Plug In Profit Site Review- Scam Or Legit?

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Plug in profit Site
Have you been searching the web for an honest review of the plugin profit site from someone who’s not promoting it?
Wondering exactly what this system is all about and whether or not it’s another scam targeted at taking your money & leaving you with nothing ($0)?
I have actually had this system on my list of programs to review for quite some time now but it has got pushed to the bottom of my list somehow.
After receiving several requests from my loyal website visitors, I have decided to sit down and do some serious research on this system to see what it was all about.
Within the following review, I’ll be walking you through this system step by step and revealing whether this so called “Free System” can really make you money or not.
I’ll also be showing you what you’ll need to do to qualify for this “Free money making website” as well as the REAL price you’ll need to pay to get started.
Sound good?
I invite you guys to follow along and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that I failed to answer in this review in the comments section below.
Do we have a deal?
Let’s get started, OK?

Plugin Profit Site Review

Product Name: Plugin Profit Site
Product Owner: Stone Evans
Type Of Work: Recruiting/ Building Funnels
Price To Get Started: $0 With Many Upsells
Overall Ranking: 1/5 Stars
Recommended: NO

What Is The Plug-In Profit Site?

The Plug-In Profit Site is an automated turnkey business in a box that claims to do all the heavy lifting for you once you activate your account & set everything up.
After doing some pretty in depth research, I was able to discover that this system has been around for quite some time now dating back to as far as 2006.
That’s 13 years in the online space & that alone is pretty impressive!!
Created & designed by Stone Evans which is no stranger to the internet marketing industry as he has created several other so called make money online products as well.
While he claims you can sign up for his system for free & start making money right away, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Now that you have some info of this system and how it works, let’s find out who would be a good fit for this system next.
Sound like a plan?
Let’s continue moving forward, shall we?

Who Is This For?

This system is geared more towards people who have the get rich quick mentality and are looking for a done for you system that requires little to no work.
To be quite honest with you guys today, I wouldn’t recommend this system to anyone as the main purpose of this system is to funnel you into several other high ticket schemes at once.
If you have the budget for this & feel like you have the recruiting skills required to be successful here then this could possibly work for you.
However, if you’re the type of person who is sick of these types of schemes then you may want to check into affiliate marketing as a much better alternative.

Getting Started

plug in profit application form
Strangely enough, if you want to get started with this system you need to apply to be accepted first.
This immediately raised a red flag for me as this is how most high ticket programs are designed which also requires you to call a phone number to join as well.
I have fallen for both of these types of schemes myself and know from personal experience that this is nothing but 1 big sales pitch to get you to invest in their high ticket packages/ services.
There are actually 3 steps to this application & they are as follows

  • Enter basic details (Name, email address)
  • Enter your affiliate Id’s
  • Enter your domain name

This is where things can get pretty expensive and you find out that you have been lied to.
Not only is there NO FREE  WEBSITE, but you’re going to need to join not 1, not 2, but 5 programs as a paid member just to complete your application for this opportunity (If you wanna call it that)
I’ll be listing the 5 programs that you’ll need to join to qualify for this system and start earning commissions next so you’ll definitely want to stick around & continue reading.

Programs You’ll Be Required To Join To Apply For This System

As I continued to do my research on this system, the red flags continued to pop up right & left.
I have reviewed thousands of affiliate marketing scams over the years but I never encountered a system that required you to sign up for multiple programs to join.
To me, this is just downright Ludacris and not something I would recommend to my worst enemy.
Listed below are the 5 programs that you’ll be required to join before being accepted and qualify to start earning money with this system.

  •  Global Domains International
  • Six-Figure Income
  • Traffic Authority
  • Online Sales Pro
  •  Now Lifestyle

I have actually reviewed each & every one of these programs on previous sites and to be quite honest with you they are mostly all high ticket schemes that you should avoid.
SFI Is actually the only program out of the 5 I listed above that I think is halfway decent.
If I was to recommend any of these programs above, SFI would have to be the ONLY one that is worth your time.
Once you have met these requirements and have entered your affiliate details you can move on to the 3rd & final step.

