USD Matrix Cycler Scam Review- Turn $2 Into $300?

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USD Cycler review
Searching for an honest USD Matrix Cycler Scam Review?
Wondering what the USD Matrix Cycler is and how it works?
Well, I have got a few requests from my loyal visitors asking me to review this system and check it out before they risk any of their hard earned money into it.
After doing some in depth research on this system and doing some digging I was able to come up with enough info to write a detailed review for you guys.
Before joining any shady recruiting scheme like this one there are many questions you need to ask yourself and I’ll be covering these in detail within the following review.
I invite you guys to follow along and like always if I fail to answer any of your questions feel free to leave them for me within the comments below.
Let’s get started, OK?

USD Matrix Cycler Scam Review

Product Name: USD Matrix Cycler
Website URL:
Product Owner: Unknown
Price To Get Started: $2
Type Of Work: Recruiting
Overall Rating: 1/5 Stars
USD  Matrix Cycler is another recruiting based system that claims you can turn a small investment of $2 into a whopping $300 commission.
These types of schemes always promise a huge payout for doing little to no work.
At the end of the day, nearly 95% of these types of systems fail to deliver any type of value
Furthermore, in the long run they will usually end up costing you more money than they’re worth.
At I would rather show you how to build something of value.
By teaching you a valuable skill that could potentially change your life forever if you work hard at it.

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What Is USD Matrix Cycler? (Review)

Like their name implies this is a cycler that will require you to pay for a position in their 3 x 2 matrix plan.
Nothing more, nothing, less.
While I was doing my research on this system, I was able to find little to NO info on the owners and when I clicked on their about me page I was presented with generic info.
This alone raises a red flag for me and as I continued to do my research on this system that red flags started popping up everywhere I looked.
For you to earn any type of money with the system, you’ll need to recruit a mass amount of people into it and I’ll be going over the fine details of how this works next.

How It Works

This is a 3 x 2 matrix cycler which consists of 2 levels that you’ll need to pass through for you to cycle out and complete the matrix and move on to the next one.
There are 12 positions that you’ll need to fill before cycling out and moving on to the next level and to make this easier for you guys to understand, check out the screenshot below.
USD Cycler positions
As you can see, it will only cost you $4 to move your way through the first level and once you fill these first 12 positions, you’ll need to now pay $5 to move on to the 2nd phase of the matrix.
Once you have completed the first 4 stages above and cycled out you’ll now have the opportunity to move on to USD cycler 2.0 and this is where they claim you can start earning the big bucks.
Usd Cycler 2.0
You’ll quickly see that the entry fee to enter this matrix is significantly higher, but the payout is also much higher as well.
To cycle through the first matrix you’ll need to pay $50 per level but the payout is nearly 10 times that which could be worth it if you make it this far into the cycle.

Can You Make Money With USD Matrix Cycler?

This all boils down to the number of referrals that you’re actively recruiting into the system and whether or not your downline is actively recruiting people into their downline as well.
This system is marketed as an easy and effortless way for you to make money on autopilot by having this system do the majority of the work for you.
However, this isn’t exactly the way things work as I have been involved with a variety of different cycles in my time as an internet marketer and I know from experience that it’s not at all easy.
As you will see in the screenshots above, you are the money you earn with one matrix that will be used to fund the next one.
The only way that you can earn the big bucks that you see on their sales page is by completing the 3x 2 matrix which will mean that you’ll need to recruit a massive amount of people.
If you have had success with other recruiting based systems in the past then you very well could do well with this one, but that’s on you.
They claim that you can turn a $2 investment into $300 but as you can see this is simply BS because you’ll need to pay each time you cycle out and move on to the next matrix.
Also as I continued to do my research on the other claim that you can turn $50 in $880 and I found this to also be BS as well.

You Need To Be A Master Recruiter To Make Money

Because there is NO product and the ONLY way you can make money with this is by recruiting your friends and family into it then you need to know how to recruit a massive amount of peeps into it.
Doesn’t sound so great now, does, it?
You’ll need to go out and bust your ass to fill the 12 positions for each matrix before you can cycle out and move on to the next one.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!
They also make a sound super easy to do this but like I said earlier, everything is not as it seems and I know this from previous experience with many similar systems.
They make it seem like you don’t need to do any type of recruiting to make money by claiming you can profit with their spillover feature.
However, before you can benefit from this you’ll need to have at least some type of active downline or you won’t receive any type of spillover.
I’ll be explaining this in further detail so that you have a better idea of what I’m talking about below so I encourage you guys to stick around and continue reading.

What Exactly Is Spillover?

Once you start building and growing your downline and they start growing their downline as well you’ll start accumulating something called spillover.
This is where you’ll start earning residuals from your downline which will eventually spill over into your account and start earning you money.
However, you guys need to remember that this isn’t guaranteed and you will still need to recruit people to make money.
Don’t get it, twisted guys!!
This has got to be one of the most common tactics that they use to draw you in and get you to think that you can rely on this alone as this has happened to me several times.

There Are No Refunds

Because no product or service is being offered here then you won’t get any type of refund if you decide this system isn’t for you.
Any type of program that relies on recruiting people alone to make money should raise a couple of red flags alone and this system is no different.
They make this clear in the FAQ section of their website which I have taken the time to screenshot for you guys below.
Usd cycler refund
Before joining any type of system like this you must do your research first before you end up making a decision that you could regret later on.
To get away with not having to issue you a refund they claim that you are simply donating money to your sponsor.
However, there is NO mention of this anywhere at all within the sales page and as you can see in the screenshot above, they tell you to contact your sponsor and hope for the best.

Is USD Matrix Cycler A Scam?

That is a question that I’ll leave up to you guys to answer for yourself.
Due to the previous experience that I’ve had with other systems of this nature, I wouldn’t necessarily call them a scam.
This is otherwise known as a Ponzi Scheme which is illegal in all 50 of the United States.
Most cyclers that are based on recruiting alone and offer no product or service are usually shut down or go out of business after 6 to 8 months and this one is no different.
About the best advice, I can give you guys is to do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into before you invest any of your hard earned money into this.

Is There A Better Alternative?

Most Definitely!!
If you would rather utilize a business model that has been around since the late ’90s that shows you how to build a business around a hobby of yours then you might want to consider affiliate marketing.
Instead of trying to recruit endless people into a scheme that will not only cost you and your friends a great deal of your hard-earned money, why not go with a trusted biz model that has been around for over 20 years?
The place that has helped me out the most and shown me how to build a REAL business that isn’t based on recruiting your uncle John or Aunt Mary is Wealthy Affiliate.
After years of playing the recruiting game and chasing my friends and family down in an attempt to make money from them, I finally learned the proper way to build a business.
In my own experience, I’ve found this to be one of the most cost-effective ways to build a business that doesn’t require you to recruit people to make money.
Not to mention that you don’t need to buy any products, keep inventory or deal with shipping or customer complaints or refunds.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about then I think you owe it to yourself to check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself to see what they can do for you.

My Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make the right decision that will ultimately benefit you and is something that you won’t regret later on.
Because this system is fairly new and it has just launched here recently, there isn’t a whole lot of people talking about it just yet.
If you’re tired of systems that rely on recruiting people to make money then I strongly believe that you would benefit from affiliate marketing.
That’s just me tho!!
Anyways, I hope this USD Matrix Cycler Scam Review has given you guys an inside look at what this system has to offer you and has provided you with all the info to make a sound decision.
Questions, comments, or something you would like to add?
I would love to hear all about it and answer any questions you may have in the comments below!!
Until Next Time

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