Nevertheless, I was determined to get my $1,000 gift card no matter what I had to do.
Here are the ten offers I signed up for below.
NCC Offers
National Consumer Center Offers
As you see in the screenshot above, every offer doesn’t require you to make a purchase.
Half of these offers were freebies.
Meaning I installed an app on my phone and enabled a Chrome extension to my browser.
That’s it.
Overall I spend $7 in total.
Not too bad.
Wouldn’t you guys agree?

Get Your $1,000 Gift Card Here.

What Rewards Are Available?

There are many different rewards programs like this one floating around on the world wide web.
Therefore, depending on which program you land on will determine the reward.
The majority of rewards come in the form of a gift card to various big-name retailers
Here are just a few of the many gift card options you can pick

  • $1,000 Walmart gift card
  • Amazon $1,000 gift card
  • Walgreens $1,000 gift card
  • $100 Visa gift card
  • $50 Visa gift card
  • $1,000 Bank Of America Visa gift card

These gift cards are a small handful of the many gift card opportunities offered through this fantastic rewards program.
I just submitted my paperwork for my $1,000 Walmart gift card, and I’m pretty stoked.

How Do You Get Paid From National Consumer Center?

National Consumer Center has teamed up with Reward Zone USA.
Therefore, they will handle the payment arrangements and make sure you get paid.
Once you have completed the offers needed to secure your gift card, you should receive an email from Reward Zone with further steps.
First, you’ll need to have your driver license ready and a copy of your recent utility bill.
Furthermore, you’ll need to fill out the prize claim form you’ll receive shortly after meeting the offer requirements.
Once you’ve printed out your claim form and filled everything out according to their directions, you’ll need to email it back to them immediately.
Once they receive your form, they will start processing your gift card.
You’ll receive an email once your gift card is ready.
What I liked the most about this program is they use the Tango card to process payments and send out gift cards.
I’ve received multiple payments via the Tango card from other survey panels like Radial Insight and Swagbucks.
It’s super easy to claim your virtual reward and add funds to your merchant account.
Once you receive verification that your gift card is ready, you’ll need to follow simple directions to redeem your gift card.
It can take anywhere from 5- 14 days to receive your reward, so try and be patient.
They are pretty busy.
Also, I’ll be updating this review once I receive the verification of my gift card.

Update: My $1,000 Gift Card Arrives (Finally)

Excited man
It’s Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, as I sit here and update this review.
It has been a little over a month since I went through this program and completed the requirements.
With everything thats been going on in the past month, I forgot about it for a minute.
However, as I’m talking to a buddy of mine today, I thought I’d check my email.
To my surprise, I noticed that I received an email from National Consumer Center.
Hmm, what could this be, I said to myself.
National Consumer Center Gift Card
I initially signed up for a Walmart Black Friday gift card, so I thought I might have to wait till November to use it.
However, when I clicked on the redemption link in the email, I quickly discovered that Walmart wasn’t my only option.
As you see in the screenshot below, there are ten other merchants for you to choose from
National Consumer Center Gift Cards
There are two merchants I couldn’t fit into this screenshot.
There are as follows

  • Walmart
  • $1,000 Visa debit card

The Giftcard I Choose

Amazon $1,000 gift card
After looking over my choices and narrowing this down, I choose the Amazon gift card.
I shop on Amazon quite frequently.
Therefore, out of all the retailers listed above, I’d benefit from Amazon the most.
Moreover, I have many auto-deliveries shipped to my house every month.
It just made sense to go with Amazon.
Wouldn’t you guys agree?
For all the skeptics and non-believers out there, check out the screenshots below.
Amazon gift card redemption
Amazon gift card balance
For those of you who would don’t want to spend your entire balance at one retailer, you can split them up between multiple merchants.

A Few Helpful Tips

As I continued to make my way through the offers page, I started to compile a list of helpful tips that had helped me when I completed my first couple of offers.

  • Sign up for offers that are easy to cancel
  • Try and stick with PayPal (If you can)
  • Complete as many free offers as possible
  • Use a pre-paid card if possible.
  • Research offers before signing up.
  • Read the fine print and know what you’re signing up to

To keep this experience as stress-free as possible, only sign up for offers that are easy to cancel.
Avoid the ones you need to call an 800 number and speak to 5 or 6 people who will try to talk you out of canceling.
Don’t you hate that?
I know I do.
Also, if the merchant offers PayPal, then use it as your payment method.
Nearly 90% of PayPal purchases are protected.
Not only that, but you can easily cancel the recurring payment by going into your pre-approved payments within the settings.
If you aren’t comfortable putting your credit card info out there, get a pre-paid debit card.
These are a few helpful tips that will keep you safe and avoid having your identity stolen.

What Do Other Members Have To Say?

