Wealthy Affiliate Review- Is The Training Still Relevant In 2020?

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Hello and welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
Have you been searching the web for an honest, trustworthy, and updated Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020-2021?
If you’ve been in the online space as long as me, or you’re just getting started, you may had read mixed reviews.
Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
However, I’ll be writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review from my personal experience.
Therefore, you may find it biased.
Furthermore, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran, you’ll find that Wealthy Affiliate has something for everyone.
Within this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ll document the success I’ve had with the program thus far.
Additionally, I’ll also show you how I’ve utilized the training to make money online for the past 7+ years.
Sound good?
I’m sure many of you may have questions about Wealthy Affiliate.
Also, you may be skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate and wondering whether it’s another scam.
I invite you to follow along and continue reading this Wealthy Affiliate Review until the end.
I’ll do my best to answer any question you may have and show you whether Wealthy Affiliate would be a good fit for you.
However, if I fail to answer your question, please leave it for me, within the comments below.
Do we have a deal?
Without any further ado, let’s get right into things today.
Are you guys, ready?

Wealthy Affiliate Review

 Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Where To Sign Up: Wealthyaffiliate.com
Product Owners: Kyle Loudin & Carson Lim
Type Of Work: Building Websites/ Affiliate Marketing
Price To Get Started: $0 with the option to Upgrade.
Overall Rating:5/5 Stars
star 4star 4star 4star 4star 4
Recommended: YES

Wealthy Affiliate Review: What Is It?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020
Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of Kyle & Carson.
If I had to summarize this in a few words, I’d describe it as an all in one inclusive online business training platform.
Launched on Sept 10, 2005, this online business training center has evolved significantly over the past 15 years.
What started as a simple keyword site, has turned into a thriving online marketing community/ training center.
Therefore, over the past 15 years Wealthy Affiliate has helped over one million people learn how to create a thriving online business.
Kyle and Carson has gone out of their way to create an online community dedicated to helping affiliate marketers.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie just starting out, or an experienced affiliate marketer.
Wealthy Affiliate has something for everyone.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Some Background History

Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate
Kyle & Carson met in computer science class back in 2002.
From the minute they met, they seemed to hit it off.
However, when they initially met, the thought of Wealthy Affiliate hadn’t been born yet.
At the time Kyle was a broke college student.
Kyle used his girlfriends credit card with a $5 daily budget.
He started a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to drive targeted leads to their website.
As mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate started as a keyword site.
Member’s paid a $29 monthly fee to access the hottest PPC keywords that were converting like crazy.
It took off and people loved it.
However, after Kyle and Carson started expanding their knowledge, they added additional features.
Additionally, member’s started requesting more features.
They are as follows

  • Communication
  • Websites
  • Hosting Services
  • Help and Support
  • Training and Resources
  • Website Tools

As you can imagine, it has taken a while to implement these features.
However, with time, hard work, and dedication, they were able to slowly incorporate these features into Wealthy Affiliate.
As a result, Wealthy Affilite currently has over 1.4 million members.
At the time of writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review, this number continues to substantially grow.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

People in a group
Wealthy Affiliate caters to a variety of walks of life.
Therefore this opportunity would be idea for just about anyone looking to build a website and learn how to make money online.
However, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone.
Listed below are a few of the many targeted audiences Wealthy Affiliate caters to.

  • Baby Boomers (looking for supplemental income)
  • College Students (who need to pay off college debt)
  • Fast Food workers (planning their escape)
  • Stay At Home Moms+ Dads (searching for additional income)
  • People who are searching for a REAL & Legit opportunity
  • People who have failed to make money online previously

Furthermore, this is a small handful of the massive audiences that Wealthy Affiliate caters to.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

One of the first things that really impressed me about WA is the fact that their training is designed for newbies and the lessons are so easy to follow.
Kyle has gone out of his way to simplify the lessons in a way that even a kindergartener could understand them and be able to take action on them.
Each lesson is broken down into specific sections and you’ll need to complete tasks at the end of each lesson before moving onto the next one.
There is also a Q& A section at the bottom of each lesson where you can ask questions about anything you just learned and get your question answered within a few minutes.

