Simple WiFi Profits Review- $600 Daily Or A Scam?

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Simple WiFi Profits reviewHave you been searching for an honest and trustworthy Simple Wifi Profits Review?
Wondering what the Simple Wifi Profits is and how can it make you money?
If so, I’ll be revealing everything about this system, including what it is, how it works, how much it’ll cost you, and ultimately, what’s the income potential?
If you’re anything like me, I like to do my research rather than take someone else’s word for it.
Do you feel me?
Therefore, I’ve done a significant amount of research on the Simple Wifi Profits system and have uncovered quite a bit.
Within the following Simple Wifi Profits review, I’ll reveal everything you need to know to make a sound purchasing decision.
By the time you finish reading this review, you’ll decide whether this system would be a good fit for you or not.
I’m sure that many of you may have questions for me, and that’s awesome.
I hope to answer every one of your questions within this Simple Wifi Profits review.
However, if you have questions afterward, please leave them for me below.
With that said, let’s get right into things today.
Are you guys ready?

Simple Wifi Profits Review

Product Name: Simple Wifi Profitssimple wifi profits review
Where To Join:
Company Owners: Andrew Wright & Chris Eom
 Type Of Training: Affiliate Marketing (Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads)
Price To Get Started: $1497 or 3 secure payments of $577
Overall Ranking:  4.5- 5 Stars
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What Is Simple Wifi Profits?

Simple Wifi Profits is a step by step affiliate marketing course that shows you how to drive targeted traffic through Facebook ads.
Developed by the two most prominent marketers in the industry today, Andrew Wright and Chris Eom, this system will walk you through how they achieved success.
Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to replicate the success they’ve had and create a life for yourself.
However, before this can happen, you’ll need to apply a few mindset hacks to change your way of thinking.
Andrew and Chris have been hard at work recording the videos, writing the sales pages, and preparing everything for launch.
The main focus of the training is on how to make money in the weight loss niche.
The premise of the training focuses on Facebook Ads.
Therefore, you’ll need to have a separate advertising budget set aside to make this program work for you.
There are several weight loss products you can promote in the back office.
Furthermore, they also cover a few other evergreen niches, including MMO (Make Money Online) and Dating and Relationships.
Besides, there are also millions upon millions of potential niche ideas you could go with once you land in the member’s area.
Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what this system is, let’s take a look at the product owner’s background.
By doing so, you’ll know whether you should invest your hard earned money into this system or not.
Sound good?
Let’s continue moving forward, OK?

Simple Wifi Profits Founders

Andrew and Chris Simple Wifi Profits
Andrew (left) came from a family full of doctors, accountants, and lawyers.
Therefore, his family knew him as the underachiever.
When he dropped out of college, he had a 2.7 GPA.
He knew there had to be a better way to live besides going to college and getting a degree.
Furthermore, he had no desire to get a J.O.B. only to help work towards building someone else’s business instead of his own.
After failing multiple times with several other online business opportunities, he finally found one that worked.
It did take him a while, but eventually, he was earning over $1,000 in sales daily.
As a huge thank you to his parents for supporting him through all of this, he decided to pay off their mortgage.
Also, he has hired many of his family members to work for him.
From that point forward, his family no longer looked down at him as an underachiever.
Now that you have a little background on Andrew, let’s see how Chris fits into this equation.
Are you guys still following me?
Let’s continue moving forward.

Simple Wifi Profits Co-Founder

Who is Chris Eom
Chris came to the United States at the tender age of only ten years old.
Originally from South Korea, he came to the United States, only knowing three words of English.
Growing up in a traditional Asian household, he worked hard for his money.
Therefore, he found himself working at a corporate job and hating every minute of it.
Surprisingly enough, Andrew and Chris have been friends for several years.
Fed up with corporate America, Chris asks Andrew for some financial advice and a way out of the hole h
Keep in mind, Chris had no prior experience running a business.
Most of his experience came from helping other people run their business.
Therefore, Chris is new to this whole online thing.
Furthermore, Andrew had never taught this system to anyone as of yet.
However, since Chris and Andrew were great friends, Andrew decided to give Chris a break and help him out.

