Self Taught Education Or College?

Self taught education or college (Woman reading a book)
Which one is better “Self Taught Education” Or College?
This is a question that more & more people are asking as technology continues to evolve.
If you’ve come to this post, likely you’ve typed this question into Google looking for an answer.
Furthermore, this is also likely how you found my website.
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It’s great to have you here!!
With the internet constantly evolving you can do just about anything online nowadays.
This includes

I’ve personally done all of the things listed above but 1.
This is only a small handful of the things you can currently do online.
This list gets bigger every year!!
As we get that much closer to 2020, this list continues to grow even more.
Could the internet be the future of education as we move closer to 2020?
That’s what we’re about to find out so I encourage you to continue reading for all the juicy details.
Sound good?

What Is Self Taught Education?

Before I get too far into this article today you must understand the meaning of “self-taught education“.
After consulting with Wikipedia I have come up with the following information.
This is any type of education where there is no teacher or professor present.
Also, there is no college or institution as this type of education is usually conducted 100% online.
Whether you’re looking for some mindset training or an all in one affiliate marketing training center
there are a plethora of places online that now offer this type of learning style.
Furthermore, self-taught education platforms are updated multiple times a year.
Unlike a textbook that likely hasn’t been updated since 2015 or longer.
Moreover, the cost of this type of training is significantly lower as there are no teachers or universities involved.
Additionally, there is no official degree or certificate you’ll receive for completing the course.
However, the knowledge you gain is far more valuable than anything you’ll learn in a classroom setting.

What Is A College Education?

Is Self Taught education better than university
This type of learning takes place in a classroom setting with professors at a college or university.
Depending on the type of degree you’re after will determine how many years you’ll need to sign up for.
The minimum for an undergrad is 4 years.
If you’re going for your masters, this will take 6 years minimum.
You’ll also need to pick a trade you’d like to learn as there is everything from computer science to becoming a doctor.
Not only will this consume a great amount of time, but it also costs nearly 10 times more than a self-taught education.
You can look to pay anywhere from $50,000.00 per year or more once you include books, residence, travel.
Not to mention, you could potentially lose out on an additional $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 by not working during your tenure in college.
When you put your time & money into the equation & start figuring up the cost for books, residency, & travel, this isn’t cheap by any means.
After you put your time into perspective & see the true price you’ll pay is closer to $200k or more.
All of this for a piece of paper that may or may not help you get a good-paying job.

Self Taught Education Or College- Which One Is Best

Ideally, this depends on the type of person you are.
Do you learn better in a classroom setting or are you better off on your own to learn things your way?
If you’re looking for a general or liberal arts education that doesn’t provide hands-on training you may want to go the college route.
This is the way I attempted several times but was never able to get the financial assistance needed to enroll.
Therefore, I started looking for cost-effective legit alternatives to standard education.
If you don’t have at least $50k or more to invest in college then you might want to look into going the self-taught route.
However, this will require you to be self-disciplined & be willing to learn a new skill.
Like college, this will also require a great deal of your time as well.
Like I mentioned earlier if you were to go for your masters you can expect to spend 6 years minimum doing so.
If you would take 1/3 of that time & invest it into a self-taught training platform you could be learning a new skill while earning.
Earn while you learn!!
With college, you need to complete school first, get that degree & start applying to jobs within your trade.
It could be years after college before you land that dream job you’ve been waiting for or any job for that matter.
Something you need to keep in mind before applying!!

Best Self Taught Education Platforms

Finding the best self-taught education platforms out there isn’t exactly an easy task.
Therefore I set out to do some massive research on which education platforms were the absolute best.
However, I have only found a select few that met my specifications & passed my test thus far.
They are as follows

These are the two main self-taught training programs that I’ve utilized in my time as an online marketer.
Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build an affiliate marketing business based on a hobby or interest of yours.
There is step by step training lessons that walk you through each step & show you exactly what to do.
Even though I refer to this as a self-taught platform you are in no way on your own as there is plenty of REAL personal help & support.
Including myself & the entire community of entrepreneurs who are currently making 4, 5, & 6 figures a month without going the college route.
This training platform is responsible for 95% of the success I’ve had within the online world since 2014
If you’re more of an advanced marketer who is looking to take things to the next level, you might want to check into MLSP.
This is what I consider the next level of marketing as this involves landing pages, opt-in forms, as well & many email marketing list building strategies.
There also seems to be more of a focus on paid advertising (FB, Instagram, Google)
If you have the budget for paid ads, this training platform could be exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

What I Recommend

With technology constantly evolving we can literally do anything on the internet nowadays.
While I don’t see this happening just yet, in another 10 years I can see this replacing your typical college experience.
If you’re having your parents or your friends & family cram the whole “You Need To Go To College To Be Successful” BS down your throat you’ll want to pay close attention.
My friends would cram the college crap down my throat as well.
However, I simply shrugged it off like it was nothing.
It wasn’t until I found a training platform where I could learn more up to date skills that didn’t come out of a textbook that I was about to be successful.
If the whole self-taught education thing has intrigued you to look more into this I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.
This is where I got my start online & the place I recommend to anyone looking to utilize some self-taught education.
Other than that. I hope this post has given you some clarity on whether a self-taught education or college would make a good fit for you.
Questions, comments, or something you’d like to share?
I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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