What type of website do you want to build?
The training at WA will show you how to build 2 types of websites

  • An authority website that shows you how to build a business in the MMO niche (Make Money Online)
  • A niche website where you’ll be following your passion and recommending relevant products from places like Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop & Target just to name a few

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

If you’re passionate about helping people avoid scams and show them how to earn money online the right way then I would recommend you go with the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

This training will show you how to effectively promote Wealthy Affiliate and many other legit programs in the online space.
there are a total of 70 lessons within this training and these are broken down into 7 phases which consist of 10 lessons each.
Take a look at the screenshot I’ve captured for you guys below to get a visual of everything you’ll learn here!!

By the time you have gone through this training and completed each lesson 100%, you should start seeing a significant grown in your business and hopefully, you’re generating some kind of revenue at this point.
This is the training that I decided to go with as I feel like I have the most knowledge with and have fallen for more scams then I can count on both my hands and feet combined.
This is also the same exact training that I have gone through that has shown me how to earn a full time living in under 1 year.
Also, if you’re able to get 300 premium referral signups within a year you’ll receive a personal invitation to WA’s yearly Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.
Back a few years ago, I received a personal invite from Kyle himself (Co-Owner of WA) to hang out with him and the other Super Affiliates in Las Vegas and I was pretty ecstatic, to say the least.
See if you can spot me in the video below as I appear not once, not twice, but 3 times!!

Did you see me?
How many times were you guys able to point me out in the video?
Or possibly all 3 appearances that I made?
Unfortunately, due to several costly mistakes that I have made since that trip, I haven’t made my way back to Las Vegas just yet.
However, I do plan to make it back either by the end of this year (2019) or by at least 2020 if not before.
If you’re willing to put in the hard work and think long term, this really can be worth your time and change your life for the better like it has mine.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

If you would rather learn how to build a niche site based on a hobby or passion of yours instead of generating leads, referrals, and sales, then you may want to consider going with the OEC Training instead.
This is actually the training I would recommend that you guys start out with as it’s so much easier to write about something you truly are passionate about vs going with something that you heard was profitable.
No matter which training you decide to go with ANY niche can make money if you know what you’re doing and approach this in the right way.
Take a look at everything you’ll gain access to below within this training series

As you can see from the screenshot above these lessons walk you through everything step by step and doesn’t leave any important details out like many other so called make money online programs.
No matter what niche you decide to go with whether it be a website about gaming or helping people remove unwanted tattoos, this training will take you by the hand and walk you through this step by step.
Not to mention the fact that you’ll also receive your first 10 lessons like the ones you see pictured above along with everything you need to get your website up and running for free.

Start Lesson 1 Now For $0


In order for you to build any type of long standing and profitable business in the online world, it’s imperative that you have the highest quality tools to get the job done.
Wouldn’t you guys agree?
The website tools and many other tools that you’ll discover within the member’s area is second to none!!
To be quite honest with you guys today, these are some of the highest quality tools that I’ve ever seen in the entire time I have been searching for a way to earn an income online.
Here is a sneak peek at a few of the awesome tools that are awaiting you once you create your free account below!!

One of the website tools that I found particularly helpful was their new site health feature.
You can gauge how consistent you are at writing content as well as to measure the engagement on your site along with many other important factors.
To get an idea of what I’m talking about check out the screenshot that I’ve captured for you guys below from one of the many websites thats I’m working on currently.
Wealthy Affiliate site health
As you can see from the screenshot my consistent flow of content is on point but I need to work on my engagement and limit a few plugins to improve the overall health of my website.
Having a website that performs exceptionally well in the search engines and generates a ton of traffic and sales needs to be in optimal performance before doing so.
If you want to have any type of long term success in the online world it’s absolutely vital that you have access to this type of data.
Definitely one of the best website features that you’ll gain access to as you make your way to the member’s area.

