10 Awesome Ways To Pay Rent While Unemployed

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Pay Rent while unemployedHave you been struggling to find ways to pay rent while unemployed?
Perhaps everything going on with COVID-19 has made things rough financially?
Whether you’ve come to this post looking for a side hustle or you’re struggling to pay the rent, it’s a pleasure to have you here on my website today.
Within the following post, I’ll be showing you at ten ingenious ways to pay the rent while you’re unemployed.
After spending several hours researching everything, I’ve come up with an ample amount of information that I can’t wait to share with everyone here today.
I invite you guys to stick around and read this detailed post in its entirety.
By doing so, you’ll have more than enough information to make a sound decision as to which of the things on this list would make a good fit for you.
Sound good?
Let’s get right into things today.
Are you guys ready?

1) Build A Website As A Way To Pay Rent

Building a website
One of the best ways to pay rent while unemployed is building a website.
Instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix, why not use your time wisely?
If you’re receiving unemployment benefits and laying around the house, you should consider yourself in a unique situation.
Now is the perfect time to utilize the extra time you have on your hands.
If the thought of building a website appeals to you, then this may be something to consider.
With technology continually evolving, there couldn’t be a better time to build a website than in 2020.
If you can click a few buttons, you can learn how to build a website that makes money.
Keep in mind if you’re late or behind on rent, this isn’t going to help you out.
Building a website can take a while before it’s indexed, ranked, and getting a steady flow of visitors each month.
However, you should look at this as a long term project if you want to be successful with it.
Over the past eight years, I’ve built several websites that have earned me a great deal of money.
Therefore, I know this like the back of my hand.
Learn more about how to build a website here.

2) Become An Instagram Influencer

Ways to pay rent with Instagram

Is building a website, not your thing?
That’s cool; perhaps you’d rather become the next Instagram Influencer instead.
If you’re searching for different ways to pay the rent, then this next venture may be right up your alley.
As technology continues to evolve, social media remains one of the best ways to make money online in 2020.
Furthermore, learning how to make money with Instagram isn’t at all complicated, nor does it require any skill.
You’ll need an Instagram account to get started as well as a smartphone that’s capable of installing multiple applications, recording videos, and taking pictures.
Besides that, you’ll need to decide upon a niche and base your content around this niche.
For example, you could start an Instagram about surfing.
You would then need to attract followers who are also interested in surfing.
Once you have plenty of followers, you’ll get contacted by big brands that will pay you to promote their products to your audience.
Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing?
Learn more about how to become an Instagram Influencer here!!

3) Sell Photography Online

Photography as a way to pay rent

If you have a knack for photography and always have a camera in your hand, you could use this to help pay rent while unemployed.
There are a variety of companies out there who pay top dollar for pictures and other types of media content.
Depending on the type of content, you will determine how much money you’ll earn with this venture.
However, if you take fantastic pictures and know your way around a camera, you could earn a pretty decent amount of money.
After doing a significant amount of research, I’ve discovered the top companies that pay the most for your pictures and other related content.
Check them out below

In addition to these companies listed above, there are many other places online that will pay you for imagery and different types of visual content.
However, you’ll need to have either a great camera or a smartphone with a pretty good camera.
Besides that, you shouldn’t need anything else besides the right eye and some attention to detail.

4) Complete Offers

Complete Offers
If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking surveys and completing market research offers, then this next opportunity is right up your alley.
I just discovered the legitimacy of this a few months back, so this one is new to me as well.
Therefore, after doing a significant amount of research on this topic, I discovered several market research companies that will give you a $1,000 gift card for your opinions.
Trust me, I know this may sound too good to be accurate, but it isn’t.
I just got my gift card back in July and still have over $800 left on it.
Also, I told a buddy of mine, and he told his girlfriend about it.
They both got their gift card a week later.
Furthermore, you can choose from a gift card or a VISA debit card.
If you choose the Visa debit card, you can use it at ATMs and withdraw cash.
Practically, you could apply this to your rent payment since you can withdraw cash from an ATM.
You’ll need to complete ten offers, which vary from free to paid.
Moreover, this shouldn’t cost over $10 max.
I only spent $7 on the 11 offers I signed up for and got my gift card a few weeks later.
However, this depends on the type of offers you choose.
I’d recommend going with the free offers and ones that come with a free trial.
Learn more about how to claim your gift card here!!

5) Take Surveys

Taking surveys

If you’re laid off and looking for ways to pay rent while unemployed, you may want to consider taking surveys.
I know some of you may be thinking, Scott, how the heck am I going to pay rent taking surveys?
While it’s not possible to pay rent taking surveys alone, if combined with the one above this, it’s doable.
Here lately, I’ve been taking some exciting surveys that paid me $10, $20, $30 for one survey.
Yes, you read that right, one survey.
Here are a few of my top surveys sites that offer the highest quality surveys and pay top dollar

Also, besides these four survey sites, I receive surveys in the mail that pay up to $20 per survey.
I just got a survey yesterday from the popular survey site Neilson asking me what a few of my favorite TV shows are.
The surveys take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete and come with a postage-paid envelope.
Additionally, if you’re an avid survey panelist, you could be invited to participate in a focus study group.
Depending on the type of case study/ focus group you get accepted into, this could be enough to pay the rent.
However, typically these types of studies pay anywhere from $350- $400.
Taking surveys is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass over, as it can be worth your time.