Chris & Andrew Team Up To Make Millions Of Dollars

Chris caught on to how the system worked pretty quickly.
Within the first week, he started to make upwards of $200 a day.
Less than two weeks later, Chris tripled this number by having his first $600 day.
At this point, he’s feeling pretty confident and ready to ditch that Corporate America J.O.B. for good.
To date, Andrew and Chris have earned over 6.7 million dollars as a team.
Not too shabby if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Simple Wifi Profits Targeted Audience

Simple Wifi Profits would be ideal for people interested in building an online empire.
Therefore, this type of opportunity targets those who have a significant amount of money to invest in building a REAL business online.
If you’re working a 9 to 5 job and living paycheck to paycheck, you may find this program to be a bit pricey.
With that said, the Simple Wifi Profit system is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to master Facebook ads and build a trustworthy affiliate marketing business.
Also, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme that will make you a million dollars overnight.
So, if you’ve come here with this type of mindset, I don’t think the S.W.P. system would be a good fit for you.
While you can make money with this program in 30 days or less, there is a lot you’ll need to learn, implement, and take action on before any of this happens.
There is NO such thing as an easy push-button money-making system.

Create Your  SImple Wifi Profits Account  Here

Simple Wifi Profits Review- 4 Steps To $10K Monthly

Andrew and Chris have done extensive testing on the market and fine-tuning the perfect targeted audience.
Therefore, they have come up with four simple steps to follow to have your first $10k + month.
They are as follows:

  • Find a problem and offer a solution.

Based on research that both Andrew and Chris did back in 2016, over 1.9 Billion adults suffered from some form of obesity.
As a result, the central premise of the training focuses on weight loss products.
Several products can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Find a product that provides a solution.

There is no need to create your product as Andrew and Chris have done all the work for you.
Simply choose the weight loss or other available products found within the marketplace.

Finding A Product That Offers A Solution

  • Market the product and list the benefits.

With over 2.45 billion monthly users, Facebook is the perfect place to find people suffering from obesity.
By targeting specific groups of people using ingenious ad targeting, you’ll be amazed at the true income potential of this product.

  • Earn Revenue when people buy your product

Once you’ve fine-tuned your ads to target the right audience, you’ll likely start to see sales coming in.
If you need to get rid of an ad campaign that isn’t converting or increase your ad spend on a campaign that is performing better, you can do so within this step.
The team at Simple Wifi Profits has broken everything down and made it super simple to make money with their system.

Simple Wifi Profits Training & Tools

Simple WiFi Profits Training

The training lessons consist of seven chapters.
There is a detailed step by step instructions of what you’ll need to do to complete each chapter.
I’m excited to share the information with you guys today.
It did take quite a bit of research, thinking, and writing everything out.
However, writing is the fun part.
At least for me anyway, lol.
Besides the task based step by step training (I’ll be covering this next), there are also many other tools of the trade that are necessary to make this program work for you.
They are as follows

  • Done for you products
  • Done for you ads
  • Precise ad targeting (Step by step)
  • What keywords to target
  • V.I.P. concierge help and support
  • Monthly coaching calls (2x monthly)
  • Private mentorship group

Once you sign up to become a Simple wifi Profits Member, you’ll gain immediate access to everything you see listed above + so much more.
With that said, let’s dig deep into the Simple Wifi Profits step by step training system.

Get Simple Wifi Profits Here

Chapter 1- Affiliate Marketing

Whether you’re a newbie who is just getting started online or a marketing veteran, Andrew and Chris do a fantastic job explaining what affiliate marketing is in a way that makes sense.
Furthermore, they also compare the affiliate marketing business model to many others in the industry.
You’ll also learn of the many pros and cons of a few of the most popular affiliate marketing networks in the virtual online world.
Complete newbies to affiliate marketing pros could benefit from the information found within chapter 1 of the Simple Wifi Profits course.
However, as mentioned earlier, there is a slight learning curve that you’ll need to get past if you want to have any long term success with this system.
Without revealing any spoilers, let’s continue moving forward to chapter two.
Sound like a plan?