Website Builder

If you were to attempt to build a website 10 or 15 years ago this would likely require you to hire a programmer and pay a pretty hefty fee to get your website live on the web.
Due to technology constantly evolving, building a website has really changed over the years and what used to be a pretty daunting task has been simplified into 5 simple clicks of your mouse.
Choose the type of website you want to create, pick the domain name you would like to use, select a title and a design.
After you have done that simply click on “Click Here To Build This Site” at the bottom of the page and be patient.
Your site is being built in the background and should be ready in 30 to 60 seconds flat.
Take a look at the screenshot below to get a visual of the steps I mentioned above!!
Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder
wealthy affiliate site builder
Premium members also have the ability to host a domain that they own on WA’s state of the art secure and high speed hosting.
You’ll have the ability to host up to 50 websites (25 subdomains (free websites & 25 domains you own) using WA hosting at NO additional cost to you.
Also, as a premium member, you’ll be able to purchase a domain name right inside Wealthy Affiliate.
This is a highly requested feature that I have requested several times and I was so excited when Kyle announced that they were finally getting close to launch date.
I’ll be going into detail about this highly sought after feature in the next section so you’ll definitely want to stick around and continue reading.

Site Domains

If you’re serious about building a long term affiliate marketing business, it’s vital that you purchase your own domain name as soon as possible before it gets snatched up.
For years I had to use Godaddy whenever I was searching for that perfect domain name which I absolutely couldn’t stand.
After years of requesting this feature to be added to the WA platform, Kyle & Carson have finally granted my wish and added this to their already amazing platform.
They have revolutionized the domain buying process by including everything that should come with your standard domain purchase for 1 low price.
This includes features like

  • Who is privacy protection
  • Built in spam & security protection
  • Email accounts
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Premium DNS
  • No upsells
  • Flat rate guaranteed

To get a visual of how easy it is to purchase domains at Wealthy Affiliate take a look at the screenshot I’ve captured for you guys below.

As you can see a .com domain which is the most sought after TLD in the industry you’ll only pay $13.99 a year with everything included.
Unlike places like Godaddy that charge you extra for the features listed above, this all comes included with your domain purchase.
Also, I think it’s important to point out that the price of your domain won’t go up the next year as you’re protected by the flat rate guarantee.
Another feature that I have also been requesting is SSL certificates and they have once again fulfilled my wishes by adding this much-needed feature to the WA platform.
If you were to purchase your domain elsewhere then you would pay anywhere from $60- $120 per year to have this certificate activated on your site.
This is included with your premium membership at no additional cost to you.
Pretty sweet if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
Here are a few of the domain names I have registered with WA so far and as I discover more I’ll be adding them to my collection.
WA Domains

Site Content

This is another absolutely awesome features that were added back in 2016 and one that many members were requesting.
I actually didn’t request this one but I think its an amazing addition to the WA platform and I have used it many times to create some kick-ass killer content.
WA has created their very own content editor that will allow you to add images, create hyperlinks, and display different types of H tags within your content to bring it to life.
Site content consists of 3 things and they are as follows

  • My Content
  • Stats & Goals
  • Writing Templates

To get a more detailed description of what site content is and what it has to offer you check out the screenshot I’ve captured for you guys below
WA site content
As you can see I haven’t really used this feature a whole lot cause I would rather write content and publish it directly on my site, but that’s just my personal preference.
Even though I haven’t fully utilized this feature that much just yet, I do plan on giving it another shot here soon.
One of the things that I particularly liked about site content is the fact that you can track how many words you’ve written and set some writing goals you would like to reach in the following week.
Also, there are many different writing levels you can unlock as well as a variety of writing templates you can use as a guide to getting you started.
Each level you unlock will allow you to earn additional benefits that will enhance your site content experience.

These are pre-written templates that you can use to get the foundation of your site in place and what I also refer to as getting your framework setup.
You would, of course, need to add to these pages as they are only meant to get you started and not a way for you to be lazy and not add to this.
I also like the fact that they provide you with a place for you to list your writing goals and track your writing stats.
Once you start using this tool on a consistent basis, you’ll start generating data and analytics.
This should naturally motivate you once you start seeing some results this will push you to work harder to crush your weekly writing goals.

Just please do me a favor and don’t let your stats look as ugly as mine, OK?
Do we have a deal?
I sure hope so lol!!

Site Comments

Once you have created some killer content, it’s time for you to start getting engagement going and getting visitors to interact with your content and put in their 2 cents so to speak.
Google loves engagement and as your content starts getting indexed in Google you’ll naturally start to receive organic comments on it.
However, this can take quite some time so why not speed up this process and get some instant engagement going early on?
If you’re looking to get engagement on a blog post you just published then you can do this right here at WA by utilizing their site comments feature.
In order for you to earn credits to request comments within the system, you’ll need to leave high quality comments on another fellow WA member’s site(s).

