What Is Paidviewpoint? Legit Surveys Or A Scam?

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What Is PaidViewpoint
If you’ve come to this website you may have typed “What Is Paidviewpoint into Google which has led you here.
Welcome to my review.
I hope I answer all the questions you have regarding this survey panel.
I’m sure that you may be wondering what the heck this survey site is all about and whether it’s worthy of your time or not.
Is this another survey scam you should avoid, or a legit survey panel?
This is what I’ll be covering within the following review.
Perhaps you have been searching for a legit way to make some extra cash for offering your opinions on some of today’s hottest topics and trends in 2019?
Whatever your case may be, I’m thrilled that you have landed on my website and are looking for more information on what this company is all about.
Within the following review, I’ll be showing you everything this survey site has to offer you as a panelist and giving you all the details necessary for you to make a sound decision about joining.
Is this worth your time and energy or would you be better off exploring other options?
These questions and so much more will be answered in detail so I encourage you guys to stick around and continue reading this review until the end.
I’ll also be sharing the personal experience that I’ve had with this company which includes income screenshots of how much I have made with them since I joined.
This is just one of the many reasons why you’ll want to stick around so you don’t miss out on any of this exciting information.
Are You Guys, Ready?

Paidviewpoint Survey Panel Review

Product Name: Paidviewpoint
Where To Sign Up: Paidviewpoint.com
Type Of Work: Taking Surveys
Price To Get Started: $0
Overall Rank: 4.5/ 5 Stars
Recommended: YES
Paidviewpoint remains in my top 3 recommendations for taking surveys online since early 2016.
I have been earning from this survey panel for 3 years now and I would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys taking interactive surveys that are both short, fun, & even educational.
If you’re the type of person who is looking to earn extra cash for simply stating your opinion on many of the issues going on in the world today then you should see what PVP can do for you.

Get Paid For Your Viewpoint Here

What Is Paidviewpoint?

This is a market research survey site that will pay you for your opinions on some of today’s hottest and sometimes controversial topics.
They will also pay you to learn about your shopping habits, what you like to eat, where you like to shop, how much money you spend at a typical restaurant and so much more.
They are powered & fully operated by aytm.com (Ask Your Target Market) which is a market research platform that collects valuable data and in depth analytics on your targeted audience.
Unlike other shady survey panels that claim to pay you for your opinions usually entails entirely too many hoops to jump through only to find out you have been screened out of the survey.
PVP will pay you for every question you answer, for every opinion you share with them, as well as any insights you give them into what you do online and how frequently you purchase things online.
Once you have been invited to the survey and you accept the invitation before it fills up, you will get paid for taking the survey no matter what.
They have been in business for quite some time now and in the 3+ years that I have been making money with them, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.
In the next section, I’ll be showing you exactly how this works and how easy it is for you to become a member of this outstanding survey panel so you don’t want to go anywhere.

How It Works

They have built quite a reputation over the years by sticking to the core principles that have made them as successful as they are today.
Here are the 4 main principles that this market research bases its platform on

  • You will be paid for every completed survey
  • You will NEVER be screened out once you have been invited
  • Never take a boring or long-ass survey ever again (They keep it short, sweet, & Interesting)
  • They take your privacy seriously and will NEVER sell your identifying info to anyone

Once you have registered Your Free Account and verified your email address you’ll be able to start making fun and interesting surveys and get paid for them.
Unlike most survey sites that require you to give out a ton of your info to get started, PVP only asks for a valid email address.
That’s it, nothing more!!
Sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it?
You’ll also have the opportunity to earn up to $2.00 or more by simply setting up your account and providing some demographics about yourself.
This includes things like your yearly gross income, what type of industry you work in, as well as things like how often you take a vacation, and what type of music you listen too.

Create Your Free Paidviewpoint Account Here

Who Is This For

This would be ideal for anyone who is looking to earn some extra money to help cover minor expenses like gas money, taking your husband or wife out to dinner, or anything of this nature.
The past couple of times that I’ve cashed out, I’ve used this money to put gas in my tank, buy pet food, and go out to eat with a buddy of mine.
It’s not much, but hey, every little bit helps out, right?
At least that’s the way I look at it anyway.
If you’re a stay at home mom or dad who enjoys taking surveys and getting paid for your opinions then you may want to checkout Paidviewpoint as a legit way to put some extra cash in your pocket.
Also if you’re a teenager looking to make extra money to go out with your friends then this could be something that would benefit you as well.
However, if you’re looking to earn enough money to quit your job and start taking surveys from home, I’m afraid this opportunity wouldn’t be right for you as it’s not meant for this.