As I continued to browse the membership area, I thought I’d check out what other people had to say who already received their $1,000 gift card.
I found that many people were delighted to try new products and get rewarded for it.
Check out what other people are saying about this program.
National Consumer Center Review
National Consumer Center Review
National Consumer Center Review
Many people have already received their cards.
Therefore, they are making plans on how to spend it.
How will you spend your gift card?

Claim Your $1,000 Gift Card Here.

Is National Consumer Center Legit?

I think it’s quite apparent that this rewards program is the real deal.
I know there are a plethora of negative reviews about this program.
However, sometimes you need to think for yourself and open your mind to other possibilities.
Compared to other well known recruiting scams, the National Consumer Center has changed my perspective on these types of programs.
If you go through life thinking everything is a scam, then you’ll severely be limiting the opportunities surrounding you.
As you can see, I’ve not only tried this program, I completed all the offers, and I’m finishing the prize claim form and sending in my verification documents as we speak.
Once I have these documents uploaded and have sent my prize claim form, I’ll be updating this review with my results.
Stay Tuned!!

National Consumer Center Review Conclusion

My first initial National Consumer Center Review was quite different than this one I’m writing today.
I even labeled this as a scam.
Furthermore, I also never took the time to complete the offers or interact with this program.
After many people had posted how they had received gift cards, I decided to look into this myself.
Therefore, I took the time to go through this program and craft my own experience.
As I said in my National Consumer Center Review, this rewards program has exceeded my expectations.
Additionally, it has also gained my seal of approval.
Anyway, I hope this National Consumer Center Review has helped you out.
Also, I hope that documenting my entire experience and writing it out has wiped away any skepticism you may have had about this program.
However, if you still have questions or need help receiving your gift card, I’d be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~
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10 thoughts on “National Consumer Center Review- How I Turned $7 Into $1,000”

  1. I must be one of the few people who actually received £100 from National Consumers Center. Well technically it was £97 because I opted to pay for a physical pre-paid credit card (which I still have).
    It cost me £2 to earn this so I’m still £95 up.
    To get this I answered a few generic questions and then I had to sign up to 3 of their options.
    I signed up for the Euro Lottery, which I paid £2 for and let the lottery run for that night only.
    I also signed up for Graze, which I postponed the delivery of, even though the first delivery was free and then cancelled my subscription.
    My final option was to sign up for a free credit check scheme, which didn’t ask for my debit/credit card details.
    Like most people I was skeptical, but I have the proof that you can be paid out as I have, I am no connection to that or any other company for that matter and as you can only make 1 claim per calendar year, I will be making another attempt at the £100 when April comes around this year.

    • Hello Helen.
      I would say you are one of the very few people who received a payment from this company.
      Would you mind sharing proof you were paid for my visitors to verify you were paid?
      Screenshots work the best.
      If you had to sign up for 3 offers this kinda don’t make it worth it.
      Wouldn’t you agree?
      Anyways, I look forward to this so called “proof” that you were paid from this company and corresponding with you on this.
      My visitors and I look forward to proof this company pays.
      I’ve had several people email me that they were NEVER paid and lost several hundred with this scam.
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing the experience you’ve had with this system.
      I really appreciate it!!
      ~Your Friend, Scott~

      • I have to say that I’m one of the few that got a card as well!
        They sent me an email saying I received a reward incentive from the national consumer center for $1000.
        I was hesitant about clicking the link as I was pretty skeptical at first.
        However, after I completed the requirements, I was presented with ten different gift cards to choose from, including a visa gift card.
        I chose the Amazon one because I wanted to see if it was legit right away, and it worked!
        I only came to this article because I was wondering who the NCC was, and now I know it was from doing one of the rewards zone USA’s surveys.
        I believe one gold, one silver, and eight platinum deals.
        I used a prepaid card to pay for everything just to be on the safe side.
        The trick is to pick ones that wait longer than a week to recharge you for your membership after your free trial.
        I choose things like Hulu or Netflix to tryout.
        I ended up spending about $36 in total.
        I waited about five days till it recorded all of my deals as being completed and got the email saying what my next steps were.
        Then I hurried and canceled everything.
        It never says you have to keep the subscriptions, only telling you that you can’t cancel immediately.
        Here are a few screenshots that prove they actually pay.
        National consumer center payment confirmation
        National Consumer Center Amazon Gift Card Proof
        Anyways, scam or not. There is a way actually to get a reward!
        By the way, I hurried and used some of the Amazon gift cards, still trying to assure that it was real, and it was!

        • OMG Tara,
          Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the experience you’ve had with NCC with everyone here today.
          WOW, it looks like this program does pay if you follow directions and complete the offers.
          These screenshots contain invaluable information that will help my readers tremendously.
          I see that they use Tangocard which is the same company I use when redeeming virtual gift cards from Swagbucks
          Also, it’s great to hear that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in offers to receive a $1,000 gift card.
          $36, that’s it.
          You must have found quite a few inexpensive offers which are the key.
          Anyways, thanks again for dropping by and sharing your NCC experience with everyone today.