As you can see there is also a way for you to earn cash money for using this system so it’s a win-win for everyone.
I haven’t personally had the chance to dig into this feature just yet, but I do plan to utilize it very soon.

Your Own Personal Blog

As a member of WA, you’ll also be provided with your very own blog that you can use to get help, blog about your success, and even earn money with if you want.
I have earned money many times from my WA blog posts getting indexed in the search engines and had people clicking my links and joining WA which earned me a commission.
Here a while back Kyle & Carson upgraded this feature and added an editor so that you can create some pretty awesome looking blog posts and get some feedback from the community.
Also by interacting with the community comes with a few benefits of its own but you can’t let this distract you from building your business.

Site Support

You are bound to have some issues when building a website as this is inevitable no matter where you’re building a website.
Most places out there either provide no support at all or what they do provide is really shitty service!!
I can recall on several occasions contacting the support team over at Sitey with a few issues I was having setting up my site and was in need of their assistance.
Needless to say, I didn’t hear back from them for 3 days and the answer I received was an automated response that didn’t even answer my question or help me out in any way, shape, or form.
The WA support team is actually a group of trained professionals that have extensive knowledge about websites, hosting, themes, plugins, & the whole 9 yards.
Whenever I have contacted them I have usually heard back from them in under 10 minutes and they had my problem resolved in NO time.
If you would for some reason need to put in a site support ticket you can do so in 4 easy to follow steps which are as follows

You would simply need to answer the questions, pick which domain name you’re having issues with and try to narrow it down to a specific category.
Once you have completed these steps simply describe the issue that you’re facing and ask them what can be done to fix it.
Hit submit a support ticket and you should hear back from them within 10 minutes and sometimes before that.
This will also depend on the volume of tickets that they are experiencing at the time you submit your ticket but they never have responded later than 1 hour before.
Like I said earlier, they have always gotten back with me in a reasonable about of time and had the issue solved within no time.
Having a reliable hosting & support team is crucial in order for you to have any type of long term success in the online world.

 Keyword Research Tool

In order for your content to get ranked in the search engines, you need to know what keywords people are typing in to find answers to their many questions surrounding a specific topic.
There are many keyword tools out there that can provide you with this kind of data but none of them live up to the quality and precision that I have come to expect from Jaaxy.
Within each Jaaxy keyword search, you’ll be provided with the following information that you can use to gauge how much traffic you can expect if you were to rank on page 1 for any selected keyword.

As a basic rule of thumb, you want to target keywords that get at least 100 searches and 100 traffic to make this worth your time.
Jaaxy uses a traffic light system to measure the competition, amount of traffic you’ll generate if you were to rank on page 1, as well as what your odds are of ranking on page 1.
They are as follows

  • Green- Very likely that you’ll rank on page 1
  • Yellow- You have about a 60- 75% chance of ranking on page 1
  • Red- It’s highly unlikely as this will take a ton of hard work but is completely possible

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business in the online world and if you fail to target the right keywords and you have NO idea what your visitors are searching for then you likely won’t go very far in this business.
Take a look at the key features that come included with Jaaxy below!!
Jaaxy features
As a premium member of WA, this keyword tool is included in your membership for no additional charge.
This is yet another feature that I had been waiting for Kyle & Carson to implement for quite some time now and I was thrilled when they finally added this to the membership package.
Starter members will receive 30 Free searches with Jaaxy and once you have used these up you’ll either need to upgrade to a premium member of WA or purchase a standalone Jaaxy subscription.
In order for you to drive any type of targeted traffic to your site, it’s vital that you target the right keywords and find out what your audience is searching for so that you can deliver it to them.