Earn More Per Survey Utilizing The Trait Score Feature

One of the features that stood out the most to me as I continued my research on this market research panel was their nifty trait score feature.
I like to think of this as a score that measures your honesty and consistency of your answers against the demographics you listed when you first joined.
This is a number from 0 to 10K that determines how much you’ll earn per answer.
The key to maxing out your trait score as quickly as possible is to answer questions honestly and put some effort and thought into each answer.
Here is what it looks like to max out your score and join the elite 10% of PV members who earn top dollar for each answer they submit.
What Is PaidViewpoint
As you can see, I have already maxed out my trait score with a score of 10,000 which is the best you can get.
I must admit that it took me quite some time to get to this level and now that I’m here I just need to maintain this score and don’t let it fall under 10K.
Here is how much I have been able to increase my earnings per answer after successfully maxing out my trait score.
What Is PaidViewpoint
While I do still have a fair amount of 10 cent answers being thrown my way, I was also able to increase my earnings per answer substantially as you can see in the screenshot above.
Also, I was able to earn quite a bit from my referrals when they cashed out and I’ll be going into detail about how this feature works for you guys here in a few minutes.

Surveys Are Short, Interesting, & Straight To The Point

Another one of the many things that I liked about this survey panel is the fact that their surveys are fun and won’t take up much of your time.
Unlike other survey sites that waste your time screening you only to find out you have been disqualified, this company approaches this in a whole new way.
Due to my own experience with the survey panel, I haven’t spent more than 20 minutes taking the higher paying surveys that pay $2.00 and up and even less than that for the lower-paying ones.
Take a look at how simple & straightforward the surveys at PVP are below!!
What Is PaidViewpoint
Paidviewpoint surveys
Not only are these surveys fun, interactive, and short, they also tell you how much time is left to complete each one which I found to be helpful when I first started here over 3 years ago.
Once you have achieved a higher trait score that is in the triple digits you’ll be upgraded to video-based surveys as well as a plethora of other fun and interactive ways to take surveys.
Sound good, thus far?
Let’s continue!!

Create Your Free Paidviewpoint Account Here

Earn Even More Money With Their Referral Program

Looking to maximize your earning potential and take things to the next level?
If surveys aren’t cutting it for you then you might want to check out their referral program and see how much you could potentially earn by sending new survey panelists their way.
You’ll receive 20% of anything your referrals earn and this is what has helped me cash out early several times with 1 referral earning me as much as $9.40.
Paidviewpoint referrals
Also, once you have started to gain a good amount of active referrals and you have at least 100 active referrals you can start to earn up to $25 per referral.
Also, you’ll unlock the ability to collect your 20% commission on the fly rather than having to wait for your referrals to cash out like you normally would.
As I sit here and write this review for you guys, I have just now cashed out once again and should have another $15 in my PayPal account shortly.
I’ll be listing all the available options that are at your fingertips when you’re ready to cash out your earnings in the next section so you don’t want to miss out on this.

How & When Do You Get Paid?

You can choose to receive your payment in either the form of a gift card or you can get cash sent directly to your PayPal account.
Once you have earned your first $15. 00 you can request a payment.
There are 3 options for you to choose from & I’ll be listing these for you guys below!!

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card

If you decide to go with the gift card option then these will be sent to the email address you have on file when you activated your account.
They tell you that this could take up to 72 hours but in most cases, they arrive in under 24 hours.
The same applies to PayPal payments but yet again I usually see this money within the first 12 to 14 hours and sometimes even before that.
Here are just a few of the most recent payments I have received from Paidviewpoint below!!
Paidviewpoint Earnings
Paidviewpoint earnings
I’ll be continuously updating this review as I continue to earn more for you guys but as you can see they do pay.
It can take quite some time before you’re earning consistently with this survey site but if you’re willing to stick with them it can be worth your time.

My Closing Thoughts

I have personally reviewed a lot of survey sites in my time as an internet marketer and nearly 90% of them failed to live up to my expectations.
Also if you have been following me for a while now you know that I don’t just recommend any survey sites without thoroughly researching them myself to make sure they’re legit.
If you’re looking for a way to earn anywhere from $15- $45 every month or two or possibly more by taking fun and interesting surveys then I would highly recommend that you check into PVP.
This site caters to people from all walks of life and it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or how old you are, there is something for everyone at Paidviewpoint.
I hope this PVP review has given you guys some insight into what this survey site is all about and how it works.
I also hope this review has helped answer your many questions but if you still have any lingering questions, I would love to hear all about them in the comments below.
Until Next Time

Create Your Free Paidviewpoint Account Here

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