Chapter 2 Funnels

What is a sales funnel
Once you’ve grasped what affiliate marketing is, it’s time to set up a few sales funnels to capture leads.
Within chapter two, you’ll learn one of the biggest secrets that big-time affiliate marketers are using to 10X the number of sales received on a day to day basis.
The simple three-step funnel

  • Facebook Ad
  • Landing page
  • Product offer page

Besides learning about using funnels in your everyday marketing campaigns, there are many other gold nuggets found within this training.
They are as follows:

  • Psychology and sales persuasion techniques
  • Crafting the perfect Facebook Ad
  • Designing a great looking V.S.L. (Video Sales Letter)
  • Attributes of an excellent landing page
  • Plus so much more

Chapter 3 Landing Pages

Landing page SEO
Chapter three is where you’ll be setting up your landing page.
To complete this task, you’ll need to connect to integrate your account with either click funnels or Hostgator.
Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive your first set of email swipe files.
To complete this task, simply plug-in the done for you “landing pages” and fill in your Clickbank affiliate I.D.
There are a few other things you’ll need to fill out, which you’ll learn about as you continue to go through this chapter of the training.
Furthermore, chapter three is the first chapter with actionable tasks you’ll need to complete before moving on to the next lesson.
Also, this is where things get pretty exciting as you’ll be setting up your website and learning how to build a sales funnel.
Pretty exciting stuff, if I may say so, myself.
Wouldn’t you guys agree?

Chapter 4 Facebook Ads

This next chapter introduces you to the beautiful world that marketers refer to as paid advertising.
Many of you may know this as Facebook Ads.
There is an entire chapter devoted to Facebook ads that walks you through everything you need to get started making your first sale.
Learning how to utilize Facebook ads to turn a profit properly is a skill not too many people possess.
Therefore, this is a highly sought after skill that requires lots of patience.
Andrew and Chris have done a fantastic job explaining how the whole F.B. ads business model works and how to earn money as a result.
Here are a few things you’ll learn about within chapter four of the training

  • Facebook business overview
  • Setting up your page and activating the business manager.
  • You are setting your Facebook tracking pixel.
  • Advertising and market research detailed targeting
  • Million-dollar ad swipe files
  • Mindset training and motivation
  • Your first ad is on the house

I’m not going into detail on everything this chapter offers cause I don’t want any spoilers to get out.
Therefore, I’m giving you bits and pieces of what to expect if you were to become a Simple Wifi Profits member. 

Chapter 5 Targeting & Split-Testing

At this point, if you’ve been following along, you should have your Facebook Business, Clickbank, and your landing pages populated with the correct info.
If these three things are complete, then you’re ready to rock and roll.
Once you learn what an ad is and get educated on setting up your first ad, it’s time to put this knowledge into fair use.
Within chapter five of the training, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Launching your first ad
  • Customizing ad columns
  • Split testing
  • Bullseye targeting
  • Ad account immunity
  • Plus much more

I would highly recommend that you don’t launch your  Facebook ad until after you’ve thoroughly watched and understood everything that I listed above.
If you fail to follow directions and do things out of order, you are just hindering your chances of making this system work for you.
However, before you start converting well and seeing great R.O.I.’s, you must do lots of split testing.
This way, you’ll know what is working, as well as what’s NOT working.
Are you guys excited yet?
You’re about to create your very first EVER Facebook ad.
At this point, you should be on the edge of your seat as the training gets even better.

Chapter 6 Scaling

Once you’ve created your first profitable ad, it’s time to take things to the next level and scale the ad campaigns that convert the best.
If you’ve got a particular campaign that isn’t seeing the results you’d like, then you may want to ditch it.
By doing so, you’ll free up room for more profitable ad campaigns that fill your wallet with greenbacks.
Isn’t that what we’re here for, to make money?
Anyways, here are a few key features you’ll have to look forward to within the sixth chapter of the training.

  • Scaling myths & facts
  • The double down principle method
  • Clone method
  • Creating a lookalike audience
  • Retargeting explained
  • Plus much more

As you see, there is a significant amount of things you’ll need to learn, implement, and take action on if you want to be the next F.B. ads millionaire.
The next final chapter of the training is more like a bonus than anything.

Chapter 7 Affiliate Hacks

There are various affiliate hacks and many other tips and tricks that will help you take your newly discovered affiliate marketing business and take it to the next level.
Here are just a few of the many hacks I was able to conjure up below.

  • Outsourcing
  • How to travel the world for free
  • Among many other things

Because this is a bonus training, I don’t want to spoil anything for you by giving it away in this review,
With that said, I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make money with affiliate marketing in 2020.