Live Chat

Are you stuck or have a few questions that you simply can’t wait to get answered and you need answers right now?
One of the best features when it comes to getting help and support from the community is WA’s live chat.
Available to starter members for the first 7 days as well as exclusive unlimited access for premium members.
Depending on the time of the day, this will determine when you’ll receive the most help as there are several different members on at specific times throughout the day.
Kyle is on at different times throughout the day so you would just need to be on at the right time I guess.
One of the most effective ways to get help is usually through the personal messaging system.
However, you could have to wait several hours to get a response back.
If you put this question into the live chat you could have an answer within a couple of minutes.
As you can see Kyle & Carson are both in the chat several times a day helping people out and assisting them in any way possible.
Also, as I happen to be lurking in the live chat just a few minutes ago, there was a member who was pretty upset about something related to her account to the point where she was in tears (literally)
The people in the live chat were able to help her out, get her to calm down and they even sent Kyle a PM informing him of the issues this member is experiencing.
The live chat is an excellent place for you to go to get instant help with anything you’re having trouble with or need an answer right away.
This is also a place you can go to hang out and meet new people, make friends, and network with some of the most successful online marketers in the industry.
You’ll also be able to bump heads (virtually) with these people and gain some insights into how they were able to become so successful.
So make sure and take notes, OK?
When I first started out here 6 years ago this is where I went to get instant help and have got personal help from Kyle on several occasions.
I would highly recommend the live chat if you’re looking for some instant help.

Personal & Private Help & Support There When You Need It

In order for you to build anything of value its highly imperative that you have someone there to help you out and give you a hand when you get stuck or there is something, you don’t understand.
There are a variety of ways for you to get help from the community including the owners Kyle & Carson and even personal access to ME!!
It doesn’t matter if you need help installing or activating a plugin, or you need help selecting a niche, the help and support you’ll receive at WA is second to none and can’t be beaten.

You can also feel free to send me a PM at any time if you need some personal help as I’ll the one that you’ll be interacting with the most.
You can either leave me a message on my profile directly or you can send me a PM (personal message) if you don’t want other people to read our conversation.
I’ll get back to you momentarily with a detailed reply and get you headed in the right direction.

Yes, Scott, I’m Ready To Get Started!!

The Price To Join Wealthy Affiliate

There are 2 different memberships that WA has to offer you and I’ll be discussing these both in detail below!!
The starter membership includes everything you need to get started and gives you a chance to kick the tires and test out WA for yourself before making any kind of commitments.
The premium membership, on the other hand, is perfect for those of you who have their mind made up and they’re serious about building a business online.
This includes everything you need to build, grow, and maintain a business over the long term.
I think the chart below does an outstanding job of showing you the main differences in these 2 memberships.

As you can see you’ll gain access to more as a starter member than you would from other various paid platforms and this absolutely blows my mind to this day.
If you’re looking for an all inclusive affiliate marketing training platform that will teach you everything you need to be successful online then look no further than Wealthy Affiliate.
Also, If you’re looking for a way to save some money on your membership, and you plan to stick around for the long term, there are a few extended memberships that will save you money if you hate monthly payments.
They are as follows

  • 6-month membership- $234– A savings of $60 over the course of 6 months (20% off the monthly rate)
  • 12-month membership- $359- A savings of $229 (Less than $1 a day) over the course of 12 months (39% off the monthly rate)

I also forgot to mention that you’ll receive a 62% discount off your first month to try out the WA service for yourself to see if this is something you could see yourself doing before committing to paying full price.
This comes out to only $19 for your first month and for those who are truly serious about learning affiliate marketing, this is a no brainer.
If you would decide to join at the premium level there are also a few bonuses I’ll be offering on my end as well and I’ll be going over these in the next section for you guys so don’t go anywhere.

Premium Bonuses Offered On My End

Like I said around the beginning of this review, I want to set you guys up for as much success as possible when first getting started.
Looking back on my experience when I started over 6 years ago, I needed all the help I could possibly get.
If it wasn’t for the bonuses I received when I joined back in 2012, I may or may not have joined but I sure am glad that I did.
The following bonuses will help you learn how to make lots of money by creating a highly informative, well researched, and thorough product review.
Even though I make money from a variety of different sources, product reviews make up for close to 80% of my income online.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this 3 part training series from Kyle (Co-owner of WA)

  • What is an affiliate program & how can I apply?
  • What is a product review & how can you write effective reviews that make $$$?
  • How to leverage product reviews to earn even more money

You’ll also be linked directly to me when you join through my links throughout this review which means you’ll gain instant access to me and can ask me anything you want.
Having trouble with getting something going?
Feel free to shoot me a message and I would be glad to help.
This is a service that other online gurus are charging upwards of $2,000 or more and this comes included when you join through me.
Pretty sweet if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
What are you waiting for?

