The Difference Between A Fanboy & An Affiliate Marketer!!

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Wondering what the differences are between a fanboy & and a true affiliate marketer?
Perhaps you’re wondering what the true definition of a fanboy is and wondering if you may be one yourself.
The following post will clear all of this up for you and answer any questions you may have had concerning this topic.
At one point in time, I was a fanboy myself and took my passion for a few companies too far to the point where it destroyed my business completely.
I’ll be sharing how I was able to go from fanboy to a true affiliate marketer as well as which program was able to get me on the right track and allow me to see the bigger picture.
Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a fanboy.
I encourage you guys to stick around and continue reading as things are about to get pretty interesting.
Let’s get started, OK?

What Exactly Is A Fanboy?

After doing some research on this to see what the internet had to say about this term I was able to find out some pretty interesting facts about this term.
According to the Urban Dictionary, we are told that a “Fanboy” is an extreme fan or follower of a particular media, brand, or corporation.
Fanboys are known to defend this brand, corporation or whatever it is to no end and won’t listen to logic.
You also can’t reason with them and they will argue their point until they are blue in the face.
This is usually most common in sports, TV shows, video games, and movies.
They are also known to get on popular online forums and troll the comments section.
However, the term fanboy can be used in just about any industry and this especially holds true for the online industry as well.
Even though I didn’t take it to the extremes or do anything irrational,  you could still call me a fanboy I guess.

The Difference Between A Fanboy & An Affiliate Marketer

There are quite a few differences in these 2 groups of people & I’ll be listing these for you guys below.

  • Close-minded & usually doesn’t think outside the box
  • Is generally focused on promoting a select group of products only
  • Doesn’t see the bigger picture
  • Fails to diversify their income & usually has all their eggs in 1 basket
  • Puts down other legit programs to promote their golden opportunity

A True Affiliate Marketer

  • Open-minded & is always thinking outside the box
  • Always looking for new legit products/ services to promote
  • Sees the bigger picture & always looking to grow
  • Is always on the lookout for ways to build additional income streams
  • Gives every program the benefit of the doubt & can see through the BS
  • Spends more time building their own personal brand & less on promoting a few select products

Can you guys see the difference between being a fanboy & a true affiliate marketer?
Fanboys can be pretty annoying and definitely not the path you want to go down, especially if you’re just getting started online.
Also by turning into a fanboy, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure, later on down the road.
Not only that but, you’ll also lack transparency which could really have a negative impact on whether people can trust your recommendations or not.
If you are calling other perfectly legit programs a scam just to promote the one you are crazy about then this can really hurt your trust factor as you will come off as bias.
Also, putting all your eggs in 1 basket is probably one of the worst mistakes I have ever made and I’m paying dearly for it now.
Personally for me, when I’m passionate about something, I really get into it hardcore.
I will defend it 120% and go out of my way to prove people wrong & make them look like an idiot.
It’s sad but true!!
However, after losing my main source of income and having to start over again from scratch, I have decided to change up my strategy and look at things as a true marketer would.

Change Your Mindset To Think Like An Affiliate Marketer

When it comes to building a business online, your mindset controls everything.
Have you guys ever heard the saying get your mind right?
This statement couldn’t be truer than in the online industry.
In order for you to have any type of long term success online, it’s going to require some mindset training as well as the ability for you to put in lots of hard work and a decent amount of time.
As an affiliate marketer, your main job is to provide people with the information they’re looking for and connect customers with brands.
Depending on the type of website you’re building whether it be a particular niche site in general or an authority site, over time you could have established up to 100 sources of income or more.
However, by remaining a fanboy and failing to think outside the box won’t allow you to do any type of growing and could destroy your business later on.

The Best Place To Learn How To Become A True Affiliate Marketer

In order for you to learn how to truly become a full-fledged affiliate marketer, it’s going to take the right training program.
If you’re a newbie who is just getting started online then all of this information can seem quite overwhelming to say the least.
When I entered this industry 6 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and had previously fallen victim to many affiliate marketing scams.
It wasn’t until I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate that I was able to learn the right way to build a business online and diversify my income in more ways than one.
If you’re tired of chasing after shiny objects and being let down multiple times from programs that overpromise & underdeliver then I think you owe it to yourself to check out WA for yourself.
After being a fanboy for several years and failing to see the bigger picture, I finally got with the program and was able to achieve true affiliate marketing success with WA.
Over the years, I have helped many other people change their mindset from fanboy to affiliate marketer and there is nothing I would enjoy more than helping you do the same thing.

My Closing Thoughts

I really hope this post has given you guys some insight into how fanboys act and a few characteristics that help distinguish them from a true affiliate marketer.
If you’re anything like me and you’re just a really passionate person then being a fanboy comes quite easy.
However, there is help for you!!
You can change your way of thinking and start looking at things through an affiliate marketers perspective.
Anyway, I really hope you guys were able to gain value from this post and hopefully it has inspired you to get out there and become the best affiliate marketer that you possibly can.
Comments, questions, or anything you would like to add?
I would love to hear all about them and answer any questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~

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