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There Is NO Free Website Or Money Making System

I was actually quite shocked when I got to step 3 as I was patiently awaiting my free money making website that I’ve heard so much about.
However, once I got to step 3 & discovered that I had been lied to yet again, I was pretty fed up at this point.
In step 3 you are asked to provide a domain name or purchase 1 from their domain marketplace.
What happened to the free website that Stone is supposedly going to give you that you hear about several times throughout the sales video?
Also, nowhere in the sales video or within the sales page are you told that you need to have your own domain name to qualify to earn with this system.
No free website
If you don’t have your own domain name then you can purchase one using their very own built in domain registrar.
Surprisingly enough, these domain names aren’t overpriced like most places that claim to offer you a free website.
As I continued to make my way through this system I found more & more lies that continued to pile up the further I got into this review.

Here’s What I Liked About It

  • Has been around since early 2006 (13 years now)

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Uses deceptive marketing tactics to lure you in
  • You are lied to several times within the sales video
  • Funnels you into many other high ticket schemes
  • Can get pretty expensive quickly just to apply

The Price You’ll Pay To Get Started

While you are told that you’ll be getting this entire system for FREE, once you arrive on the sales page and start looking around, you’ll find that this definitely isn’t the case within a few short minutes.
In order to get started with this system & complete the application process, you’ll need to join the 5 programs that I mentioned earlier in this review.
It’s free to create an account with the following programs!!
However, in order for you to qualify to earn money here, you’re going to need to invest a great deal of your hard earned money into these other programs to get started.

  • $10/ monthly & up- Global Domains International
  • (Cost varies) – Six-Figure Income
  • $220- $8397- Traffic Authority
  • $47- $97 monthly-  Online Sales Pro
  • $1 trial, then $50 monthly- Now Lifestyle

As you can see, in order for you to qualify to earn money with this system it’s gonna take a lot of your hard earned money just to qualify.
Not to mention the fact that you’ll need to recruit people into these 5 programs in order for you to make any type of money with this system.
If your recruiting skills aren’t exactly the best then you may want to pass this one up as this is how you’ll be earning money here.

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Is Plug-In Profit Site A Scam?

To be quite honest with you guys today this system is about as borderline of a scam as you can possibly get.
However, I would flat out call it a scam because that simply wouldn’t be true.
From being funneled into a few high ticket programs to luring you in with a supposedly “Free Website” you need to avoid this system at all costs.
Since 90% of the programs, you’ll be required to join is recruiting based, you’ll need to learn how to hustle & say the right thing to get people to sign up under you.
If this doesn’t happen to be your forte, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any type of success with this system.
For years I would fall for these types of systems all the time until I finally discovered how to build my own plugin profit site.
This is what I’ll be discussing next!!

 Learn How To Create Your Own Plug-In Profit Site

Learning the proper way to build a website that earns you a consistent income can be quite a challenge (especially if you’re a newbie)
Trust me, I know all about this as I have attempted this several times in my time in the online space.
I also know from experience that NO internet millionaire is going to give away his secret money making system for free.
After falling for numerous scams & opportunities like this one, I discovered the right way to make money online from a company called Wealthy Affiliate.
What I like the most about this company is the fact that they didn’t use hype or unrealistic facts to get you to join.
Instead, they were honest with me and didn’t sugar coat anything.
They told me that it was possible to earn as much money as you want, but it would require lots of work.
They also told me that I wouldn’t see results right away and that it would take time.
If you’re serious about learning how to create your very own plugin profit site and have the ability to promote anything you would like then I think you owe it to yourself to check out WA for yourself.

My Closing Thoughts

I really hope this Plug-In Profit Site review has given you guys some insight into what this system is all about as well as what you’ll be getting yourself involved with before you join.
Hopefully, I have been able to save you from being funneled into multiple high ticket systems at once and throwing your hard earned money away on this system.
Have you joined these 5 programs and actually earned money with this system?
I would love to hear all about it and answer any additional questions that you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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