Grab Your Free WA Membership Here!!

Added Perk Of Joining WA

In addition to the plethora of features, you’ll gain access to as a premium member, there are also quite a few other perks that come with becoming a member of this amazing community.
One of the perks that I have enjoyed the most is the friends that I’ve made since I joined back in 2012.
I had joined many other so called make money online communities in the past and have never gotten as close to the people like I have at WA.

Meet New People & Create Lifelong Friendships

Due to the fact that WA is an online community of helpful people who actually care about you and want to see you succeed online.
It would actually be pretty hard for you to join WA and not make any friends as I have met a ton of new people in the 6 years that I have been a member of this amazing community.
Over the years I have met quite a few awesome people but none of them were quite as awesome as my buddy John Cruz that I met through WA back in 2013.
We have met up several times now.
Therefore, I’ve got to hang out and party with him in Las Vegas on more than 1 occasion.

This picture was taken back in 2016 in sunny Las Vegas and this is the first time we met in person after virtually meeting back in 2013.
We now talk on a daily basis, help each other out and motivate each other when either of us is having a bad day or feeling down.
Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do?
How sweet is that tho, you guys?
Have you ever met someone in real life that you met virtually online before?
Well, to be honest with you guys, this was my VERY first time.
I got a serious question for you guys today.
Can you really put a price on friendship?
To be honest with you guys today, this is priceless and you seriously cannot put a price on building a lifelong friendship with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the online space.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Perfect?

Absolutely Not!!
I think they have evolved quite a bit since they launched their program nearly 14 years ago but they are by NO means perfect.
Even though they have remained as my #1 recommendation for over 5 years now they still have their flaws like everyone else.
After racking my brain trying to find a few things I didn’t like about them, I came up empty-handed.
However, there were a few things that I have observed over the years and they are as follows

Newbies Answering Questions They Aren’t Qualified To Answer

This is what I like to refer to as the blind leading the blind as it has been happening quite a bit at WA since I have been a member.
Sometimes newbies who have just joined like to feel important and start contributing to the community before they have learned anything.
While this may seem like it’s helpful, it actually is the complete opposite and this alone has hindered many people from being successful online.
When you’re just starting out you need to ensure that the person who you’re asking for help is qualified to answer your questions.
A quick tip: if you don’t see a star next to their name in chat then you may want to think twice about listening to the advice they are offering you as they are likely new just like you.

Starter Membership Isn’t Available WorldWide

Since they launched this amazing program back in 2005 they have expended their reach and have members from 195 countries with more being added to this list as we speak.
However, there are a few countries that they choose not to include due to the number of scams that come from each country as well as fraud cases as well.
Listed below are a handful of countries that don’t support the free starter membership and in order to become a member, you would need to go premium from the start.
They are as follows

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

There is a reason why these countries are excluded and when people try to game the system and not play fair then there are consequences that come as a result.
If you happen to live in one of the countries listed above and you aren’t out to game the system, but instead are serious about building a legit business then you can still join as a premium member for instant access.
I’ll be adding more things to this list as I discover them but as for now, these are the 2 top things that I felt were worth mentioning.

My Closing Thoughts

If you have made it this far into my review then you’re obviously serious about pursuing a career online and you would like to know how you can get started with all of this.
Am I right?
I think that the information that I’ve listed for you guys in this comprehensive review is more than enough info for you to make a sound decision as too whether this program would be a good fit for you or not.
Ultimately this decision is up to you and whether you’re successful here depending solely on you.
Are you willing to put in the time, effect, and hard work to make this opportunity work for you?
This is in no way going to be easy but have you ever encountered anything worthwhile in life to be easy?
The key to making all of this work lays within you and this will solely depend on how bad you want to become successful with affiliate marketing.
I would love to work with as many people as I possibly can and help them become the next success story.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing then you owe it to yourself to at least check out the starter membership to see what this is all about.
What have you got to lose?
If it’s not everything I claimed it was in this review I give you permission to come back and yell at me.
Anyways, I really hope this Wealthy Affiliate review has given you guys an inside look at what this is, how it works, and what you’ll need to do to get started.
Still, have questions or is there something I failed to cover in this review?
I would love to hear all about it and answer any additional questions you may have in the comments below.
Until Next Time
~Your Friend & Mentor, Scott~

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