6) Thrifting

Do you do a decent amount of shopping at thrift stores?
Did you know there are millions of people across the globe who make a full time living as a thrifter?
Thrifting has become significantly more popular in the past couple of years.
If you aren’t familiar with thrifting, let me break it down for you and help you gain a better understanding of this term.
Thrifting is nothing more than reselling used goods and earning a profit.
As a thrifter, you’ll need to do a ton of research, watch videos and learn about the industry before blindly trying to pursue it.
Once you’ve done the research, you’ll need to visit thrift stores in your area in search of rare and vintage items.
You’ll then sell these items on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
Furthermore, you could also hit up your local selling wall on Facebook as well if you’d rather stay local.
A great buddy of mine does this as a side hustle is earning more than a full time living.
He mostly deals in video games and clothing and having outstanding results.
You can start small with something like board games and kids’ clothing and move up to video games once you gain experience.

7) Airbnb

ways to pay rent
One of the best ways to pay rent while unemployed is by merely renting out a room in your house that you aren’t using.
If you’re renting, however, you’d need to get your landlord’s permission beforehand.
With that said, this could be a unique way to put some extra money in your pocket while possibly connecting with some interesting people.
Also, you could rent out a spare bedroom for only a couple of days or over the weekend.
It’s up to you.
Depending on how much you pay for rent will determine how much you should charge for room and board.
While I haven’t done this quite yet, I’ve been reading a lot into it lately and have it on my to-do list for the near future.

8) Become A Dog Sitter

dog sitting as a way to pay rent
One of the easiest ways to help pay rent is by offering a neighborhood service like dog sitting.
Not only will you be helping out your friends and neighbors, but you’ll also earn a decent amount of money as a result.
Furthermore, you’ll be building up a reputation and a list of good-paying clients.
There are multiple ways to go about this, depending on whether you want to stay local or use a dog sitting service like Rover to find clients.
If you decide to use a service to find clients, there is the potential to earn up to $1,000 monthly as a full time dog sitter.
You’ll have the ability to start small and work your way up once you gain more experience.
If you love animals and the thought of getting paid to walk dogs intrigues you then, I’d highly recommend you check into this.

9) Sell Your Data

Ways to pay rent selling data

I know that the thought of selling your data may not sound appealing.
However, there are a plethora of companies that will pay you for this type of information.
For instance, Upvoice will give you a $75 Amazon gift card for access to things like

  • Social Media Likes
  • Political Views
  • Daily Activities
  • Online Purchase

Additionally, for this to work, you’ll need to install a browser extension that will track your online activity and share it with market research companies.
I know this may sound intrusive and maybe a little scary, but they never share any of your personal information.
Whenever you sign up for anything nowadays, you need to give out this info anyway.
So, why not get paid for it?
Do you guys feel me?
I’m currently doing this with both Upvoice and YouGov, and I’ve already earned a decent amount of money thus far.
You won’t earn enough to pay the rent.
However, this could come in handy to pay a few bills or buy household items.
Every little bit helps, right?

10) Become A Digital Marketer

digital marketing as a way to pay rent
If you’re struggling to find ways to pay rent within this digital economy, then I’d highly recommend becoming a digital marketer.
As we continue to make our way through 2020, everything continues to go digital.
Therefore, what a better time to enter the digital marketing world than right now?
As a digital marketer, you’ll learn how to create digital products and learn how to market them online.
Furthermore, you’ll also learn how to build out a few digital assets that’ll make your job as a marketer so much easier.
Digital marketing isn’t much different from traditional marketing.
The main difference is that instead of marketing physical products, you’ll focus on digital products.
For example, Clickbank is a digital marketplace that specializes in digital products only.
Therefore, you could promote products/ services offered on this platform to test the waters before committing.
For more info on becoming a digital marketer, check out this post for more details.

What Do I Recommend As The Best Way To Pay Rent?

At this point, you may be wondering which of these ten things do I recommend the most.
Well, If I had to narrow this down to only one thing, I’d recommend building a website.
When I was unemployed and searching for a way to pay rent, this is the route I went.
Building a website is a skill that I think everyone needs to learn.
However, what’s the best place out there that will teach you this skill that won’t charge you an arm and a leg?
If you’re serious about learning how to build a website, I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my top recommendation.
This online training platform is the place that has shown me how to build multiple websites that make money around the clock.
It’s free to get started, and everything you need to get your website up to run comes included.
Also, you’ll have me there to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have getting started.
Sound good?

My Closing Thoughts

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite a challenging year for all of us, myself included.
Millions of people have lost their jobs and have been out of work for nearly six months or longer.
Therefore, many are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table as a result.
Hopefully, this post has inspired you and given you at least a few ideas to help go towards paying your rent.
Additionally, I hope this post has helped answer any additional questions you may have.
However, if you have any other questions, now would be the time to ask them.
Leave them for me within the comments below, and I’ll get back to you with a detailed reply.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend, Scott~
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