Top 3 Cannabis Affiliate Programs To Earn Money With This 420

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Cannabis affiliate programs

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for the best cannabis affiliate programs to promote this 420 to earn massive commissions?

With legalization at an all-time high and as more states decide to go green, this opens the door to a ton of opportunities as an affiliate marketer.

To celebrate 420, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than by writing a post showing you guys how to get into the legal marijuana niche and make a ton of money from it.

After doing a ton of research on the best cannabis affiliate programs out there that will pay you to basically bring them a new weed customer, I was able to compile quite a list.

I’m sure that there are many of you out there who has questions about how legal this is and you would need to check the laws for your state concerning this.

Within the following post, I’ll be sharing the 3 best cannabis affiliate programs out there that you can earn the most money with on 420 this year.

If you have always wanted to get into the cannabis niche but wasn’t exactly sure how to approach this then you’re going to want to stick around as I’ll be revealing everything you need to know within this post.

Are you guys, ready?

1) Max Bounty

As I was browsing Max Bounty the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that they just launched a cannabis delivery service for residents of California who are 21+.

If you are currently running a weed blog in the legal cannabis niche and looking for a way to monetize it to start earning commissions then you might want to check out the affiliate network, Max Bounty.

This is 0ne of the most popular CPA marketing platform that runs a variety of offers ranging anywhere from legal cannabis to video games, weight loss, making money online, and so much more.

I have been a member myself for about a year and a half now and actually just received a payment from them just last week.

Take a look at a few of the details associated with this campaign below!!

Eaze cannabis delivery service

As you can see affiliates can earn up to $32 per lead for each resident (21+) of Cali that would be interested in having cannabis delivered to their home.

If you’re in the legal cannabis niche then this could be a highly lucrative way for you monetize your blog and get some revenue flowing into your business.

The thing that really sucks about this is the fact that it’s limited to California only so your target audience will be pretty small.

However, I’m sure as more and more states and countries continue to legalize Mary Jane, they will expand this list to include other states and possibly other countries outside the US as well.

To give your website visitors $20 off their first delivery have them enter LP ID 17119

For more details on how you can become a member of Max Bounty click here!!

2) Cannabis Training University

Have you been looking to get into growing but not exactly sure how to do this or what you’ll need to get started?

I was actually doing some research on my own about how to start growing, what equipment would be needed and how expensive it would be for me to get started when I found CTU myself.

In a nutshell, CTU is an all in one cannabis training center that will walk you through everything from planting your first seed to owning and operating your very own dispensary.

There are actually many courses on CTU about marijuana cultivation and the amazing medicinal benefits found in this plant.

However, the main course that you see pictured below is the one you’ll be promoting as it includes everything you need to get your cannabis growing career started.

Marijuana courses

Courses include the following

  • How to grow Marijuana
  • Marijuana cooking & extractions
  • Laws & Regulations
  • How to start your own dispensary & delivery service
  • Essential skills to become a budtender
  •  Using Marijuana as a medicine
  • Cannabis jobs, resume, & business plans

This also includes over 200+ HD marijuana videos +100+ ebook downloads with 5,000 pages of content

Not to mention that you’ll also receive the following certificates once you complete this course and they include the following

  • Grower certificate
  • Budtender certificate
  • Medicinal marijuana certificate
  • Dispensary & Delivery operations certificate
  • Cannabusiness certificate

You’ll also be provided with actual quizzes and exams that you’ll need to take before you can be a certified grower and learn how to open your first dispensary.

As I continued to dig deeper and find out more information about this course I uncovered quite a bit more and this includes the following

  • Learn how to write a cannabis cover letter and resume
  • Gain instant access to marijuana jobs
  • How to get your medical marijuana card in your state
  • Become a certified grower
  • 12-month unlimited access
  • Plus soooo much more

All of this for only a one time payment of $249 and guess what?

As an affiliate of CTU, you can earn up to 40% commission when someone makes a purchase using your unique referral link that you’ll receive once you apply to be an affiliate for them.

This means you’ll earn nearly $100 a sale for each new student that you enroll in the courses at CTU.

Pretty sweet if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

To learn more about CTU you can check them out here.

3) Magical Butter Machine

If you have been involved in the cannabis industry for any amount of time now and you prefer edibles over smoking then you may want to consider looking into the magical butter machine.

I have seen their videos on YouTube and have been targeted on FB with their ads so I know a thing or two about their product and how high quality it is.

If you’re into edibles as much as I am and you find yourself making them more frequently then you should seriously look into getting one of these machines for yourself.

It comes with a cookbook that has recipes for peanut butter cups, chocolate cakes, and many other delectable cannabis-infused foods that are easy to make with this machine.

Affiliate can earn 20% of each sale and you’re paid via PayPal.

Give your potential customers 20% off their first order

It’s a win-win for everyone!!

They have also just announced their starter kits which start out at $189.99 and here is everything that comes included below

Magical butter

If you’re an affiliate marketer who has decided to get involved with the legal cannabis niche then I would highly recommend magic butter as an effective way to start generating some revenue into your business.

You can learn more about their affiliate program here

Always Check The Laws In Your State First

While Cannabis has been legalized in over 30 states and counting, there are still many states where it’s illegal so please be sure to check your local laws before proceeding with anything I listed above.

In Ohio where I live, it was legalized for medical 3 years ago and we are just now starting to see dispensaries opening so this is definitely a work of progress.

I guess this is also the legal disclaimer that protects me lol!!

I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you from the information contained within this post.

How Can You Start A Cannabis Affiliate Marketing Website?

Obviously, before you can utilize any of the things that I’ve mentioned above you’re going to need a few things before you can get started.

First of all, if you’re a newbie to the online world you’re going to need to get trained first before you can do any of this.

This will also require you to have a website and a few other things to get started like hosting and a reliable keyword tool.

When I first entered this industry years ago I had no idea what any of this stuff was and I was pretty confused, to say the least.

It wasn’t until I discovered a tight-knight group of affiliate marketers who went out of their way to personally show me how all of this works and provide me with step by step directions.

They even made it super easy and affordable to get started by offering a free starter membership that comes with all the things I’ve mentioned above.

The place where I learned how to do all of this and have been able to start earning a consistent income from is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s because of their expert training and 1 on 1 help and support that I’ve been able to earn a consistent income online.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in checking out and learning more about I would highly recommend them to you.

My Closing Thoughts

If you’re living in a legal state where Cannabis has been legalized and you’re interested in diving into this massive niche, then you should definitely check into my top 3 affiliate programs listed above.

While I haven’t personally made any money within this niche just yet, it is on my bucket list and I have purchased a domain name and have got everything set up.

As more and more states start to legalize this plant and laws begin to change there will be more and more opportunities become available within this massive niche.

It’s estimated that by the year 2020 the cannabis industry is expected to be worth 35 billion dollars with this number constantly on the rise.

Wouldn’t you like to get your share of this?

Anyways, I really hope this post has helped you guys out and has given you some insight into how you can cash in on the huge legal marijuana industry thats sweeping the nation.

Comments, questions, or something you would like to add?

I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below


~Your Friend, Scott~

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