  2. I also received my 1000 gift card from them. Just like you said you have to follow all the directions and you cannot cancel right away. I received my gift card last week. I also know of two other people that I received their gc via tango. Just sharing it worked for me is all. Thank you. Also I can provide screenshots if you’d like just let me know.

    • Hello Kristen.
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with the National Consumer Center with everyone here today.
      How much did you have to spend to meet the requirements?
      Also, did you use a prepaid card or put your real credit card out there.
      These are a few questions; I’m sure other people are wondering.
      If you could send screenshots, that would be great.
      Also, could you ask your two other friends to comment on this review and share their screenshots as well?
      That would be great.
      However, if you can’t, it’s no big deal.
      Anyway, thanks again for dropping by, and I’ll be looking forward to those screenshots.
      Talk Soon
      ~Your Friend, Scott~

  3. Hello Scotty, I love your website and found it to be highly informative.
    However, as I was following your step by step directions, I’ve had a few problems.
    I completed the offers in order like you did, but the suggestions I chose didn’t clear instantly, as you say.
    There was $4.99 charged to my Visa card 3 times and $1 for something else.
    I had to call my bank and block my visa card.
    I was very, very disappointed that they did not send my gift card, which was a $10.00 gift card, as they claimed.
    I did not trust these “surveys” Besides; when I completed and paid for a charity donation, it pops another survey.
    The cycle started over an over with similar surveys.
    However, at the end of the transaction, I never received any confirmation for the purchase nor any gift card.
    It was a scam!!! Unfortunately, people like me who want to earn some money believe these types of “make money at home.”
    Thank you. Jodi.

    • Hello Jodi!
      I’m glad that you’ve found my website to be informative and helpful.
      Thank you.
      Which offers did you complete?
      Were they a mixture of silver, gold, and platinum?
      It sounds like you completed surveys at some other site as National Consumer Center doesn’t have any $10 gift cards.
      The lowest gift card that they have that I know of is $50.
      Also, there are no charity donations.
      You’ve gotten this rewards program confused with another one.
      Furthermore, the reason you likely didn’t receive your gift card is that you canceled too soon and blocked the charges.
      I’ve been doing offers like these for years now and I know that you can’t cancel immediately or you’ll become disqualified.
      Additionally, you need to follow directions and not be so quick to label something as a scam.
      There are many programs out there that people think are scams, but in reality, they are 100% legit.
      If you want to make money and qualify for free gift cards you’ll need to change your mindset.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Jodi and chiming in on this conversation.

  4. Hi Scott,
    I also tried to get a $1000 reward card but I didn’t have any luck after completing 13 deals (10 required). So it is a scam to me. I sent at least 4 requests thru their RZU email site asking them why they’re not honoring all of the deals I completed and I have not gotten ONE RESPONSE from these people. I’m very disappointed to say the least.
    Like you, I also chose the PFR WALL deal. So I am wondering if there is any information you could share with me on that company? I am going to receive a call from them Friday asking me if I want to work with them or not? Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much information about this company.
    Thanks for any feedback/information you can share. Charlotte G.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I initially had to complete 11 offers total.
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience but this definitely isn’t a scam Charlotte.
      Not only did I receive my $1,000 gift card, but I told 2 buddies about it and both of them received their $1,000 gift card in less than a week.
      Are you sure you sent your inquiry to the right person/ email?
      This is usually the case and the reason why most people think programs like this are scams.
      Also, there are a few steps that you need to go through before receiving your gift card.
      They are as follows
      Once you’ve completed all 10 deals (if 1 doesn’t credit do another freebie) you need to go to this website
      To track how many offers/ deals you’ve completed you’ll need to enter your email in the box to look up your account.
      Once you’ve acquired this information and have completed 10 deals click on claim reward at the top left of the page.
      You’ll then need to fill out a claim form.
      This consists of a few questions like what will you spend your gift card on. Also, you’ll need to give out your real info and agree to their terms and conditions as well. Shortly after filling out your claim form, you’ll receive an email from NCC with instructions on how to claim your gift card.
      If you didn’t fill out a claim form or do any of this then this is why you didn’t receive anything.
      There are detailed steps you’ll need to follow before claiming your gift card.
      As far as the PFR wall deal this offer credited instantly for me.
      I have nothing more to share about them then I already did in my review.
      I would suggest doing the things I recommended and come back and let me know if you’re still having issues receiving your gift card.
      I really want to thank you for stopping by and sharing the experience you’ve had with NCC.
      I hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance Charlotte.
      ~Your Friend, Scott


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