Simple Wifi Profits Price

If you’ve made it this far into this Simple Wifi Profits review, you may be wondering how much such a fantastic system will cost you?
Usually, the Simple Wifi Profits system goes for at least  $20K alone.
Yes, you read that right, $20 grand.
However, since it’s still in pre-launch mode, this system has been discounted drastically.
For a limited time, only you won’t pay anywhere near 20 grand.
You’ll pay $1497 for the complete system.
For a one time payment of $1497, you’ll unlock everything I’ve covered in this simple wifi profits review thus far.
However, Andrew and Chris understand that even $1497 can be rough for most people to come up with at one time.
Therefore, they have made it even more cost-effective by enabling a monthly payment option.
For three secure monthly payments of $577, each the Simple wifi Profits System can be in your hands today.
Does this sound more feasible to you guys?
That’s nearly $1,000 cheaper than an upfront lump sum of $1497.

Simple Wifi Profits Is Cheaper Than Starbucks

If you care to do the math here, this breaks down to only $4.10 a day over 12 months.
At this price, you can’t even get a mocha latte from Starbucks.
But guess what, you’ll gain access to this fantastic system for 24 hours at this price.
Andrew and Chris are so confident that you’ll love everything offered within this fantastic course that they’re willing to give you a 90% discount.
Pretty sweet if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
Since this system launched in May, there is no telling how much longer the simple wifi profits will be available at such a low price.
However, If you don’t act fast, could go up at any moment!!
Furthermore, besides paying for the Simple Wifi Profits system, you’ll also need to have an advertising budget as well.
Without placing ads, how will people know what types of products you’re selling?
My advice is to start small and scale up as you start making sales.
Start with a $20 daily budget and go from there.
That’s what I did when I started with paid advertising.
Also, you may run into a few other minor fees that you’ll need to pay, like finding a hosting provider and domain registration.
Besides that, you shouldn’t encounter any additional fees when setting up this business other than the ones I listed above.

Get Simple Wifi Profits Here

Simple Wifi Profits Support

Without the right level of help and support, you won’t succeed with any business opportunity.
Therefore, I can honestly say that the help and support offered at Simple Wifi Profits is fantastic.
Besides personal help and one on one support from Andrew and Chris, you’ll also have an entire community of members who are earning 6,7 and 8 figures monthly as a result of the Simple Wifi Profits System.
Andrew and Chris will do their best to respond if they aren’t too busy personally.
However, there is a dedicated and highly knowledgable support team that will be more than happy to help solve any issues you have with their service.
Also, there is a private Facebook group you can join for extra help and answers to any questions you may have that has an easy solution.

My Simple Wifi Profits Review Conclusion

Andrew and Chris have created a phenomenal course that walks you through everything step by step.
Therefore, they have left no stone unturned.
If you’re still reading this Simple Wifi Profits Review, then you must be serious about learning how to make money online.
I’ve personally been running my affiliate marketing business since early 2014.
Furthermore, I’ve reviewed programs like Plugin Profit Site and 7 Minute Daily Profits, and Profit Shortcut that didn’t score as nearly as high as Simple Wifi Profits has.
Simple Wifi Profits is one of the best courses that I’ve reviewed that gives you a thorough understanding of setting up sales funnels, landing pages, and Facebook ads.
If, after reading this detailed Simple Wifi Profits review and you’re on the fence about joining, that’s perfectly fine and completely normal.
Do you still have questions that I failed to answer within this review?
Please leave them for me below, and I’ll get back to you shortly with a detailed reply.
Also, do you have a story you’d like to share about the experience you’ve had with this system?
I’d love to hear about this as well in the comments below.
Anyway, I hope this Simple Wifi Profits review had provided you with the information you were searching for when you landed on my website.
Furthermore, I hope you were able to make a sound purchasing decision after reading this review.
Until Next Time,
~Your Friend, Scott~

Simple Wifi Profit Alternatives

Perhaps affiliate marketing via Facebook ads isn’t for you.
That’s cool, as this isn’t for everyone.
Have you considered starting a YouTube channel or even Instagram?
If so, here are a few other alternatives that also received my seal of approval.
Check them out below!!

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